Latina Blow Job In Movies

This is my first story EVER, Be nice. ( TRUE STORY))!!!!

My ex who is from the Dominican Republic. She is a tall one. She is 5/11 and THICK!! nice round Phat ass and perky pink tits. I should also mention that i took her virginity. We were in our 20's at the time. She never sucked a dick until mine in my living room.

One day were wanted to out for dinner and a movie. We went to Fridays restaurant on 42nd st, and the went to catch a movie. I dont really remember what movie we went to see, ust have been some sappy chick flix. The movies weren't to pack but it did have about 60% of the seats filled. I always like to sit at the very top and in the middle. So we did. I was winter at the time so we both had our jackets, but took them off because it was nice and warm in the movies. We put the arm rest up so she can lean one me and as always i put my arm around her and in her shirt to play with her tits. But i guess i was doing something really right this time because she took my coat and put it over my lap and pulled my zipper down and reached into my boxers and started short stroking it due to the restriction in my jeans. This really made my bl**d get warm because with my free and i un did my belt and opened my jeans...leaving her free to pull out my 9inch cock. I was semi hard and horny. Next ting i know she picked up her head and said very softly "do you ant me to?" i said "HELL YEA" She slowly and carefully put her head down on my lap as if she was going to go to sl**p because we had a guy on the other side of her one seat over. We didnt want him to know what was going on. So me being the smarter guy i i took her jacket and put it over a lil to act like she was cold. She slowly picked up my jacket and put he head under it. Now i could feel her breath on my cock. She started slowly licking the shaft up and down. The she made her way to my balls. I could take the suspense. So i reached under my jacket and garbed my now fully hard cock and made the head on my cock find her warm wet mouth. There we were in the movies. Me getting a blow job from my latina GF and her with a hard dick in her mouth. She started getting really into it and started moving the jacket alot, up and own, up and down. I looked over at the guy sitting one seat over and it looked like he was really into the crappy movie. So i took the jacket off her head. Once i did that a rush went thru her because she started stroking and sucking like she never did befor. At this point i was getting kinda dizzy. I guess from all the bl**d rushing thru my body because i never did anything like this befor. So i garbed a fist full of her black curly hair and pull her mouth off my cock. which she made a kinda loud suction sound. she keep her head on my lap and jerked it slowly and keep licking my balls. The suction sound must have go the guy attention because i looked over at the guy and he looked at me. He gave me kind of a head moment as to say "lucky you". The guy was no longer looking at the movie now. My GF unaware of that she was now being watched started suck my dick again. I looked over at the guy and saw him checking out my GF's Phat ass and also rubbing his crotch. He pointed to the seat next to her and looked at me and i shook my head yes. HE stood up and moved over very slow so he does not bother or scare her. Now she was in the middle of two guys and didnt know it. he slowly unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock. At this point i didnt know what was going to happen because i already know what he wanted. But how would my GF react? So i did as i did befor. I garbed her by the hair pulled to my face and kissed her. All while she never took her hand off my dick. While kissing her i unbuttoned her shirt and pulled her tits out. I asked her if she wanted me to suck them and she said yes. So i Started sucking her tits and biting her nipples. Still with my cock in her hand i started to kiss and lick my way up to her neck (her hot spot). Once i got to her neck i knew just were to go. Towards the back of her neck. So i moved her hair and looked the guy while i was sucking on her neck and i signed for him to come here. he did and once he came close enough i made him suck her neck. She had no clue i was not the one doing that. He must of knew what he was doing because when he got to her neck she squeezed hard on my dick so now i slowly moved back towards her face a so i can kiss her. When she seen my face she knew what was going on. She looked scared so i quickly kissed her and pinched her nipples. Once she was a lil more relaxed i made hear head find its was back to my cock. The guy sat back down in his chair and pulled his arm rest up . I saw him stroking his cock again. I once again pulled her off my cock and and started kissing her. while i was kissing her i made her sit back up in her chair and i took her hand and put it on his lap close to his cock. Then i stopped kissing her and looked and her and told her "its ok go for it." She looked at the guy and started to stroke him now as well. She was now sitting back in her chair with here tits out and a cock in each hand jerking both .Him and i started touching her tits and she made her way to his cock. The sight of her mouth opening to put his cock in it drove me wild. i Watch as she suck the Shit out of the guys cock. I Saw him put his hand over her head and push her head further on his cock. He came very hard and she swallowed every last drop of this guys cum. The when she was done with him she came back to be and i was about to cum anyway so as soon as she put her mouth onto my cock i did the same. I cam as i never acme befor. She keep stroking and sucking and swallowing everything. Once i was done i out my cock away and so did the other guy. she fixed her tits and shirt and the movie finished shortly after that. All thee of us left together and we exchanged #'s . On the cab rid hom to brooklyn she ask if i was upset that she did that, I said no. She then told me that she liked doing that a lot......That cab rid was also a good one. Bu t this time it was just for me..............I have more stories with this ex of mine. I will post more depending on how well or bad this one does. THERE ALL TRUE.
95% (10/1)
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1 month ago
very hot want more
1 year ago
GREAT FUCKING STORY! You did well man, and lucky you on top of that. The fact that your stories are true; make it even better. Post more man!
1 year ago
great story!
1 year ago
ooooooooooooooooooooooooo baby your so hot
1 year ago
Dam u made my mouth water xoxo