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[Story] Kinkiest thing I've EVER done!

Written: Jan 2nd, 2011
So here's one of the many things I've done that is near the top of my list for the most kinkiest thing I've ever done:

For perhaps a week or 2, I would freeze my cum into a small tupperwear container. It would be about 15 loads full or so.
Leading up to "Play Day", I would not cum for 5 days prior, just to get me super horny! On "Play Day", a day that i dedicate to experiencing something really kinky, I'd give myself a water enema and then stick a butt plug in my ass for about an hour or two, which just gets me super horny and I ache and moan to cum!
After ... Continue»
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*I didnt write this, just wanted to get this hot story out there more. This story makes me so horny and hard because I always wanted to fuck my big tits and round ass sexy aunt...

by TooMuchTime (

Copyright(c) 2003, TooMuchTime. All rights reserved.

I wasn't happy. For months, I'd been looking forward to my parents' vacation, if only because it meant I'd have the house to myself for two weeks -- the big dream of any 14 year old boy. Then, at the last minute, my stupid aunt had to go and move back into the area and need a place to stay. I barely knew the wo... Continue»
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What A Sensation

Though yesterday started with disappointment (for reasons you may find out about in the future) it turned out to be quit the erotic day. My 16th day in chastity and my 23rd day without orgasm so I was already pretty aroused. I spent a lot of time throughout the day watching clips and teasing myself with my magic wand bring myself so close to orgasm, yes even in this tiny little cage. Just before bed I decided to tease myself one last time. I got in bed and got to work with the wand bringing myself so close to orgasm I had to walk it off just to fight back the orgasm. Once I cooled down and my ... Continue»
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Willing my Cum

I would love for you to save your cum for a week just for me. then you let me suck and play with your cock for a couple of hours, getting you to the edge of orgasm and then stopping, over and over again. finally it would be too much for you to take and you tell me "get ready for the biggest thickest stickiest load you've ever had". I tell you how i've been dreaming of this and i want to drown in your cum. i get on my knees anxiously awaiting, my mind races with thoughts of, how many ropes will he give me?, how long will his orgasm last?, i hope it all hits my face, and my pussy is dripping as ... Continue»
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[Story] Destroyed on New Year's Eve

New Year's came in with a bang....a gangbang that is!

Went to a party on New Year's Eve and got totally destroyed in more ways than one.Just your normal party till around 11:00 pm then we started playing a crazy drinking game. Tequilla shots were involved and removing articles of clothing. After several rounds of tequilla shots...clothes were all over the floor and every body was d***k and naked!

By the time midnite arrived nobody was even watching the tv and the ball dropping there was moaning and groaning and balls slapping pussy and ass all over the place. I was on the living room cou... Continue»
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I’m a 39 year old male who is married to a 28 year old. My wife’s name is Amy and she’s beautiful. Despite the age difference, we get along well. We live in the Indianapolis area. I own a business and Amy works at a professional job. Although we have plenty of money, Amy chooses to continue to work and delay having a f****y.

Our sex life isn’t very exciting, but at least we have sex. Its far too rare for my liking. I’m not a great lover. I’ve got some health issues that make it difficult for me to maintain an erection. Thank god for medication. But even with this help, I can tell Amy is oft... Continue»
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What turns me on..

Its a couple of words about my favorite sex stuff

1: BBW: I like BBW women, i like clam, slit pussy type. its turns me on, and i like to lick it, both cunt and ass.

I like Facesitting, little watersports, and off course anal sex. i`m looking for perverted , big titted bbw who really likes anal..

I`ve always like big tits, big butt, and big cunt..

My type is readhead because of skin, is pure white, and it turns me on ;) i like freckles too.

2 lesbians or bisexual women

I like to watch underground, rare, kinky and true lesbian sex, with no faking bullshit orgasms, and i hate ... Continue»
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my sissy story part 1

I am going to write a little backround on my crossdressing past and how i got started.

Basically from what i can remember, i was around 7-8 maybe 9 and i used to love to wear my younger s****rs clothes! she is 3 years younger than me and i have always been slim so they were a nice and tight fit! i used to seal bikinis, panties ect and play dress up! when i would go out of state to visit my female cousins sometimes we would play "dress up" and i would love it! sometimes make up and fun shit!

I was in the third grade and i went with a friend to his church night thing or whatever and it is... Continue»
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Chicks are usually yellow, arent they?

The chick i meant
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Hey fagboys! My name is Mistress Nathalie!
I'm new here and seeking some sissy slaves, so add me if you want to serve me!
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If you want to be a sissy slave!

All of my slaves should watch this movie so you can be a good slave!

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[Story] Sissy Bitches Have No Control

There I was, on my knees with my pantied ass sitting back on my my heels, my stocking covered thighs completely hidden by my petticoat and maid skirt, with my best friends cum dripping down my painted face. I had fulfilled my dream to suck a real cock, a beautifully strong and hard cock. I had become a sissy cocksucker, and I was damn good at it!

I couldn't really believe that it had finally happened, that I had at long last tasted hot jism, that I had experienced the thrill of a cock exploding in my mouth. There really is nothing else like it, so erotic, so hot, so sexy, so perfectly sissy... Continue»
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[Story] Dom wife's tale of changing her hubby into a

Chastity Belt 3 Sun, March 16, 2008 - 6:06 AM
The Wives' View
Submitted by: Mary

Chastity is something that Mark, my husband of 12 years, and I have had an interest in for some time. It became an important part of our life five years ago. I work in the insurance industry and have to travel a lot. He often has to work long hours. We realized that our sexual life was fading away.
After Mark gave me a strong nudge to consider using chastity for him, I decided it was worth looking into almost anything to put the spark back into our marriage. Since Mark was an executive at an engineeri... Continue»
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[Story] Panties For ME

Ok, here's a quick story and true at that. I was away on business one night and surfing for sex on Craigslist. The title of my post was "If I'm so strait then why do I want to get fucked like a girl?" It was a popular post and I got a bunch of replies, and a bunch of men wanted to fuck me. I'd just broken up with a girlfriend and I'd decided I'd finally give in to my urges and try the sissy thing for a few months.

After many advances, I ended up going with someone a little older and little less hot than the others because he had the ingenuity to ask what my fantasy was and actually asked m... Continue»
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You seem not to be listening...

When I remember what to say
When I remember what to say
You will know me again
And you forget to answer

When I remember what to say
When I remember what to say
You will know me again
And you forget to answer

You seem not to be listening
You seem not to be listening
The high tide is taking everything
And you forget to answer

When I remember what to say
When I remember what to say
You will know me again
And you forget to answer
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You can look, but you don't see...

You know you're all alone
Your friends, they aren't at home
Everybody's gone to the garden
As you look into the trees
You can look, but you don't see
The flowers seem to tease you at the garden
Everybody's there, but you don't seem to care
What's it with you man and this garden

Turned into my worst phobia
A crazy man's utopia
If you're lost, no one can show ya
But it sure was glad to know ya
Only poor boys take a chance
On the garden's song and dance
Feel her flowers as they wrap around
But only smart boys do without

You can fin... Continue»
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Devil Doll - The Girl Who Was... Death

Don't trust him
When he turns his back
He looks at you
Don't trust him
When his eyes are closed:
He still looks at you

I fled, I fled
Devouring the space
But the shapeless bulk
Was chasing me -enraged-
Breathing my footsteps
Unsated with killing me
Nailing my incandescent thoughts
Along the border
Of insanity
In a place where
A procession of fleshly numbers
Slides incessantly
Into the ironic waters
Of the cosmos
Seeking to remember
The sense
Of the impossible word:

"Who are you looking for?
What are you l... Continue»
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[Story] My lucky slut!

I think about my slave all the time and what I can do to him............

We are in the bedroom, I am at the vanity getting my makeup on for a night out and you are sitting on the edge of the bed watching me with the most pathetic sad look on your cute little face. I was very nice to you and dressed you in my favorite outfit.........your little girl whore red panties and a little matching dress. I tell you be a good slave and get on your knees and let your panties show under your dress. Aww you are so fucking cute.....I almost want to tear off my nice black dress and put on my strapon amd fu... Continue»
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I moan louder and louder as you kiss ,lick and nibble the strawberries,cream and chocolate sauce from my breasts " oh my god WILL ,please don't stop " I beg as you travel down my body... I am shaking with desire for you as you go down on me and lap up the whipped cream from my pussy ... So near to cumming yet wanting you so bad... Hear myself tell you " I want to taste you "... You walk on over to me and unzip ,looking at me somewhat nervously , * I smile and tell you I want you to... You place your manhood to my lips and I gently part them letting you into my mouth... You moan low at first an... Continue»
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I come to be with you in USA.
You take me to your home and we talk as you get me settled in the guest room.
Wanting to take things slow till we both feel ready for more.
We grow closer as the days go by and I know what I want.
I go to the garage to help you fix the car ,wearing a dress and bringing a small hamper of snacks (short bread biscuits,strawberries ,whipped cream and chocolate sauce )for later ...
I stand there ,in the door way ,smiling as you tell me I am not dressed for garage work...
You hand me overalls...
I look into your eyes & smile at you then drop my gaze & gigg... Continue»
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[Story] Binoculars

I couldn’t believe I was going home with Amy. I just met her but our photo session was very hot and I must admit, she excited me. Her animation, her raw desire and willingness, aroused me. She bounced down the street, heading to my car, carefree and full of life. I could sense she loved life, loved exposing herself to the world, not caring, never worrying. She lived for the moment and the devil be damned. Frankly, I couldn’t keep my eyes off her jubilance, her sways, her teases. I prayed my asthma wouldn’t slow me down and I was breathing hard.
“Dance with m... Continue»
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[Story] My Good Boy Chris and My Slutty Chrissy

We had been talking on Xhamster for a little while,
and Mommy thought it was time to meet .
Mommie's need to use Her slutty chrissy was a growing Appetite but her Desire was nothing compared to her slave's Hunger to please.
Mommy knew His need to be used in public and Loved it.
I had been training him to edge and take a Massive horse cock amongst other things and had something special in mind for him when we finally met.
I knew exactly what I wanted but more than that I knew he would give it to me whatever It was because he was My good boy and My slutty chrissy.
Our First Time would be s... Continue»
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[Story] My First Time - Female

There was never a time when I decided I was going to have the first time with a female it just happened. I was at a party and me and a friend of mine had been dancing throughout the evening. I can still remember the scent of her perfume, she smelled like strawberries and every time she would be close to me I could smell her skin and that smell would fill the air around me. While we were dancing I had put my hands on her hips and along her sides and when her shirt would bunch up and I could feel her cool skin it would feel like a little shock of electricity. During one song she leaned in... Continue»
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[Story] How I got my BF's cock pierced.....

My nose and ears were pierced in my c***dhood. I had nice ear rings and s diamond nose stud. I love piercings. I wanted my nipples pierced too.
My friend Joy was a strong virile young stud. We were good friends in the school. He was always curious of my piercings. He used to admire them. He often wished to see my nipples get pierced. We used to freely move together and often fondle each other especially in theaters. He loved kissing me deep in my mouth and his tongue in my mouth always felt great.He often used to fondle my boobs and loved to suck my nipples.
" Vanita, your piercings look ... Continue»
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[Story] Maid Outfit

Daddy took me back down into the basement, behind the door of do not enter. This time however he had this outfit for me. It was black and white, a little maids outfit. My breast barely fit into the outfit. I bagged my Daddy not to make me wear the outfit, not that I wanted to be naked again around him. I was better to have some clothes on than nothing. This was my fourth time with Daddy. He handed me so toys, vibes, dongs, and this thing that looked like beads and told me to hang them on the wall. I turned around and he smacked my ass, I looked back at him and all he did was wink. Upon complet... Continue»
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