Nurse Sylvia, My Mommy Domme

On two different occasions in my life I was blessed to have with live a couple of beautiful women. In the first, Sylvia, my GF was a tall tan blond with really long legs, short blonde hair, a 36D chest and nice but "boyish" ass. Her Gf was from Paraguay. An inch shorter than me, but in heels, still taller. A China-Doll brunette named Maya. She had an oriental appearance with medium brown skin and green almond eyes. Her body was absolute perfection with 34C breasts, 22 inch waist and 35 inches around the most delicious ass you can imagine. Looked like Catherine-Zeta Jones with a dark tan. I most often slept in a huge bed between them. It was heaven!

Sylvia was The Dominatrix and instigator of the sexual activities we engaged in. Sylvia actually learned to make real all of her repressed dominant feelings through me and by experimenting on me. Maya and I did what we were told, although, I always served both women in most ways. I cooked and cleaned the house we lived in. I gave the ladies long relaxing and orgasmic massages. Sylvia loved to give me spankings and whippings. Sometimes her ladyfriend, Rose Marie, from next door came over. Sylvia refused to allow me clothing on those occasions. In fact, we were all naked much of the time anyway.

Sylvia took instant pictures (Polaroid) of me and us and kept an album of our activities, especially how she colored my white ass. Seeing the welts and stripes really excited me! She would show the pics off to Rose Marie who just loved to tease me about them. She always gave my ass a hard slap when I would go next door to help her or fix something for her.

Sylvia was the first to use a buttplug on my virgin asshole. It really hurt as it took a long time to push all the way in. And my prostate was usually swollen from being f***ed to orgasm so much. (8 times in one day!). So when the butt plug was all the way in and my anus clenched tightly against the narrow neck of it, Sylvia would make me fuck her. It hurt so much, Olli, every time I pushed in, every thrust was frighteningly painful. And I was so afraid to come because I knew that my ass would clench so hard and the plug would be f***ed against my prostate. But Sylvia was a very sexual woman who knew how to work her body and her control. She was not only a little taller than me but very strong and she could raise her hips off of the bed lifting me with her! When she did that, she would wrap her dancer's legs around me and crossing her ankles, would whip me helplessly from side to side like a rag doll!

Then she would start coming and coming, gripping my modest but fully hard and veinous cock like a vise! Her vagina had powerful muscles that milked my defenseless penis relentlessly! As my own orgasm approached, I was so afraid. i pleaded with her not to make me come. I begged, teary-eyed, "Please, please, Goddess Sylvia, no, no....don't make me come. please..." But she was looking at me with her green eyes ablaze, and laughed evilly! "No, no. my little slave boy. I want you to come and I want to see the pain in your face and hear you cry!"

She started pinching my nipples and fucked me even more violently. "Fuck me! Fuck me harder! Fuck me, you little baby! I want us to come together!" And so, totally against my wishes, Sylvia f***ed me to come! And a cry started to come out of me that turned into a yelling scream. She was screaming too delighting in my situation! The pain was almost too much to bear as my cum pulsed and spasmed, one wave after another though my sexual apparatus, past the prostate and out the rock hard tube that was my penis. Every volley was both torture and ecstasy! She cradled me like a puppet and moved me around atop her at will. I was insane with so many feelings and emotions shuddering through me.

We laid still for a little while and then she said it was time to take out the butt plug. OMG, more pain to come... I was afraid again and cringed from her touch, but she said in my ear, " Don't worry, baby michael, Momma's going to make you feel all better in a minute." At that moment, she gripped the plug with one strong hand and my right nipple with the other. Then, squeezing my nipple with her long red nails, she pulled that black rubber monster out of my very sore butt. WOW! But she had a bowl of ice nearby and gently pushed a few cubes up into my reddened anus as she rubbed a few more around my clean shaven ass. I felt so much better and I fell asl**p with my head on her chest and just the tip of a sweet nipple on my lips.
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1 month ago
Thanks so much for reading this. I haven't written in like 2-3 years. Who knows. But she was real and the incident was too.
1 month ago
So hot!
10 months ago
It has been so long since I had any fun like that! When i was younger, it was a bit easier to attract the ladies.
10 months ago
Wow! Where on earth do I find such ladies that would rock my world. Love this story. I came so hard to it.
1 year ago
Thank YOU, Elyot! Every time read my own stories I want to jerk off! I relive those wonderful times!
1 year ago
Thanks for taking the time to read it.
2 years ago
3 years ago
The story was wonderful. I have never had the pleasure nor the pain of what you describe.
3 years ago
Such a great story ... the description of the butt plug was cock throbbing! How come I never meet a nurse like this? All they want to do is stick me with a needle!
3 years ago
Excellent evocative story
3 years ago
Very good