Nasty man brought home to use me

I continue to be naked and it has really become torturous. I am desperate to cover my body. I have never felt this type of helplessness in my life and I have endured many things. I don't know why it is affecting me so much.

Tonight I was making dinner when I heard voices in the garage. Dan brought home a man for me to service. I had only made enough food for the two of us so I was out of luck for dinner tonight. I was told to become a foot rest for the guest as they ate dinner. I laid on the floor under the table and he put his feet on my face for the entire time he ate dinner. It was actually repulsive because he is a business man and his feet had been in leather shoes all day and really smelled.

After dinner Dan told me that I would be at the guest's mercy for 2 hours. I was told that I would be subjected to throat fucking, anal sex, ass to mouth, piss drinking and I would be expected to clean the guests asshole with my tongue. Dan likes to name off the list of things I will be doing. Hearing it out loud is humiliating.

Dan placed me on my knees, hand cuffed me and told me that the guests cock was very large so I would require to be mouth clamped so that my teeth did not come in contact with his cock. Dan opened my mouth very wide with the clamp giving me an instant sharp pain in my jaw. I was crying before the guest ever touched me.

The guest made a mistake right from the start when he came up to me and gave me a very hard slap to my face. That is not okay when I am mouth clamped. The slap caused the clamp to cut my lip and I was bleeding. Dan cleaned up my face and put the clamp back in. I wanted to stop everything but I stayed silent.

The guest's cock was very long and I feared I couldnt take it all. I tried to be still but I was moving my head from side to side because he was so deep in my throat and I was in pain. Dan was not happy to see me resisting so he secured me to the blowjob post. This is a homemade post that secures my head on the top not allowing me to move at all. I am in the kneeling position.

I could see how pleased the guest was to have full access to my throat without any chance of resistance from me. he did not hesitate to push his cock down my throat until his balls were pressed to my face. The pain was moderate but I was in a panic because I was getting no air at all.

He would fuck my throat for about a minute at a time pulling out for maybe 5 seconds so I could take a breath. Puke was flowing out my nose and every time he pulled out a lot of puke flowed out of my mouth that had built up in my throat. The man had a time limit and the clock was placed in front of me so I could see. he throat fucked me for 26 minutes and then removed the clamp so he could cum on my tongue.

Dan removed me from the blowjob post and secured me in the stirrups and the guest belt whipped my pussy until I was out of my mind in pain. I have no idea how he achieved an erection again so fast but he then ass fucked me doing a dirty ass to mouth on me. I had not expected a guest and I had not properly prepared for ass to mouth. Needless to say it caused me to vomit profusely.

I was removed from the table by Dan and given a spoon to eat my vomit off the floor. I was unable to do it without vomiting again and again. They both just laughed at me struggling to do it.

I then drank what seemed to be a gallon of piss from the guest. I held my mouth open until full then swallowed. It took 7 mouthfuls to get it all. More vomit came quickly.

There wasn't a lot of time left and Dan told me that the Guest wanted to see me in severe pain. I knew that meant electric shock and I had never received that with anyone present other than Dan. I was told to clean up the room as Dan prepared the table for my shock treatment. I was crying the entire time I was cleaning because I honestly fear the electricity.

I was told to lay on the table and Dan secured my arms and legs and put the rubber mouth guard in my mouth to protect my teeth. Dan put electrodes on my nipples and my clitoris. He handed the box to the guest and he started turning the knobs and I felt 12 minutes of intense pain while he laughed at me.

To finish my humiliation the guest went to the top of the table where my head was, turned around and sat on my face making me clean his sweaty asshole. It was horrible.

I am exhausted. I am in my cage waiting for Dan to come back from driving home the guest. I was rewarded with my laptop for doing my job. I have one hand cuffed to the top of the cage so I am typing with my free hand. Please forgive any typos. I am happy that I was able to please our guest. The expectations were high and I performed as I was told. I will sl**p good tonight knowing that I am a good cunt.

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2 years ago
Great except for the puke
3 years ago
Exactly how a cunt should be treated. Your lucky to have a man like Dan who knows how to treat you right. I hope he gave you some abuse when he got home.
3 years ago
:) do u have more blogs?? I cant see your pg so /i dont no if you do?
3 years ago
Well written. Wish the heroine enjoyed her submission more.