A New Toy

(another story i wrote back in 2004 and posted on another site, reposting it here)

While I am sitting at my computer the phone rings, I pick it up and hear you say, "I found one!"

"Good!" I reply. "Now bring him home."

Not to long after I hung up the phone I hear your car outside, but I stay in the computer room, just a few seconds after your car I hear another pull up. And then two doors slam shut.

As you enter the house I can hear you talking to someone else, with a dirty sound to your voice you tell him "just wait till you feel what I can do to you!"

"Honey I am home!" you holler as the two of you enter the bedroom and close the door behind you.

"I am in here." I say while getting up and walking into the bedroom. As I come around the door I see that you did indeed find someone, a younger blonde headed guy just a little taller then you, with dark blue eyes and a nice build.

"It followed me home, can I keep it?" you say with a smirk on your face while you smack him on the ass.

"No you can't keep it, you have to let them go again after playing with them," I tell you with a laugh.

"Oh well," you say while turning to him and grabbing his shirt, you lead him to the bed and push him down onto it " now stay right there" you tell him ... then you walk back over to me and tell me "I want you to just watch me, watch me be a dirty little slut with him. Watch me suck his hard cock before I slip it into my pussy." you reach down and grab my growing cock through my jeans and give it a good squeeze.

Walking back over to him you kick off your shoes and fling them to the side. Then slip off your jeans revealing your cute ass in a set of my favorite panties. The ones that hug your ass with lace and give it a nice shape. I look up and down the rest of your body while you stand near him and tease him by running your hands all over your body. You are dressed still in your black and red corset with a snug fitting button up shirt over it and the panties. As you turn around I can tell that you did not wear a bra when you went out and your nipples give away your excitement as you give them a squeeze.

"I can't play with it if you have it covered up," you tell him while nibbling on the tip of your finger. To which he quickly unzips his pants and slides them down a bit revealing a fairly thick cock. Just a little larger then mine. You gasp as it pops up and wiggles a little then you slowly bend down and brush your hand against the sides of it.

"Such a nice toy you have here." you say playfully while you wrap your hand around it and give it a squeeze. "Do you know how to use it though?" you say as you start to stroke it slowly. To which he replies with an over confident "yes."

"Oh well, we will see soon enough." You look over at me and grin as you lower your face down closer to his cock. Sitting between his legs on the bed. You start to lick your tongue slowly on the head of his cock while breathing hard onto it.

"It's nice and hard." you say as you moisten up the skin a bit more with your tongue before slipping the tip of his cock into your wet lips. You squeeze the tip lightly with your mouth while you start to stroke the shaft of his cock with your hand, looking up at him you can see that his eyes are closed as he is getting into the feeling. Then you look over at me and wink while slipping his cock further into your mouth.

You pop it back out and just tease him for a while by running your lips up and down the sides of his thick shaft. Then taking the tip back into your lips and sucking on it lightly before letting it escape again.

"Do you like it?" I ask you while giving my cock a squeeze.

You pop it out of your mouth and start to stroke him slowly as you say, "yes, his cock is nice and hard. It makes me feel so slutty sucking him off."

"Good good, then be a good little slut and suck him harder." I tell you with a grin.

To that you go back to his cock and start to take it back into your mouth. Slowly working your lips down the length of his shaft. While giving his balls a squeeze with your hand. In a few seconds you have all of his cock in your mouth. You can still move your tongue around a bit to tease him before you slip it back out and look over at me.

"That's better, that is how a slut should suck on a cock," I say as I watch it leave your mouth.

You look back at him and start to squeeze his cock a bit more while stroking it. "I don't want to suck on it anymore right now," you tell him.

"I want you to taste me, feel how wet I am." and with that you push him off to the side of the bed and lay down on the bed. Spreading your legs apart just a bit and letting a hand glide down between them. You start to stroke your pussy slowly through your panties...

" Get down here!" you tell him

"I want to feel your face pressing against my pussy." He climbs up between your legs and starts to lick the outside of your panties. You let out a moan and press them up into his face.

"Oh yes. Lick it more big boy!" He takes his free hand and slips the panties to the side. And starts to run his tongue across your clit slowly. While pressing a finger into your wet hole. "Oh yes, that is it, make me wetter with your finger and tongue," you moan out while he is licking you, you take one hand and press it onto the back of his head and press him into your pussy.

"Lick me harder," you tell him, and he starts to press his tongue against your clit harder with each stroke, but he still only slides one finger into your wet pussy. Probing around inside of you while his tongue pushes your clit up and down. You can feel him taking your clit into his mouth and sucking on it while he begins to slip another finger into you. By this time you are grabbing your breasts through your shirt and giving them a squeeze while pressing your hips up against his fingers hard to get them in you as deep as possible.

"Oh goddess yes!" you scream out as he sucks harder on your clit. The feeling of someone new eating you out gets you even hornier and you can feel yourself close to cumming already.

"Oh yes! Make me cum!" you moan out while biting on your lip. You open your eyes just enough to see me. And I am grinning while watching the man eat your pussy. You notice me still squeezing my cock from time to time while it is still in my jeans.

Suddenly you feel it build up inside of you "oh yes, right there, that is the spot!" you moan out between breaths.

"Mmmm I am fixing to cum for you," you say as you start to buck.

"Your slut is cuuuummmming!" With that you start to twitch while he releases your clit and slowly slips his fingers out of your wet pussy, just a short bit after you cum you sit up in the bed and rip your shirt off and toss it to the side. Just leaving your corset on and the panties that he pushed off to the side.

"Lay down!" you yell to him as you grab his cock. You don't even wait for him to lie down. Your lips are wrapping around his throbbing dick and taking it into your mouth with hunger. You want to feel it all in you, sucking up and down his dick you start to nibble and bite down on it gently while you stroke his balls, popping his cock out of your mouth a few times and teasing him with your tongue and barbell before you go all the way back down the shaft of his dick.

"Don't you think I can suck good?" you ask him with a grin while you squeeze his dick hard. To which he responds with a nod.

" You had better let me know before you cum or you will not get anything else from Me." you demand while taking him back into your mouth.

With several long slow teasing strokes you have his dick back into your mouth completely. Slowly slipping your lips back up and down it. Just letting the skin of your mouth barely touch his shaft as you work your way down it with your tongue, giving your head just a little twist on the way down. Nibbling a bit on the way back up his hard cock. You can hear him moan as you tease and torture his cock with your mouth, with one hand you reach down and start to run your fingernails on the bottom of his balls while slipping his cock into your mouth. Once it is almost completely in you give his balls a squeeze while you look over and notice me rubbing my cock through my jeans, I grin at you and keep watching your every move.

After a few more flicks with your tongue you let go of his cock and stand back up on the bed. Moving forward just a bit you sit down on him where his cock is just barely brushing against the soft skin of your ass, and you lean back.

"I want you to just watch me," you tell him as you press a finger against your clit. And start rubbing it around slowly.

"Mmmm I want you to watch me play with myself on your chest." you slip a finger into your wet hole and slide it deep in then drag it back out. Letting your fingernail flick your clit as you moan from the sensation.

"Do you want a piece of me?" you ask him with a grin, to which he eagerly nods his head.

You slip the finger back into your pussy and start to slowly slide it in and out. While pressing your thumb against your clit. You start to work them both slowly, closing your eyes and enjoying the feeling. You can feel his hard cock throbbing against your ass when you lean back. You open your eyes and grin at him. "Do you think you can handle me?" you say with a smirk on your face.

"I don't think you can handle this slut!" you yell.

You slide a second finger into your pussy and start to work it in and out, while watching the helpless look on his face because you have him pinned down to the bed by sitting on him and his arms.

You then slowly slip the two fingers out of you and place them on his lips.

"Clean them off!" you demand. And he takes them into his mouth. Sucking your lovely juices off of them.

While he is doing that you sit up just a bit and move downwards till you can feel the tip of his cock against your pussy. And you press down just a bit. The sensation shoots through your body and you let out a moan, and then you press your body down onto it more. Just the head of his cock is in your pussy. Stretching the tender skin out. You open your eyes back up and get situated around him. Then start to slowly tease him by slipping the tip of his cock in and out of your pussy. With every few strokes you will take it a bit deeper. Letting loose a low moan. Before pulling it back out and teasing him again.

After a few minutes of teasing him he has a look on his face that shows he cannot take much more so you suddenly slam yourself down onto his cock. Thrusting it into you deep. You let out a moan of pain and pleasure as you can feel him fill you up completely. And you start grinding away on his cock. Rubbing your clit against his skin as you work up and down on his hard shaft.

"Mmmm oh yes you feel so good in me." You moan out while pushing back down on his cock.

"I am going to ride you like a cheap toy," you tell him as you slam yourself down onto his cock again then rising back up so that it is almost out of your pussy. And then back down onto it again. I watch from behind. Seeing his thick cock stretch your pussy as you take it all inside of you. Your juices make the shaft glisten when you rise back off of it for a second before taking it back in.

With a few more hard strokes deep into you. Your pace slows down and you start grinding yourself back and forth on his cock. Leaning back a bit and placing your hands down near his feet. You start a slow steady motion of rocking back and forth. Letting his cock slip into you and back out of you.

"Fuck me," you tell him

"Fuck me like the slut I am." You get up off his cock and lay on the bed next to him.

"Fill my pussy with your hard cock. And fuck me hard!" you tell him.

He gets up and rolls over. Placing the tip of his cock at your open pussy. And he presses it into your pussy. His hips meet yours. He grabs hold of your legs and lifts them up.

"Come on you can do better then that." you tell him.

He starts to push his dick deep into you. And then pulls it back out.

"Don't tease me, fuck me!" You say as he pushes it into you.

He starts to pick up the pace. And I can hear skin slapping against each other as he lifts above you just a bit to get a better angle.

"Ohh yes that is better, you know you want to fuck this slut, you know you want to fuck me hard and dirty." you moan out as he starts to pound you with his cock. Pushing it deep into you and then pulling it back out before making another thrust deep into you.

He picks up the pace more and starts to slide it in and out of you hard and fast. All you can do is let out whimpers and cries as he is fucking you hard, you can feel your body bouncing off of the bed with each stroke. Just to be slammed back onto it by his thrust.

With just a few more thrusts you can feel it build up.

"Ohh, I am. I am about to cuuuuummmm!" you say between moans

"Keep it up, ooohhhhh yeessss. Fuck me like a dirty little slut."

He keeps pounding his cock into you hard, as you cry out "I am cummmming!!!"

"Oh goddess I am cumming again!" As your body pulsates from the orgasim you can feel his cock twitch inside of you while it shoots a stream of cum deep into you.

"Bad boy!" you tell him still shaking from your orgasm

"You did not let me know you were going to cum yet!" you push him off of you.

"Go get me a towel and clean up the mess you made!" He returns with a towel. But as he starts to wipe it off of you, you reach up and grab his head and press his face into your pussy.

"Clean up the mess you made with your tongue." you demand.

He starts to lick up your pussy, cleaning up the juices that are flowing around it.

"Next time let a girl know," you say while wiping the rest up with a towel.

"Just for that you don't get anymore."

And with that you tell him to get dressed and leave.

You then look over at me. And I have a grin on my face while still feeling my hard cock through my jeans.

"Are you still horny?" you ask me with a grin

"Of course I am, I haven't gotten to cum yet but you, you little slut, you have gotten to several times already." I tell you while unzipping my pants.

You get down on your knees between my legs and look up at me "we will have to see what can be done about that." With those words you take my cock into your mouth and start to suck on it some more, the feeling of your hot mouth wrapped around my dick makes it throb even more.

"Careful it might shoot off quickly after watching that." I say while holding onto your head. You just look up at me while slipping it all into your mouth.

When your hand touches my balls I tell you "I am about to cum."

You pull my cock out of your mouth and start to lick on the side of the shaft while aiming it away from you. Suddenly a big load of cum streams out of my cock.

As you squeal, a few more squirts are squeezed out of it by your hand and then you wipe the tip off and lick it a few more times then look up at me and grin. "Is that better?"

"For now." I tell you. "But I still want to get off a few more times to catch up with your little slutty show."

You just squeeze my cock and say, "the night is still young."
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2 years ago
to be your bad boy YUMMIE
3 years ago
glad ya'll liked it ... i have been debating on working on a new story or two lately.
3 years ago
Another hot one. Thanks for posting.
3 years ago
Nice story thanks for sharing.