The Feeling

(this was wrote by me back in 2004, posted on another site and now i am reposting it here)

After sitting around the house for a few days I start to get a little restless, so I start trying to work you up and get you into the mood for some steamy sex. To start off I decide to start teasing you slowly, letting you catch a glimpse my throbbing cock from time to time as a stroke it slowly and tease the head of it while you walk past me.

I talk to you softly when you pass by me, telling you the things that I would like to see you do to yourself, and what I would like to do to your body. I tell you how I would enjoy laying you down on the bed and caressing your body ever so slowly. Letting my fingers wander and explore your soft skin. Teasing your nipples lightly with my tongue while my fingers work their way up and down your body just barely touching your skin. Letting my fingers just tease the hair around your pussy from time to time, but not letting my fingers get close to your clit. You laugh at me and say you are not in the mood for any sex.

“Typical response,“ I mumble while I go back to my photos online.

Later on that night while we are sitting at our computers and I hear you clacking away on the keyboard posting a message in one of your chat rooms. I decide I am still in the mood for sex and want to feel your skin next to mine. So I start teasing you again, letting you know how much I have built up over the past few days by playing with myself while watching you walk around. I let you know that I have a nice load of cum that I need to release, and tell you of the pleasure I get shooting it deep into you instead of on a just on a photo.

To that comment you just smile and say “maybe later…,“ while slanting your eyes at me. So I just keep teasing myself slowly with my hand while trying to get you in the mood some more.

A little later you decide it is time to go take a bath, so I watch you lift your shirt up over your head exposing your lovely breasts and then sliding your pants and panties off slowly while wiggling your butt, then I squeeze my cock while you give your tits a hard squeeze before heading off to the bathroom.

About 20 minutes later you come back into the bedroom and close the door behind you. Your body still glistens from the bath as you remove the towel you had wrapped around you, after you toss the towel onto the bed and climb onto it you look into the computer room you say to me “well do you want to get off or not?“ I smile and start to unbutton my pants, after I take off my shoes, while watching you lie down on the bed and move around slowly while looking at me. Shortly afterwards I am inching myself up on the bed beside you. Letting the tip of my hair touch your still wet skin slowly while I make my way into the bed next to you. My hand glides up your back slowly till I reach your neck then I drag my fingers back down to your shapely ass and give it a light pat. Moving around you slowly I start to rub and massage your back.

I take some baby oil and dribbling it onto you a few drops at a time I start to rub it into your skin softly, to which you sigh and snuggle down into the bed with some pillows. Taking my hands I start to run them up and down the length of your back, making sure to cover every part of your lovely skin with baby oil. I pick the bottle back up and drop some more in my hands before I move down your body a bit more and start to caress your ass gently while giving each cheek a squeeze.

I stop for just a second then you can feel some cool baby oil dribbling on your thighs and it is running down between your legs, but I catch it in time with my hands and start to caress your legs softly letting my hands run up inside your thighs then back down to the bottom of your legs. A few more drops and I take your feet into my hands. And start to run my fingers between your toes slowly squeezing the heel of your foot while I do so with the other hand.

“Its time to roll over,” I tell you. You roll over and lay flat on your back as I lay down beside you on my side. Holding the bottle of baby oil above you I start to let it dribble out onto your skin, from just below your lovely breasts you can feel it sliding onto your skin slowly, as it spreads down your sides. I continue to let it run down till I am at your thighs again. Placing the bottle on the side I start to caress you slowly, letting my hands explore over your body. My hands just brush the bottom of your breasts while I make sure to rub the oil into your skin good. Then moving down your belly and making sure it is glistening from the oil before I continue. When I get down near your thighs, you can feel my fingers start to brush against the skin just above your pussy, to which you open your legs just a little bit letting my hand slip down to between your legs to discover you have shaved your hair around your now wet pussy.

“Oh, smooth,“ I say as I gently part your pussy lips and slide a finger between them. Flicking your clit with my finger a few times while I lean over to kiss your nipple softly. You start to move with my touch more while I let my finger slip up and down your swollen clit, working slowly I move my finger down to your dripping hole and just teasing you with the tip of my finger before I move back up towards your clit. I start to press my finger against you more making sure to get you good and worked up. By this time you are moving your hips up and down in motion with my hand that is exploring your pussy and you start to bite your lower lip while I tease you with my fingers.

With one hand you reach down and start to tease the tip of my swollen cock with your long fingernails while I continue to tease you with my hand and build you up. You take your fingernails and drag them up and down the shaft of my cock slowly with just enough pressure to make my cock twitch in your hand then pinching the throbbing head lightly while you feel me squeeze your clit between my fingers. You then slide your hand back down the shaft again and give my balls a hard squeeze while I slip a finger into your wet hole making sure to reach in as far as I can then I start to slide it in and out slowly while letting my thumb press against your clit. Your breathing starts to increase as I push my finger deeper into your wet pussy.

“Are you ready to be fucked? “ I ask you.

You look over at me while nibbling on your lip and moan, “Yes, fuck me…“ So I stand up after running my finger deep into your pussy a few times. Then I toss you the blindfold telling you to put it on so you won’t know what I am doing till it happens. You laugh a bit while slipping it on. I let you know that I am going to the bathroom real quick then will be right back in, so keep your self worked up while I am in there. I hear you moaning a little as I enter the room again and see you slipping a finger in and out of your wet pussy while with your other hand you are squeezing your nipples.

“Please fuck me,“ You say as you squirm around on the bed while touching yourself when you hear the door close behind me. I make my way back over to the bed and get into place. Suddenly you feel the tip of my cock pressing against your lips.

“Not till you suck me off for a while,“ I tell you as I press it against your mouth harder. You spread your lips open while the head of my cock slides into your mouth, pushing against your pierced tongue as I push it further into your waiting mouth.

“Suck on it good,“ I tell you as I grab onto your bright red hair and push you onto my cock further. I pull you back off my cock and just rub it around on your lips. You run your tongue out of your mouth and start to tease the tip of my cock before you greedily take it back into your mouth, squeezing your lips tight around the shaft making sure that I feel you sucking on it.

“Mmmm that’s good,“ I tell you as I squeeze my fingers tighter into your hair and push your head down onto it a bit more, “now suck it harder.“ With that you take my cock into your mouth deeper with each stroke and start to suck on it at a quicker pace.

“Ohh yes,“ I moan as you are bobbing up and down on my cock, letting it slip out of your mouth on occasion with a popping sound from the pressure of you sucking on it and I guide it back to your lips that are hungrily waiting for my cock to return.

Suddenly you feel another set of hands spreading your legs apart as someone climbs onto the bed between them.

“Just enjoy it,” I tell you as you start to get up and take off the mask. I stop you from removing the mask and say, “enjoy the feeling.“ You lay back down as I press my cock against your lips again. Slowly you take it into your mouth and suck on it. Unsure of what or who is between your legs, but as soon as you feel a warm tongue press against your clit and start to kiss it gently while a finger explores your wet hole you forget about who it might be and just focus on the pleasure you are feeling. You start to press your hips up into their face, as a moan escapes your mouth from around my cock.

“Oh you are enjoying this aren’t you,“ I ask as I pop my cock out of your mouth then press it against your lips again.

“Yesss,“ you moan as you stretch your tongue back out and lustfully lick the tip of my throbbing cock. At that same time you feel the person take your clit into their lips and start to suck on it like you are doing on my throbbing cock. “Mmmm,“ you moan as your hips buck against their motion more, a finger slips into your hole and starts to slide in and out of you as you press your now throbbing pussy against their hand and face.

“You are such a slut,” I tell you as I pull my cock from your mouth again and keep it just out of your reach to watch you beg for it again before pushing it back into your mouth.

“Yes, I am a slut,“ you moan out loud. “I am a dirty little slut for you to use and abuse!“

When you say that you feel the person slip a second finger into you and start to slide them and out of you now aching pussy quicker while they continue to suck on your clit, taking it between their lips and squeezing it then sucking it into their mouth, and tease it with their tongue. Your motion has picked up now as you moan out loud. I can tell you are close to cumming so I just lay my cock on your lips. You pop it in and out of your mouth and lick on it as you cum.

“Ohh, I am cumming,” You say. “Your little slut is cumming!“

“Good,“ I moan out as you nibble on the tip of my cock while your body throbs from the pleasure someone else just gave you. The person between your legs gives your clit another kiss as you push them away. Then I stand up pulling my cock from your mouth. You start to take the blindfold off, but I tell you to leave it on. After a few seconds you feel me start to caress the inside of your thighs.

“Not yet,“ you moan as I slide a finger near your clit. But I don’t listen, not touching your clit I slip it into your wet hole and start to work it in and out slowly.

You start to get back into the motion as you feel the head of the strangers cock pressing against your lips. “Ohh, you are hard,” you moan with a slight grin on your face as you start to lick up and down the shaft of his dick.

“Suck him off,“ I tell you. “Suck him off like a good little slut! Let him know you enjoyed the pleasure he gave you,” I demand as I slip my finger deep into you. You moan lightly as you open your mouth and start to suck on the tip of his dick. Taking it just into your mouth and then letting it pop back out, then placing it back onto your lips again. With your hand you grab a hold of his balls and start to caress them while you take more of his dick into your mouth. Licking up and down the shaft of his hard throbbing dick and squeezing your lips tight around it before coming back up just to tease him with your tongue.

While I watch you sucking on the stranger’s cock I slip a second finger into your hole and work them in and out slowly. Letting my thumb hit your clit on occasion just to watch your body quiver at the touch. You get into a motion working your lips up and down his cock as you caress his balls. While you are licking your way back up your hand moves to the back of his ass so you can give him a squeeze while you take him back into your mouth, then you suddenly feel your nose brush against his belly.

“Oh, what a good little slut you are. “ I say “you have all of his dick in your mouth.“ I press my thumb against your clit harder while working my fingers in and out of you at a steady pace. Slowing down just enough to dribble some cold lube onto them before slipping them back into you. You slide his cock back out of your mouth and take a breath while running your lips up and down the sides of his shaft before you take it back into your mouth and start sucking on him again, this time at a quicker pace.

“Make him cum you slut!“ I tell you while I continue to work my fingers in and out of you. With that you pick up your pace. Squeezing his ass with one hand while wrapping a few fingers around the base of his shaft with your other hand. You begin to work his cock in and out of your mouth quickly. It doesn’t take long, after a bit you feel him tense up. As you pop his cock out of your mouth you feel his hot cum splash against your neck and tits.

“Oh good,“ I tell you “feel his hot cum hit your body.“ I slip my fingers out of your pussy to pick up a towel and wipe his cum off.

“Are you ready to be fucked now? “ I ask you.

“Yes!“ you, pant out “Fuck me, fuck me like the slut I am!“ You demand. With those words I turn you onto your belly and you feel the stranger grab your hips and lift them upwards. With one quick thrust he slips his hard cock deep into your wet pussy.

“Ohh!” you moan out “yes fuck me hard!“ You scream. You can feel his balls slapping against your skin as he works his cock in and out of you fast and hard. Your body shaking with each thrust of his cock, after a few more thrusts you start to feel yourself cumming.

“Oh yes!“ you scream out “I am cumming! Your slut is cumming!“

“You dirty little slut!“ I say while squeezing one of your tits “you are enjoying this guy fuck the shit out of your pussy.“

“Yes!“ you moan while still shaking “I am your slut.“ With that he pulls his cock out of you and I climb behind you. Slipping my throbbing cock into you. I start to work it in and out hard and fast, making my body slam against yours. Making sure that my dick goes as deep as it can into you with each stroke. Your moans have changed into small grunts as you push your body against me to meet my thrusts.

“Yes take it like the slut you are,“ I say out while pulling your hips up hard against me “make me cum deep inside you.“

“Cum in me!“ you say between breaths “let me feel your cum deep inside me.“

I grab your shoulder and press my cock deep in you. And work it in and out at a quick pace. “I am fixing to cum in you, you slut!” I tell you as you feel my body start to jerk. Suddenly you feel your pussy being filled with my hot cum, at the same time you feel some more cum splatter on your back. The stranger was jerking off next to you while watching us fuck.

After I have shot all of my cum deep into you I slip my cock out as your collapse onto the bed breathing hard and still moaning. I toss a pair of your panties onto your back and he wipes his cum off of you. You lay there for a bit more recovering while I start to clean up, after a few minutes you start to get up slowly saying how sore you are.

I laugh a little and ask you if you enjoyed it though. To which you replied with a “hell yes! “

When you removed the mask you did not see the other guy. “Where did he go?" you asked.

“Oh, he had to leave once he was done,“ I said while walking to the bathroom with you. “He just wanted a piece and thought you looked hot in the photos. So I invited him over. Hoping that you would be in a mood to fuck and he took your cum covered panties as a souvenir,“ You laughed a bit while cleaning yourself up.

“And what if I wasn’t?“ you say to me.

“Well then it might have been a bit rougher,” I laugh as I head back to the bedroom.
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3 years ago
glad ya'll enjoyed it!
3 years ago
Really hot story!
3 years ago
That was hot. Thanks for posting.