The Treat

After agreeing to let you go out to a club by yourself I sit at home surfing the Internet while waiting for you to return.

'You can do what ever you desire to do tonight' I told you, as you got dressed. 'But make sure to wear something sexy' I say with a grin while you look back at me.

'Anything?' you say back to me with a smirk on your face. 'Yes anything you want to do, just make sure to call me and let me know what you are doing or if you need a ride home because you are to d***k' I say with a laugh.

'And I don't mind if you find a cute guy that really likes you and you want to get busy with him, if you do I just want to hear the details after you get home' I tell you with a grin as I pat you on the ass.

'I am not sure about doing something without you' you say back to me. I smile and say 'I don't mind this time if you want to do it alone then come home to me and tell me all about it. But if the person is willing to come to the house as well I will gladly watch and maybe join in' I say.

'Just don't be to late' I say while laughing.

You put on your nice pair of butt shaper panties before slipping into your tight jeans. And you put on a nice matching bra that I bought you earlier that day before tossing on a semi loose button up shirt. That lets your breasts still bounce around but shows their shape when you move.

'oooo nice' I say while rubbing your ass through your jeans. 'I am sure all the guys will be staring at your curves'

You grin and say 'maybe I can hook one of them for some fun' with that I reach around from behind you and give your tits a firm squeeze while saying 'I hope you do hook some to have fun with'

A little later on you are at a club sitting near the bar stirring your drink while looking around the room to see if there is anyone cute. Just then a guy walks up from behind you and says hello. When you turn around you see that he is a younger guy with a nice build. You figure he can't be more then 23. 'Hi there' you say back to him while taking a sip from your drink then moving your hair out of your face. He smiles and makes up some stupid pickup line that you just giggle at, then he offers to buy you another drink and you accept.

A little while later while ya'll are drinking at the table he starts to scoot his chair closer to you while you can tell that he is looking your body over. So you lean forward just a bit to expose some of your cleavage to him to give him more to look at while you smile at him and take a drink from your glass.

Just then a song you enjoy comes on, and you ask him if he wants to dance. He nods and you grab his hand and pull him to the dance floor … in a short time you are moving all around him while he watches and moves with you, just as the song gets to a deeper part you press your back up against him and slide down to the floor then back up again then push your ass out into him and let it bounce a few times to the music, you feel him put an arm around your waist as he pulls you closer to him and pushes his hips out to meet yours.

While you are rubbing up against him you think about me and what I said earlier 'you can do what ever you desire tonight' you smile a bit and press your ass up against him a bit more as you lean back against him, you feel his hand grip your hip as he rocks with you. As the two of you move together you start to feel the sign of a horny man coming from him. With a bulge in his jeans that bumps up against your ass from time to time as ya'll are moving. You grin and dip back down to the floor while reaching and unbuttoning one button on the shirt to expose your breasts a bit more.

You grab his hand and turn around and place it on your hip as you continue to grind with him. You see him staring at your exposed cleavage so you ask him ' do you see something you like?' he grins a bit and nods … you grin and say to him 'I thought I felt something telling me that earlier' as you pat him on the ass.

The two of you finish the dance grinding against each other, and you push your breasts into his chest a few times and slip down his front before coming back up. As the song is over you take his hand and lead him back to the table.

He sits real close to you this time; you can feel his leg touching yours. So you brush your leg up against his a few times before ordering another drink. While you are taking a drink from it, you push your shirt open a bit more and say 'it is hot in here' as you look at him and smile while he looks at your exposed bra for a second. When that happens you feel his hand on your thigh as it starts to caress you slowly. You move your leg with his hand to show approval.

It doesn't take to long before you can tell he has himself worked up, and you are starting to feel quite horny yourself so you lean closer to him and whisper 'do you want to leave here and have some fun?' he smiles at you and stands up and says 'lead the way'

Once the two of you are outside his truck is parked near and you follow him to it, when he stops to unlock it you reach out and grab his ass 'ooo what a cute ass' you say while giving it a squeeze. He jumps a little bit at your action but then turns around and grins at you when he says ' that isn't the only thing that is tight right now ' while he looks down towards the growing bulge in his jeans.

You get a bigger grin on your face when you slide your hand down the front of his jeans and give a light squeeze at the bulge held within.

While you are giving his bulge a squeeze you tell him 'hold on one second, I want to call my husband and tell him what is going on' … while you are dialing my number with your free hand you say to him, 'would you mind coming back to my place?'

'Well that depends' he says.

'Depends on what?' you say back to him before pressing send on the phone.

'What we plan on doing before we head there' he says with a grin and pushes his bulge into your hand a bit more.

You grin at him and press the send button.

'Hello' I answer the phone

'Hey baby, guess what I am holding onto right now' you say to me

' Umm I don't know. What?' I reply

'Well it is hard, and pulsing and covered in blue jeans' you say with a grin to your voice while giving the guy's bulge another squeeze.

'Oh LOL, you found someone I take it? Do you like how he looks? And are you going to have fun?' I ask wanting to know more.

'Maybe, he said he might come home with me. But it depends on what we do before hand' you say

' Oh? What does he want to do? ' I ask

'I am not sure, but I think it involves what I am holding onto' you say to me

'Aah, well make sure and make him beg' I say to you with a grin in my voice. 'if he wont come home with you, you better tell me all the details when you get home and be ready for me as well'

'you don't mind?' you say while giving his bulge another pat.

'no, I don't mind this time … just be slutty to him' I say ' and be ready to be my slut when you get home to tell me about it'

'oh, don't worry I will' you say with an evil grin.

'have fun now, and don't leave to many marks… love you' I say with excitement in my voice.

'love you to' you say while pressing the end button.

'well?' the guy says.

'well what?' you say with a grin… 'I can do what I want to, but maybe you will follow me home for some more fun once we are done'

he opens up the door of his truck and climbs in and you follow him as he slides across the seat with his back against the other side door….

'I can't do anything about it if you are going to keep it trapped' you say while looking down at the bulge in his jeans with a poutty look in your eyes.

He reaches down and undoes his jeans and slips them down a little bit as you slip your hand inside his underware to uncover the bulge he was hiding earlier.

'ohhh such a nice tool you have for me to work with' you say as it springs free from his underware. 'a little bit thicker then my husband' you say with a grin on your face while wrapping your hand around the shaft of his cock and giving it a few strokes.

'now lay back and let me work' you say while leaning forward towards his cock he just grins and slips down in the seat some more to push his cock further up towards you.

You look at it a bit while giving it a few more strokes before you start to lick the tip of it slowly with your tounge. As you start to slip the head of his cock into your mouth you think to yourself 'this is so slutty, me sucking off this guy and Freddy isn't around' you slip his dick into your mouth a bit more then pop it back out and lick up and down the shaft slowly before going back to the tip of his cock.

Suddenly you notice just how turned on you are getting, and you can feel the heat building up in your pussy as you slip his cock into your mouth more. You start to suck on it a bit faster while wrapping your hand around the shaft to stroke it off a bit 'I wonder how Freddy is going to like hearing about this' you think while you slip his dick into your mouth as far as you can take it ' I am being such a slut right now'

You pop his dick out of your mouth and look up at him while stroking it, he has his head laid back and eyes closed, but he raises up a bit and looks at you. ' don't stop it feels so good' he says.

You grin and lean forward again and give a good hard lick up the shaft of his dick before slipping it back into your mouth and sucking on it harder. Each time you take his dick into your mouth all you can think about is the heat that is building up in your pussy and about how I might react when you are telling me later what you did to this guy.

You hear the guy starting to moan a bit as you realize he has his hand on the back of your head holding onto your hair and he is starting to push your head down onto his cock each time you go down further on him, so you place your hand at the base of his cock so you don't gag on it.

You let your mouth loosen up a bit as you run your tounge up and down his shaft while he pulls your head up and down on his cock, you can feel your pussy tingling more then it has before as you realize you are letting this stranger fuck your face and use you like a little slut, with that thought you tighten up on his cock a bit more and take control again as you slip it into your mouth completely and let him feel the muscles of your mouth and toung against it before you lick your way back up his shaft…

He grunts a little bit as you pop it out of your mouth and look at him ' not just yet' you tell him with a grin. 'I want you to do something for me first' you grin while unbuttoning your shirt the rest of the way and slipping your bra off of your tits. He leans forward and takes one of your nipples into his mouth and starts to suck on it while you feel his hand caressing your other breast. Not gently tho, but like a man that is hungry for what he see's in front of him.

You close your eyes and lean your head back as he ravages your breasts with his hands and tounge and lips, you feel as tho your pussy is about to explode so you reach down and find one of his hands and slip it down to your jeans. He quickly gropes your pussy through your jeans while you try to undo them enough, you get them unsnapped and he slips his hand up and undoes the zipper then slides his hand into your panties, suddenly you feel his fingers probing your pussy and clit as he slips 2 fingers into you and starts to slam them in and out as hard as he can while moving over to your other breast to start licking on that nipple …

All you can do is moan out as he pushes his fingers as deep as he can get them into you while sucking on your nipple. You feel him press a thumb against your clit while he continues to work the fingers in and out.

Mmmm such a slut … is all that runs through your mind as you realize you are about to cum already, you tilt your head back and let out a moan 'oh goddess you are making me cum, push your fingers in deeper' with that you feel him slip a 3 rd finger into you and that brings you over the edge , you start to shudder on his hand as you press his head into your breasts and let loose another moan of pleasure as you cum.

While you are still shuddering from cumming he pushes you back onto the seat a bit and climbs on top of you just a bit .. you see his throbbing cock bobbing in front of you, he starts to stroke it hard and fast. And within a few seconds a stream of cum shoots out of it and gets onto your shirt and bra.

'hey,' you say to him 'I didn't say you could get off yet' he just grins to you and says 'that's all I needed, now go back to your husband you slut'

with that you realize that you were just used and you get out of his truck and get your clothes fixed back up. But instead of being pissed off you feel even more turned on and cant wait to get back home and tell me about it, you think about calling me but decide not to so that you can suprize me with what happened.

Before you get into your car you clean up just a little bit, but the guys cum has left a mark on your shirt and bra, 'oh well, I can't hide what happened' you say with a grin while getting into your car.

Once you get home you decide to tease me with what happened for a little bit, as you walk in the door I am sitting on the couch, 'so did he follow you home?' I say.

'no he got what he wanted and left' you reply to me with a grin on your face.

'oh? And just what did he get?' I ask

'something…' you say while starting to unbutton your shirt.

'what??' I ask again with interest while watching you unbutton your shirt.

'something wet….' You say again as you slip your shirt off and toss it to me.

'while I look at the shirt I notice the stains on it 'oh, are these from him?' I say while holding it up.

'maybe….' You say while you adjust your tits in the bra.

While you are doing that I notice more stains on your bra 'oh, looks like he had bad aim…'I say while laughing a little bit.

'well I wouldn't say it was that bad … ' you say while walking twards me.

'well what did you do?' I ask while watching your body move…

'he used me … like a slut' you say with a grin on your face as a hand slips down the front of your jeans and you feel how hot your pussy still is.

'ohhh, tell me more' I say while laying the shirt off on the side and watching your closely.

'well, we climbed into his truck, and I pulled out his cock and started teasing him …' you say while unbuttoning your jeans…

'oh, you just get right to it I see … ' I say while laughing..

'yes, a slut doesn't play around' you say with a grin … 'I started to lick and suck on his cock right away… it was thicker then yours and nice and hard… ' you start to undo your jeans while telling me this as you are standing right in front of me now…

'mmm I would have loved to see that' I say while watching you undress in front of me…

'I thought about you, and how slutty you thought I was being while doing it' you said with a grin on your face.

'yes, that was very slutty of you' I say while looking up at you with a grin on my face.

'after I sucked him off for a bit, I undid my shirt and exposed my tits to him' you said 'he grabbed onto them and started sucking and squeezing them while I still stroked his cock some' …

'was he rough?' I say

'yes, he treated me like a slut' you said while running a hand up your body and giving your tit a squeeze while your other hand is just caressing your pussy slowly through your panties…

'common!' I say 'tell me what ya'll did' …

you just grin as you push your fingers up against your pussy remembering how he got you off so quickly earlier. 'well we got into his truck and I started to stroke his cock' you push your finger to the side of your panties to start pulling them to the side 'after a little bit I started to suck on his cock, like a good little slut. Taking it in and out of my mouth'

'ohhhhh nice' I say while adjusting my pants to let me growing erection have more room…

'after a little bit of me sucking his cock real good I pulled my shirt up and he started to grope my breasts while sucking on a nipple, I was getting so hot with him doing that to me' you are slipping a finger into your pussy while telling me this…

'mmmm did you enjoy being slutty for him?' I ask you while watching your hand intently….

'yes I did enjoy being slutty, I picked up his free hand and placed it into my jeans , he quickly got them down and started to finger fuck me fast and hard while sucking on my tit' you slip your finger in and out of your pussy several times to show me how he was fucking you…

'oh nice' I say as I unzip my pants to let my own cock spring out….

'it only took a little bit and I started to cum all over his fingers I was so hot and slutty' … you close your eyes and finger yourself hard a few more times before slowing back down…

'after I got off he pushed me back onto the seat and got above me and stroked his cock off hard and fast .. then his cum splattered all over my slutty body' you said while giving your tit another squeeze and looking at my cock…

'was that slutty enough for you baby?' you say to me while getting onto your knees in front of me

'mmmm yes' I say while looking at you … 'now it is my turn for you to be my slut' I say as I slip down onto the couch a bit more and push my cock outwards towards you.

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