Kyra arrives at the punishment centre

Kyra was taken from court and take to an open back truck we I was told to get up on the truck two ladies grabbed me and pulled me down cuffing my hands wide apart . Now her legs wide open for all to she yelled Mistress Penny the guard g****d my legs and spread me wide apart no no no I am yelling "you have no rights slut Yelled Mistress in fact put the sign up and the light on and drive around the city we need to show people what happens to whores" The sign was a large flashing sign that said Whore being punished and siren so it would get plenty of attention. Please just cover my cunt I begged. For that request Mistress order the truck to be stopped at a truck stop for 3 hours and men aloud to do anything they like to me. they were getting on the truck pissing on me shiting on my shoving stuff up my holes it was so humilatating. Mistress was standing there laughing and saying it only get worse from here whore.

We final arrived at the punishment centre I was cover in shit and piss and bleeding from my lip Were a female truck had beat me I was taken to a small compound it was about 3 metres by 3 metres it had a small cage in the midddle of it that was lockable from the outside and a bucket two dog bowls and a frame that appeared to be a flogging frame . Welcome to your new home slut. You will be processed then bought back here I just wanted you to see were you will spend your setenace Mistress said with a smile. This accomadation will cost you $200 a night. I dont have any money I said "You will earn like the whore that you are" she said This bitch was so corupt she was going to whore me out to make me pay her the fucking bitch there was no point saying anything as she would make it worse for me put the price up and i would have to suck more cocks

They draged me by my hair to another building it had a bench and restraints and various implements for inflicting pain. Welcome to hell Mistress Penny said with a smile. I hated the bitch already This is were you will be punished and also were you will work from its as close to being insideas you will get. When you are not in here you will be in the slut compound The cage is were you will be locked in at night the bucket is for you toilet needs the bowls are for food and water and the frame for punishment

Guards hose this slut down get a colar on her and get me the tattoo gun ordered the mistress You will get cleaned up then have a colar put on you and then I am going to tattoo the Word SLUT in big letters all over you body So every will know what you are fro the rest of your life and on you back I will tattoo Property of Penny's Punishment centre so every will know what you are and for the rest of you life you will be treat littlethe fucking piece of shit that you are

So there i was they came in with the hose and hosed me down the pressure was high and it was hurting me they eventally stopped the guard came over she put a metal colar with a paddle on it around me neck and the same around me wrist and ankles these will remain on you until you leave she said Now guards seacrh here dirt fucken holes

The two guards grabed me bent me over the bench and plunged there hands in both me wholes got something here one of the guards said My heart sunk I hadnt put anyting up myself A bag of d**g said mistress "it no mine one of the truckers must have put it there" "Bull Fucken shit" said Mistress "no no no i begged pleaseplease it not mine" my pleas fell on deaf ears after we are done here you will be taken down to the Slut compound were you will recieve 500 strokes of the cane all over you body then I will have my the guards empty all the toilet bucket over you this will happen every day for a week no body brings drud into my prison. I burst into tears this bitch was ruthless "What wrong sweetie" Mistress said in a condesending tone "little pricess dosnt want to be beaten" "You better get usedd to it THat how you will make you money men and women come here and pay to beat and humilate whores like you" "Can i not just sell my hole to make money" "Dont worry Slut your holes will get a good work out too" She laughed
After mistress finished tattooing my I have slut tattooed in bright red all over me my bum. my tits,my arm , my legs from and back my hands ,my feet and the worse one of all accross my for head and my back had proprety of Penny Puninshment Centre in solid black Dont you look nice she sadi have a look in the mirror at you self She then peirced my nipple, flaps, clit,lip and a bull ring thorugh my nose

That art work has just cost you $2000 she said i will put that on your bill you will have to take alot of beating to pay your debt to me slut

Take her to confinment until those tattoos heal noone is to beat her until they do Her punishment will start after the tattoo heal We wnat her to look her best

They drag me to another part of the compound the guar lifted up a cover there was concrete hole 2metres by 2 metres get in the the guard said Please need to go to the toliet do in the hole slut getin in got in the lid shut down and there i stayed for 4 days I got food and water that was it

Fours days later they came and go me Mistress was there take her to the sluut compound we have four day of punismnet to catch up on My poor little bottm was in for now

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1 year ago
Great story!
2 years ago
nice :)i want more
3 years ago
Daddy wants to fuck you slut daughter
3 years ago
Yuck - bad spelling and no story. Unless you are a prisoner in Nazi Germany, they cannot put tatoos on you!
3 years ago
Most enjoyable! Thank you, Kyrais a slut, this was a fine story.