I was picked up last night by the police while working as a whore The new laws are tough on street whores I was taken back to the station Striped completed naked and tossed in a cell and told you will appear before a judge in the morning you can expect to go to the whore disapline prison where you will be dealt with like the whore that you are I had heard of this place and didnt want to end up there it was hell humiliation beatings total control you have no rights there and I heard the mistress who runs it is a complete bitch She only took the job because her husband caught a disease off a whore and gave it to her so this was here revenge

One of the guards came passed and i offered him as mouch sex as he wanted if he would let me escape He spat on me and said I will add attempting to bribe and office to your charge sheet whore and he threw a bag of powder in the cell and said and possesion of d**gs to the list you are going to prison for a long time whore

The next morning came the offcier from the night before woke me up he was standing at the bars pissing on my face time for court he yelled can I have my clothes then Whore dont get clothes for court he said. He open the cell and said stand up legs apart He took out a a thick felt pen and said stay still I need to write on you what you are so the whole court knows what you are
He took he pen and wrote WHORE on my tits belly legs bum back even on my for head in big red letters you could miss it HE said you will be taken to court like this and chain to the post out side so everone can see what you are

I was begging please just a pair of painties YOU GET NOTHING YOU ARE A FCUKING WHORE he yelled he

I was taken to the court house where i was chain to a pole out the front it was annouced over the pa system their is a whore on display out the front soon poeple started coming over to me spit on me calling me names strange seedy men sticking there fingers up me ladies coming up to me abusing the shit out of me slaping my face this went on for 3 hours until the guard came and got me and took me to the judge

I stood before the judge i was trying to cover my cunt he said no covering your self WHORE he yelled that 200 strokes of the cane before you leave here today for that

The officer form the jial got upp and said she was caught selling her hole on the street then she tried to bribe me and she also had d**gs on her

THe Judge didnt even hesitate he said 1 year under Mistress at the punishment centre I screamd no you arsewhole that was a bad mistake he baged he gavel and said make it 2 years with a request for degrading humilation and regualar beating

Take her to the caning bench and give her 200 strokes on her arse and 100 across her cunt for that last outburst make them hard he siad

I was dragged to the bench and chained to it with my legs wide open for all to see

Meet you Mistress for the next 2 years WHORE siad the judge it was the mistress I had heardsa about Mistress Penny ther bitch from hell She wasted no time in caing me it was that hard i pissed myself she said you will lick that up when we have finshed all the people in the court where screaming cane the whore make her pay the more the screamed theharder they got until it reach the 200 my arse was bleedning Get used to it whore she said No the cunt caning the Judge siad make it 200 for pissing her self I recived 200 wack on my cunt

THen i was untied and may to lick up my piss

Take that WHORE out of my sight said the Judge

I was drag by my hair off to a van were i was taken to the punishment cente

49% (7/7)
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2 years ago
super start - more?
3 years ago
love it
3 years ago
a delicious idea
3 years ago
great story u filthy whore u deserved the caning u received and then some
3 years ago
very differant as a story but if thats what gets your rocks off who am i to judge 3/10
3 years ago
the really terrible writing and huge grammer mistakes take away from the excitement
3 years ago
i hope that is just the start of the story if so its great