The Pool pt. 2

"Oh!........Shit! I hadn't thought of that," she said, pulling up the shoulder straps of her swimsuit.

to say that my woman can rock a one piece swimsuit is a criminal understatement. She's got a gorgeous set of hips that wrap around into a pudgy little ghetto booty that gets attention where ever we go. Her breasts are full and perfectly round with nipples that point to the moon. She always buys her one pieces with the highest cut legs possible. She'll wear one piece thongs when we visit more exotic locales. She has even gone so far as to buy custom made suits to specifically show a gratuitous amount of side boob. Plus if the suit came lined, the first thing she does is pull out the lining to emphasize
her beautiful camel toe and breasts. She is also fond of light colors that turn most transparent when wet. And to top it all off, she has the sweetest, most disarming, sex-kitten face. She can convince anyone that she's not trying to show off. Even me and I know for a fact she is trying to show off.

Yeah! my exhibitionist beauty has entertained a lot of men and pissed off a lot of women with her swimwear choices.

"Well," she said, "It was easy enough sneaking in here, it can't be any harder sneaking out."

"With our luck?" I replied sardonically.

I wrapped my towel around my waist and opened the door to the shower stall.
I couldn't see anyone so I exited first with her following so close I could feel her nipples against my back. We were twenty feet from the door. I really thought our luck would hold out this time. But sadly no! Around the corner came a tall naked man.

He had a towel over his shoulder and was pulling on his dick with one hand. He was a couple strokes away from a full hard-on.

He stopped and stared at us. I said, "Hi, how ya doin'?" He replied, "Not as well as you........obviously!"

I began to stammer, "Oh no! This isn't what it looks like. We're new. She got turned around and walked in here by mistake."

The naked man responded, "Bull shit! You two have been members for years. Do you think I haven't notice that little tease before? With her swimsuit that are constantly pushing the boundaries? Now give me one reason why I shouldn't call the manage and have you both kicked out!"

"Because we were just having a little fun and it's not like the place is full of k**s. You're the only one that saw us and I really think you like what you see?" was my reply.

"No, that's not why I'm not going to call the manager." said Naked Man, "I'm not going to call the manager because you're little tart there is going to show me her beautiful perkies and give me a hand job!"

That set me off, I geared up for a fight, at least a verbal one. My girl might be a nympho but she's nobody's whore. But just as I opened my mouth to lay into this guy she spoke up, "Is that all it's going take?"

I stood there with my mouth open and stare at her.

"What?" she said, "It's a good deal! We like our membership here, and also..........IT'S A ONLY HAND JOB!"

With that she grab the stranger by his cock and lead him into the nearest shower stall. I followed and closed the door behind us.

Naked man's rod was already hard. Mine was getting there too. I walked behind my woman and pulled her shoulder straps down and the top half of her swimsuit to her waist. Naked guy wasted no time and reached up and squeezed both of my babe's breasts.

"I don't remember touching being part of the deal." I said.

"Sorry, they're just too irresistible!" he replied, "Besides, they're her's and I don't hear her complaining." I had to admit, he was right on both counts.

I directed my attention below. She was giving an exceptional performance. Her small, delicate hands were alternating back and forth between his cock and balls. Her delicate hands made him look huge when in reality he was just slightly longer than me ( I'm pretty sure I had him in girth though).

One hand after another she grabbed the base of his dick and firmly pulled towards the tip as if trying to tease it into getting even longer.

I don't remember losing my towel but I realized that I was stroking myself with the same rhythm she was stroking him.

Without warning, Naked man reached out and grabbed my cock and squeezed it firmly. I was stunned and excited all that same time. "Wow! That's got to keep you happy!" he said to my wife. "That and his massive tongue,"
she replied. He stroked me a couple times, let go, and went back to enjoying the HJ and I went back to jacking myself.

With a shy smile, my babe looked at me over her shoulder and said, "I want to suck it. Please can I suck it? I didn't get to suck you earlier and I need to have one in my mouth!"

When she uses the sexy voice I can deny her nothing.

Naked Boy was not expecting this. I swear I saw his rod swell even more.

My beauty knelt down and put her lips against his knob. Just for a second, she held it there. Then she slid her lips all the way down his shaft. When my babe is turned on, she can take it deep. She didn't make all the way to the stranger's manscaped pubes but she made one hell of an effort.

Naked Muy gasped. It was a gasped that I've heard come out of my own mouth a thousand times. My girl was ready to finish it. I don't think any of us could take much more tension. With her mouth and her right hand she worked his cock. Her left hand had snuck inside of her swimsuit and was going to town on her clit.

My hand working myself furiously.

Naked man tensed up and arch his back against the wall. My babe gently cupped his balls as he spasmed. With his dick still in her mouth she let out a muffled grunt as she came.

I turned and let my cream fly just missing both of them.

"Holy Fuck, that was good," exclaimed Naked guy. "Could you teach my wife to do that?"

Both of us chuckled as we composed ourselves. "No, I'm serious! Can you come meet us sometime so you can teach my wife to suck my dick like?"

We never considered swapping before but what this was fun so why not give it try. We told Naked boy we'd be interested.

He replied, "I'll go to my locker and get my card, that way I can also act as a look out in that direction so you can sneak her out of here."

He left the shower stall first. We waited five seconds and followed. When we reached the door she gave me a quick but deep kiss. I tasted what had to be the last of Naked's cum. It wasn't repulsive as I always imagined to be. Something else to think about, and with a quick, "I'll meet you at the car, my beauty ducked out the door."

I walked back to lockers. Naked was standing holding his card out for me. I took and he said, "I really hope you call." Then he reached inside my towel and gave a dick another squeeze. "I think there is a lot we can teach each other."
With that he walked back to the showers and I got dressed and went to meet my wife.

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