Back in the game!

Wow! was I nervous. I can't believe I actually have butterflies in my stomach.

I know the cops watch this park but I also know it sees a lot of action. Not much coincidence really. But it's been so long since Ive had a man I had to take a chance.

I was here two weeks ago and my conscience got the best of me. I walked away from a guy, I hope he wasn't insulted. Don't know why I care.

See, I'm really nervous.

At least as I walked away another burly bear was walking towards so I don't have to feel like I robbed the guy of getting off.

Anyway, here I am. In the pavilion at the back of the park. It affords some decent privacy and a good view of people approaching. I've been here about ten minutes, waiting/hoping. Rubbing myself through my pants. I might have to take care of myself if I don't get lucky soon.

There, a care in the parking lot. I casually moved so that I could be seen from the parking lot and then walked around the corner of the pavilion. I watched from my vantage point, all the while squeezing my crotch. I really needed this.

Yes! Here comes a guy, and it's the same big bear from two weeks ago. My lucky fucking day.

He reached the pavilion and we nodded to each other. My erection was forming but I was too nervous to make the first move. I watched him for a couple minutes. I don't know why I was being so shy. I know he's here to hook up. It's the only reason a single man would be here this time of day. The only other reason I could think off is he's an undercover cop looking to bust single men trying to hook. God! I hate my brain!

He turned towards me, his sweats pulled down slightly, his semi hard-on rising to meet my gaze. I started towards him. As I walked I opened my fly and pulled out my own dick. We stood and watched each other stroke but I couldn't wait any more. I reached out and took his member. I am always amazed when I touch another man's cock at how similar and how different it feels than touching my own cock.

He started to get hotter and harder. He began stroking me. His hands were much softer than his appearance would suggest. A chill ran through me and I had to gasp for breath a little. I was so turned on. I unbuckled my belt and lowered my pants slightly to give him better access.

I reached under his shaft and kneaded his balls. He followed suit and did the same.

The sensation was amazing. I would have been perfectly happy to just trade hand jobs but he sat down on the bench behind him and pulled me closer.

My dick entered his mouth. It was hot and wet. He squeezed me with his lips and cheeks, stroking my entire length. I moaned, louder than I probably should have, but it just happened. He knew I was already close so he went back to stroking me with his hand. I would have preferred to cum in his mouth but I'm always happy to take what is offered.

As my orgasm approached, I could see a faint smile on his face. He liked torturing me with pleasure. Or at least he takes pride in his handy (pun intended) work.

I took a deep breathe and closed my eyes. The pressure built and built. Then let go! It was the most intense release I had in years. When I opened my eyes, a huge wad of my cum was dripping from a spot on the brick wall that was higher than my eyes. I haven't shot that hard since I was eighteen.

Time to return the favor.

I took his place on the bench. He took a step towards me and I went right to it. He was thick, really thick I had to work for it but I wanted it all. I grabbed his legs and pulled myself forward burying my nose in his curly red hair. I felt him touch the back of my throat. I opened wider to take more of him in. I was kind of awkward because it had been so long but I was having fun. I ran my lips up and down his whole length and then went back to stroking him as I tickled his head with my tongue.

He took two steps back and began stroking himself furiously. I felt kind of cheated because I really wanted his cream but I think he was being courteous because he didn't let me cum in his mouth. He came all over the place. His load was huge. I wonder if he had gotten off at all since the last time I saw him here.

His eyes were still closed, he was still lost in his own orgasm. I reached up and rolled his balls around in my fingers. It caught him by surprise and little and he gasp and smiled.

I stood up and we both composed ourselves, and began cleaning up our messes. I wanted to leave my cum on the wall as a point of pride but it would've been rude and tacky. Plus, I didn't want to give the cops more of reason to patrol here.

We grunted thank you's to each other and started back to the parking lot first. Trying to be casual. I saw him start to his car as I was pulling out my space.

The park is now closed for the winter. Damn!

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1 year ago
right more about the park. soooo sexy
1 year ago
Very well done! It sounds familiar to me!!!