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I took a leisurely hot shower the next morning before I went over to Krystal's house & let Myself in to its quietness. Your mother was due back sometime in the afternoon from her trip, so I knew that there was no need to rush. I went up the stairs quietly, treading carefully, then tiptoed across the landing until I could peep in through the door of your bedroom. You was awake, that was easy to tell from the desperate wriggling of your naked body, as I kept My finger on the button of the remote control for the anal plug. I could hear it buzzing happily away, tormenting your tightness with its vibrations, as I stood in the doorway & watched with a broad smile on My face for a few moments before I allowed it to stop.

There was a muffled gasp of relief, but the wriggling continued & I realized that My God-daughter was eager to go to the toilet. I moved closer & you became aware of My presence & your dark ringed eyes looked back at Me, mutely pleading to be released as I sat down on the bed next to you. I unbuckled the gag & you spat it out immediately, then tried to work some feeling back into your jaw muscles. "Bastard!" was the first word that came out that was recognizable followed by a whole stream of curses & epithets, which ended only when I slapped you sharply round your face.

"Not the most sensible approach when you're tied up & helpless, Krystal," I commented with a mocking smile. "Now would you like to go to the bathroom?" "Of course I would!" You spat out angrily, pulling on the cuffs that kept your hands tight behind your back." And to have these off too!" "Then you'll have to learn some manners & ask politely," I responded & then watched the struggle go on in your eyes between defiance & acceptance. Eventually you realized that you could do nothing but give in & so you asked, even remembering to add a please & I stroked your brown hair softly, as I considered whether you should be allowed to go. You asked again as I pondered & there was increasing desperation in your voice, as your wriggling increased, so I got up & popped downstairs & returned with a plastic bowl which I slid under you to your shock & horror.

"Let me go properly, Mr. Mike!" You cried out angrily & I smacked you hard & reminded you that you should be calling My Daddy & that naughty girls get punished. I gave you five more hard spanks, which colored your phat alabaster ass cheeks nicely while you stuck your head down into the pillows & sulked. Then I played with your anal prong, slipping it in & out a little way, stretching your tight asshole before I removed it altogether to your relief. Your dark tunnel gaped open for a while after being held open for so long & I looked deep into it & knew that I would be savoring the tightness of it around My huge bulging black cock before too much longer. I decided to reduce your agony a little more by removing the nipple clamps, although this caused you to writhe in torment, as the bl**d started to flow back into the rubbery pink flesh & you howled into the muffling pillows while I stroked your hair again, combing it out down your white back with My fingers, so it provided a beautiful contrast with its lustrous raven brownness.

I could sense your desperation as your body tensed & shivered as you tried to prevent yourself from having to use the bowl & I decided that now was the time to use your asshole, so I stood up & slipped off My clothes, then climbed on the bed behind you. You tried to crane your head round as you felt Me against your thighs & I could do nothing but smile at the look of horror on your face, as you saw My huge thick black cock-head bobbing above the sweet swell of your vulnerable asshole. I slipped closer & My glans rubbed against your bottom cheeks & you moaned in fear & buried your head back in the pillows as I pressed in until the head was lodged against your tight asshole. A muffled scream of no emerged into the pillow, as I watched your asshole spread ever so slowly around My huge black, throbbing helmet, as I held your buttocks apart with My hands & lowered My weight onto you. You groaned & writhed & cried, adding to My excitement, as My thickness slithered into your anal tube & I felt the tight walls spasm around Me, rippling beautifully as I buggered you slowly, sliding in deeper & deeper until My thighs rested on your buttocks.

After a few minutes, you began to cry, sobs racking your body as you shaved yourself by spurting out golden streams of urine into the bowl, as I pressed in & out of your tight asshole. The acrid smell permeated the air & proved strangely exciting along with the view of the liquid fountaining out of your quim lips & splashing into the plastic. I slipped in & out a little faster, feeling your sponginess clench against Me every time I entered you, rubbing against My huge shaft while your stream of pee continued to trickle down. I felt Myself reach the end & My world went dark & black as My seed shot out of My tiny slit & creamed up into your asshole, claiming you as My own as your sobs reached a new crescendo of shame & abasement. I withdrew dripping cum & watched the slimy substance spiral down onto your ass cheeks & thighs as I gathered My breath above you before I finally released you & gave you the freedom to move once again.

You lay there for a long time, refusing to look at Me. I sat on the bed beside you & for a few moments, I thought that I'd gone too far & then you turned your tear stained variable eyes to Me & a faint smile creased your face & I bent down & kissed you. You responded & our tongues entwined like a pair of serpents, tasting each other until we broke apart & I helped you up & e****ted you into the shower of your en-suite. I told you to sit down on the shower tray & I watched as you folded your thick legs & obediently waited while I went back into the bedroom. Your eyes widened with fear as I brought in the bowl & you cowered back as I held it over your head. "Please don't!" You whimpered pitifully, but I hardened My heart & tipped a little golden liquid over you & watched it run down your long tresses & drip down your face. "It should have been....please don't Daddy!" I remarked in mock anger & I tipped a little more, staining your white flesh of your 38DD breasts with your own waste, as your body shivered & shook. Slowly & carefully, I aimed the liquid, pouring it over your thighs & then down your back & finally telling you to kneel with your forehead pressed against the shower tray while I tipped the remnants over your phat white bottoms globes before I spanked them hard & made tiny droplets of golden pee fly off in all directions while you cried in shame.

After wards, I joined you in the shower & we soaped each other & I rubbed the lather into your soft young white skin & hugged you to Me, feeling your wet breasts squash delightfully against My chest while My huge erect black cock rubbed against your thighs & the little dark patch of hair between them. Tentatively, you reached out your exploratory fingers & grasped it, stroking up & down My huge shaft & peeling back the foreskin until the large glans popped out & gleamed as the hot water ran across it. You looked up at Me & I nodded & so you knelt down & began to use your delicious tongue on Me, sucking Me deep inside & then releasing Me while I stroked your hair gently. It was heaven as your sweet lips enclosed Me, drawing tight around My huge throbbing bulb, then breathing on it lightly as you opened your mouth again. You ran your tongue down My huge shaft & tickled My balls with the tip, making Me squirm a little with the shivery sensations that ran through My body. Then you returned to the tip of My huge cock & licked across the tiny slit, wriggling your tongue in the pee hole a little to My great delight as you looked up at Me with a saucy smirk. I smiled back & allowed you to continue, enjoying the lubricious feeling of your warm soft mouth & lips as you slowly & skillfully drew My sperm up until it flowed into your mouth in vast quantities as you sucked out My soul. You stood up smiling & showed Me the gooey mass of My sperm in your mouth, coating your tongue like white paint & I bent down & kissed you, tasting Myself on your as our lips & tongues met while the sweet warm rain of the shower fell unheeded on our bodies.

It was with clean bodies, but dirty minds that we greeted your mother when she returned from her trip abroad with her latest lover. It was just starting to get dark as we sat down in the lounge & I stifled a smirk at the thought that just a few hours earlier, I'd been shafting Krystal on the very sofa where I was ow perched as we sipped our mugs of tea. Laura lean forward & put her cup down on the coffee table, then cleared her throat nervously.

"Um, Krystal.... & Mr. Mike, as you are here, I've got something rather important to tell you. This weekend went really well with David & he has asked me to move in with him in France." "What?" Krystal stated angrily. "I don't want to go to France to live, mom. I finish my A levels shortly & then I want to go to the University. Anyway all my friends are over here!"

You sat back in your armchair in typically sulky teenager pose, pouting at your mother & folded your arms across your chest. "I understand that, Krystal & I won't go unless you're happy. I was actually thinking that Mr. Mike here could look after you for a few months until you've finished your exams...unless he has any objection?"

"I think I could put up with her for a bit," I remarked artlessly, trying to prevent a note of joy entering My voice at the prospect of having this young delightful girl under My roof & in My less than tender care. "That's if Krystal wants to come & stay with Me? I wouldn't want her to be f***ed into anything!" I added with a hint of sarcasm, which you instantly understood. You waited for a few moments, looking straight at Me with those variable eyes & I stared back, amused at the wait yet eager to know the answer. "I suppose so," you finally said ungraciously & I laughed inwardly at the reluctance, as I read the desire in those eyes & knew that My little God-daughter was going to come & stay with her wicked GodFather. Plans & thoughts buzzed round My mind & My smile grew wider & wider, as Laura babbled her thanks & started to make her own plans. None of which was anywhere near as exciting or interesting as Mine!

****** TO BE CONTINUED ******
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