Wet Nurse 2

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“The Wet Nurse 2”
Story By Jason K.S. Hauck

Zoë & Valerie had been “friends with benefits” for some time. Zoe, was the duo’s designated follower; &, Valerie, was the brains of the whole operation. They’d been thrown together in several group homes as adolescents and gotten each other through some serious sexual dry spells. Their initial relationship consisted of banging each other for its own sake, adventuring around town, stealing things to pawn for cash to purchase marijuana in high school, or running away to places spoken-of with innuendo that k**s like best.
Valerie was the first of the pair to get pregnant. She delivered twins to an absentee-father, a transient carnie worker. Valerie decided that, despite her long-term disappointment, she came away from it with the realization that she liked the effect it had on her body. She decided to use it to her advantage and enthusiastically welcomed Zoe’s renewed Sapphic interest.
We sat around talking, drinking beers and inhaling their second-hand reefer smoke the night I found out I’d impregnated Valerie. Surprised as hell that neither one of them were raging mad at the fact I’d broken my marriage vows in a modern disease-filled America. They simply got baked, shrugged and spent the evening groping and kissing me.
“Little boys will play.”
Zoe experienced her first compulsion to be knocked-up as Valerie’s carnie-worker fucked Valerie hard, deep and fast without protection one night. Zoe sat nearby to observe every slurping thrust while she played with herself until she came; and then, climbed down from her perch to eat Valerie with a religious fervor. Licking & finger-scooping the guy’s gluts of effluent away from Valerie’s cervix until she could reasonably think Valerie certainly escaped a fate worse than death. Valerie’s pregnancy had produced significantly bigger boobs, that Zoë frequently nursed on, when their noses, tongues and fingers weren’t buried in each other’s cunts.
Zoe saw Valerie’s male popularity, Valerie’s transformation over the duration of the next nine months; while feeling Valerie’s first-born wriggling around and kicking inside her. She was instantly hooked on being bred herself. She’d met me at a soup kitchen I volunteered at. She was shy herself & couldn’t see herself throwing herself aggressively at men like Valerie did, but, she said, my bashfulness extremely appealed to her.
We courted and she made it clear she wanted c***dren as soon as possible, taking me to department stores within weeks of the mutual decision to become exclusive. Going through nursing-bras at Eaton’s or The Bay; tugging up her tops from her jeans’ waistline to flash the provocative boulder-holders in various modes, cups hanging open or the whole thing almost off. Baby-doll night wear without panties and something rolled-up and shoved under the lower bodice to simulate a pregnancy in its third trimester.
Zoë had met me when Valerie was doing a stretch for some loser that had used her as a d**g mule. That is, Valerie’s fling hadn’t told her he’d loaded down her car with cocaine for his own road trip someplace to make the rent. Valerie casually borrowed the old beater in the middle of the night to go get munchies at a distant 24-Hour convenience store in a U.S./Mexico Border town. Valerie was living in one of those adobe-house villages whose denizens were often subject to harassment by both sides’ canine d**g-War units.
Valerie had come back to town to see Zoe after she’d been released from the Coke incident and needed a place to stay. Zoe had brought her tearfully up to speed on her condition that made another baby riskier than hell. Valerie was just drying-up and recovering from a prison guard impregnating her. They made love passionately, their friendship rekindled and Valerie realized that being an Auntie to our c***dren beat a cold bunk with a mat.
Valerie agreed to go through a last pregnancy in exchange for financial assistance with a tubal ligation from her friend & they went for lunch someplace discreet to map-out a likely way to set me up for seduction. Valerie had been stung with pin-hole cameras before so she knew where the police got their supply of spy tech & set herself up with Zoe’s help as the new nanny. She coached Zoe to convince me it was best to have anti-theft systems in the house with the baby coming. We’d need outside help, after all, from the scarcely qualified judges of character that ran our social and temporary employment agencies in town.
Valerie had made herself comfortable in our home over the ensuing few days, I worked to pay for it as Valerie personally waited on Zoe hand-&-foot. Sometimes going out of her way to specialize in giving my wife exotic massages according to slick designed covers on some VHS yoga tapes I noticed next to our Porn Collection. She adjusted our diets as she cooked the meals and scheduled appointments with Derek’s pediatrician or arranged for his first haircut. She had Derek in her arms one night as he nursed away contentedly and offered me her other breast.
I declined the sensuous offer; claiming my wife had enough for the four of us, though I had no idea whom else might decide to partake of such a bittersweet bounty. Zoe had no inhibition about breastfeeding me wherever she wanted, whenever she wanted. She’d be facing me, straddling me as I loved her all over the house…in the shower, on the floor in front of the fireplace in the living-room, on the pool table in the f****y Room left by the last people occupying our house. At those times, Valerie would have Derek at the mall, looking for jigsaw puzzles and stroking the kittens in the pet store window.
It was one of the quiet times, a summer storm sheeting the windows, making day into night that Valerie had chosen to seduce me. She’d been in a steep-cut nightie; one that let her push aside the U-neck and pop out her breasts at any time for her own enjoyment as well as nourishing me or calming a thunder-unsettled infant. She approached me with a summerberry tea & cinnamon stick and initiated a shoulder rub. I looked up from my seat and saw that she was baring her breast again, walking around from behind and getting close enough to sit on my lap. She was hand-milking her bulk, white bullets welling-up in the ducts and making themselves known through her silver dollar sized spigots.
I guess I hadn’t been paying any attention to whether or not my mouth was still open from my first mouthful of tea, but – suddenly - I found her breast squarely nested between my lips.
“Empty me, Jason. Take all you want, Honey.” I began gingerly suckling, teasing by flicking the ducts with my curled tongue. A small bowl of warm, wet, tantalizing affection, capturing the few rivulets she’d begged from her own flesh and swallowing greedily. I spent maybe five or ten minutes on & off each breast to prevent myself from making Valerie too sore to let my baby boy Derek take his rightful share.
She stood up, tucked her emptied breasts back in to her clothes and knelt between my legs, her fingers found me willing & eager already. She tossed off her nightie and pulled my jeans down my legs & over my shoes by the cuffs. Crooking her finger at me, she pulled cushions off the couch & laid down on them. I moved toward her, I was hypnotized by a breastfeeding woman whom - somehow - knew all the right things to do.
I wanted from her to keep me from thinking about anything else until it was all over. I was being spoiled rotten as I crouched between her now glistening lips. I ate her quickly, ravenously; pawing her fat udders, and breathing hard all over her inner thighs that opened wider than I’d ever seen before. My language deteriorated into vulgar orders as though Valerie were my whore. She pulled my hair to get me up to penetrating her sloppy wet hole all the way to the hilt as her hips arched up off the floor to gain more depth or a better angle.
“Yes! oh god! Jeezus! Shit!!! MMMMmmmm! Don’t pull out. Do it! Push it! Harder!” she cried. I just pumped for dear life until she decided to roll me over, her hand keeping me in & angled properly, she squatted down on me again & again. Then, just as I was about to cum, she pulled me out. She flipped over, face down, ass up, & asked me to take her from behind.
Her fingers of her right hand pushed her clit down to make contact with my fat knob surrounded by her left hand & she tensed, contractions milking the sensitive ridge under my knob and I EXPLODED into her. I flooded her & my brain saw stars as I nearly hyperventilated. She grabbed my ass, giving me a prostrate massage, and pulled me deep as she could get me without grafting me on as a Siamese-twin. We stayed there, panting, the floor damp with sweat & milk that gushed during her orgasm, pooling around her chest and neck, that slurped with a bit of surface-tension suction as she reached for a tampon inside a condom with a knot in it. I was too far-gone to know what she was doing, still stunned from coming harder than I had in years.

She worked a finger into her vagina to dilate her cervix open just a crack to wedge the tampon/condom into it as I went flaccid & fell out. She stayed that way for nearly an hour and a half. Still huffing & puffing, I nearly passed out from the day’s activities all hitting me at once. Val & I wiped each other off with soapy cloths, mopped the hardwood floor and erased any other near-obvious evidence of our night together. She went back to her quarters upstairs, leaving me where I lay with a peck on the cheek and a blanket over me on the couch, recovering in front of 1-900 Advertisements on television.
The next few days, my wife nursed me as usual & seemed a bit spunkier than usual. She’d walk around the house while Derek was asl**p, in provocatively tight candy apple-red cat suits with strategic cut-outs or nothing at all except a French maid’s apron. Then came the email with the “Wet_Nurse.mpg” attachment…..

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