You knew you'd blacked out last night & had no idea how you got to be in the warm bed. You got up & found that you were shackled to an eye in the floor by a single ankle, the length of chain allowing you to move freely around the room & even through one of the rooms doors to a nicely appointed bathroom completely different to the rooms you'd been in before. The chain stopped you just short of the window & the other room door, which presumably led into the rest of the cabin.

The door opened & Miranda entered holding some clothes & a small bag & set them down on the foot of the bed.

"Put these on, your leaving the ranch today. Master has something interesting planned for you!"

"Please no more! I don't want to do this anymore. I didn't mean for it to go this far. Please just take me home," you begged.

"You should have thought about that before you arranged to be a*****ed by someone you hadn't met before. Specifically requesting that you not be given a safe word just adds to it. Now shut up whining & get washed & dressed."

"You thought it would be fun, but this is just crazy...." You whimpered as Miranda turned & left.

You took a shower, gently massaging all the areas left sore or bruised from your ordeal so far & went to get dressed. There was no panties, just a short plaid skirt you knew would expose you as soon as you stood anything other than upright. There was also a small white tank top, the material of which was thin & meant the pink patch of your nipples were easily visible even more so as the material absorbed the water from your hair. The small bag contained some makeup, a little of which you applied quickly before sitting on the edge of the bed & fastening your hair back with a band you'd found in the bag.

It wasn't long before Miranda returned with a pair of cuffs, which she fastened around your wrists behind your back & led you outside where a topless jeep was parked in front of the cabin. Miranda walked you to the front where she bent you over the bonnet & lifted your skirt, "What are you doing? Please just take me home!" you begged again.

"Shut up whining before I'm f***ed to gag you!" came the reply as you heard & felt & heard her spit on your ass before she drove a large plug into you.

"You're gonna thank me for this preparation later. Now get in & shut up!" "But....." you stammered, only to be met with an evil glare.

The passenger door was open & you got in, the plug pressing hard on your bowels & the vibrations of the car, as Miranda pulled away, coursed through your body, once again triggering the wetness between your legs. As you sat there, you wondered what was in store, you'd never planned on this when you'd thought up the scenario & you so wished you hadn't refused a safe word. You thought it would be risky & fun, but now it was just plain scary as you had no idea what they had in store for you or how long they intended to keep you for our fun. You were at odds with yourself as your body reacted to the stimulation despite your worries & you soon found yourself shifting your weight around to try to increase the pleasurable sensations in your ass. Miranda noticed you wriggling & reached across grasping your knee & parting your legs before burying her fingers deep in your sopping pussy. You let your head drop back against the head rest & enjoyed the sensations, your own finger tips managing to edge the plug in & out of your ass. You began to moan quietly as Miranda ground the palm of her hand into your clit & massaged your G-spot with her fingertips, the sensations making your worries fade into the distance.

Just as you thought you would explode, Miranda removed her hand & swung the Jeep off the road into a side street behind some buildings. She pulled up at a faceless metal door & the feeling of dread came rushing back. The door opened & there I was, the black man from the first night, I walked around & opened your door in silence & taking your arm, I walked you inside the building.

"Please let me go, I've had enough now & I want to go home," you pleaded, I paid no attention.

Inside the building, you saw a corridor with several doors on either side & one at the end, you still pleading to be let go, I opened a door to one side & pushed you roughly through. Inside the room was nothing but a set of stocks & a red light. You had started to cry now as you begged, but I fastened you into the stocks quickly, so your back was to the door. Still not having said a word in response to your pleas, I finally broke My silence.

"You asked to be taken & used, a*****ed without a safe word to halt proceedings & now you grovel for release. This is the first time you've truly felt the effect of your actions, but this feeling of helplessness & fear is what you wanted!"

"Please let me go, I can't take this anymore, I want to go home, I want out!"

"You can beg all you want, it makes no difference & here the visitors won't care what you say either. Your begging & tears will only urge them on & push them harder. You'll be locked in here to be used by the guests to a party I'm holding. Each of the doors you saw on the way in leads to a room with a sub I'm providing for their enjoyment in one way or another. You'll be their toy for as long or short as they want & to use you in any way they wish. I'm not completely without care, so there's a camera in the corner of the room to ensure you come to no permanent harm & add to the record of your time with us."

Please...." was all you could muster as I disappeared from your view, as I went to leave the room.

Sobbing, you stood there & waited, terrified of what was going to happen to you, the faint sound of music started up & you began to hear voices in the corridor & the sound of doors opening & closing. You started to shake in anticipation of the door to your room opening, a dread you'd never felt before gripping your stomach. Suddenly, you heard voices right out side the door & the sound of the handle made you wrestle against the stocks in a vain effort to get free.

"Why all the struggling Bitch?" Came a deep voice from behind you.

"Leave me alone! I don't want to be here!" You screamed as you struggled.

"My isn't she a feisty one," came a second voice. "She's as hot as the boss describe though. I'm gonna enjoy having fun with this one!"

"Please don't, just leave me alone," you sobbed.

Feeling the hands of one of the men grip your hips, you tried to kick out ineffectively until the other man grabbed your ankles.

"Go & get a rope or this bitch is gonna hurt someone. Get something to teach her a lesson with as well whilst you're there," the man said holding your ankles.

"I'll behave, please just get on with it. I don't need to be punished & I don't want to be tied up anymore than this," you said, quickly realizing what you'd done.

"Too late for that now, you stupid bitch, we're gonna teach you what happens if you try to resist & I'm pretty sure you won't forget it!"

Moments later, the other man returned & you could see a rope passed around your ankles & sinched to make a tight binding. The man moved out of sight & you heard the swish of a cane in the air before you felt its excruciating bite in your soft white flesh of your phat ass.

"Count bitch," the man said, as the cane again struck your soft white flesh.

Tears streaming down your face, you began to count, screaming every time the cane struck its thin line of searing pain across your pale white skin. The blows came down on your phat ass, the backs of your legs & up onto your belly. When you reached 20, you felt the mans hands run over your skin, making the stripes prickle his gentle touch soothing in comparison to the bite of the cane.

You heard the door open again, "Gent's don't forget your on camera! I don't want her marked to much or unusable by anyone else. There are a lot of people here today & it seems everyone likes the sound of My new toy." Came My voice.

"She needed teaching a lesson Master Mike."

"I don't doubt it, just don't leave any permanent marks or you'll be answering to Me," came My stern reply before the door shut.

"Well Missy, looks like someone is keeping an eyes on you, but I think you've learn your lesson. I don't think you're going to raise any objections to the rest of the proceedings, are you?" One of the men said, moving around in front of you. You just sobbed until the man grabbed your hair & pulled your face up to meet his.

"Are you!!!" he snapped at you viciously.

"No," you whimpered, your puffy eyes filled with tears.

Still holding your hair, the man unzipped his fly & brought out his semi hard cock, pushing it into your mouth. Un-erect it wasn't very large & he pushed into your mouth until he was grinding your nose against his stomach. He was very much a sadist & you could tell he got off on your discomfort, his cock quickly growing in your mouth until it made you gag hard. he started to fuck your throat, you wrenching driving him on. The other man had started to fuck you roughly, grunting like an a****l with each stroke jarring your shoulders on the stocks. The man at your head drove deep into your throat & grunted as he emptied his load making you groan as you gagged & unable to swallow, spilling most of his seed down your chin, it mingling with the saliva that had been f***ed from you. The man's grunting turned to a groan behind you as you felt him pull out & cover you with cum letting it run down the crack of your ass.

"I think we've had enough fun for now," said the man at your head as he did up his fly.

"I'll get one of the other girls to come & clean you up."

The door clicked shut & you were once again alone. You were thankful they were gone & still sobbing resolved to try not to displease anyone else as the cane had been left on the floor beside you.

"Who's there?" You snapped, jolting against the stocks as you heard the door open again.

"We're here to get you cleaned up, but we intend to have a little fun at the same time," came a woman's voice.

Two women appeared in front of you, the one you assumed had spoken was wearing a black rubber cinch, her full breasts exposed, but nipples covered with crosses of tape. Her shoes lead into rubber stockings stopping only a couple inches below her clean shaved sex. You flinched when you saw that she held a riding crop in one hand, the other holding the end of a leash attached to a deep collar around the neck of a naked woman, who's eyes were cast towards the floor.

"This sub is in full time training here," said the woman. "Her duty today will be to clean you after each time you're used along with any other activities your users deem appropriate."

With a quick flick of the crop, the sub fell to her knees in front of you & began to lick the cum & spit from your face, swallowing down the sticky liquid without question before kissing you deeply on your mouth. The sub pulled back as the crop cracked across her ass.

"You aren't here to have fun, your here for a job, now get on with it!" Snapped the woman as the sub moved around behind you.

The man's cum had dribbled down your ass & between your legs & you felt the tongue first touch just above your knee moving slowly up the inside of your leg. The gentle touch was divine & Krystal shut your eyes reveling in the sensations, the tongue continued on its path as it brushed over your outer lips before circling the base of the plug still lodged firmly in your asshole. The tongue began to lap at the area at the base of your back, as you felt the plug gently tugged, stimulating you softly, making you moan before with one smooth movement it was fully removed. The tongue began to move back down, circling your asshole, gently cleaning all of the mans seed from your body. You began to push back against her tongue, the gentle caress being a pleasant change from your rough treatment so far.

"You like my subs tongue, I see." The woman's voice breaking the silence. "If you wish for her to pleasure you, you'll have to earn it. I think if you want her to afford you, the pleasure of her tongue, it is only right that you offer her the same" & with a flick of the crop, the sub moved in front of you, bent over & parted her cheeks.

This was another new experience for Krystal & you gingerly touched her puckered asshole with your tongue, unsure of how it would taste or feel. You felt the sting of the riding crop on your back, as the woman berated you for your timid approach & realizing once again you had no choice. You swirled your tongue around her asshole, tickling it with the tip of your tongue before lapping at her & pushing into her tight asshole. You could hear the subs breathing quicken & the thought of the effect you were having excited you, driving you on.

"Please Mistress, may I play with myself & cum, she's very good with her tongue & I don't think I can stop myself? Came the subs timid voice.

"If you do, you'll have to do the same for Krystal, as she won't be able to reach when it is her turn. You'll also have to pay penance for your masturbation later as well." Came the response & it shocked you that this woman knew your name.

"I will Mistress, thank you so much," with which she reached between her legs & started to massage her clit, whilst edging back onto your tongue. She began to moan deeply & the pace of her fingers quickened, her leg muscles began to spasm as she pushed back hard onto your face, suffocating you as your head pressed against the stocks. She let out a deep groan & sank to her knees as her legs gave way.

"Now you have to return the flavor," the Mistress said, "but as penance for being a filthy slut, I'll punish you for as long as it takes you to please our friend."

She tugged the subs leash, moving her around behind you where you felt her tongue quickly return to caressing your tight asshole. Fingers nimbly moved over your clit & glided gently inside your pussy, which was soaking from the attention it was receiving. There was a loud crack that made you flinch, as the sub jolted between your legs. You looked down seeing that the cane had gone & knew that the Mistress was using it on the sub, as she in turn was working on you. The sub continued to tease you with her tongue, her fingers working your G-spot, barely flinching all the while the swish & crack of the cane continued, only jolting with particularly vicious sounding strokes. Your breathing was quickening as you began to moan quietly, the familiar feeling of your orgasm building between your legs. The sub's tongue pushed into your asshole as her other hand moved to her clit, pushing you over the edge, your pussy & asshole clamping down on their intruders, muscles pulsing, your legs buckled, your body caught & supported by the Mistress who helped you regain your footing.

The sub was brought in front of you once again & you could see the red welts criss crossing her pale white skin. She was made to assume a submissive crouching position against the wall & a chain was padlocked to her collar, ensuring she also couldn't leave the room.

The Mistress turned & left, leaving you two unable to free each other from your prison, restrained for the entertainment of who ever came along. Krystal began to sob again, knowing that your ordeal was far from over, all the while the sub in front of you saying nothing.

Just then the door clicked open again....

****** TO BE CONTINUED ******
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