Krystall jolted awake with a start as you muscles tensed & a searing pain shot through your buttock. You spun around to see a man you hadn't seen before with an electric prod in his hand standing over you wearing just a pair of jeans & screamed.

"No point screamin, Krystall, no one for miles around cept for us who are gonna be havin' fun with you!" Came the big mans deep southern drawl as he jabbed you again with the prod. "You play nice now or it's gonna get a lot worse!"

You froze, although you found you couldn't stop yourself shaking & watched the man move across the room & gather up some items he'd brought in with him. He opened the lid of the cage & took hold of your hair roughly, moving your head to where he had easy access to it before placing a ball gag in your mouth & a harness over your head that held the gag firmly in place whilst squashing your nose. You whined into the gag, but to no avail. The man began to roughly tug at your nipples, still sore from the day before, they hardened rapidly & were soon clamped once again. The clamps were little crocodile clamps, the teeth of which bit into your tender white skin & tears filled your eyes. Seeing this, the man turned you to face him roughly by your hair & licked your cheek, tasting your tears.

"Mmmm, there will be plenty more of them before the day's out Krystall. You'd better start to suck it up!"

The man took hold of your bonds & lifted you clear of the cage before releasing your bonds, holding your wrists to your ankles & straightening you out, rubbing life back into your aching limbs.

"Today, we're going to have a party & your the entertainment. You'll be used & abused as our guests wish whilst we have a few drinks & eat & then later you'll be the floor show."

You shook your head violently in objection, but you knew it was pointless, you'd initiated this & benn the one insisting that you didn't have a safe word. You hadn't expected to be dragged away from your apartment & used as a plaything for anyone who cared for an entire weekend.

Your hands were released only to be looped into a set of rope handcuffs & your arms bent up above your head & the rope fastened around your waist, left forming a lead in front of you. Shackles were placed on your ankles & the rope binding them untied before the man jabbed you once again with the prod & told you to leave the room & head out of the cabin.

As you blinked in the light, you saw they were way out in the country by one of the big lakes, the location was beautiful & you would have liked staying there had it not been for your current predicament. You could smell Barbecue smoke & as we rounded the corner of the cabin, you saw the small crowd of guests, half a dozen men or so grouped around a barbecue & picnic tables with a number of women milling between them all in various states of undress & restraint. You saw a women with a high blond ponytail & shibari body bonds moving between the men serving drinks & thought that she must be Miranda from the night before.

As we moved over to the group, guided by more prods from the shocker, Miranda was called forward & after some whispered instructions, your rope lead was passed over & Miranda led you to the central picnic table, which was different to the others, in that, it had a padded top & rings at various points all over it.

"Bend over!" Miranda said, as you got a shove from behind making you lose your balance slightly & topple forward onto the bench hard. The blow of landing on the table without being able to put out your hands winded you & your weight crushing down on the clamps, sent a searing pain through your 38DD breasts. The rope lead was fastened around the bench holding you down, although with your arms fastened behind your head, you wasn't sure if you would be able to stand unaided anyway. Whilst crouched under the table, Miranda released some catches & a section of the table below. Your breasts were removed, releasing the pressure on your nipples & letting your full breasts hang in the cool lake breeze. You could feel Miranda manipulating your breasts, although you had no idea what she was doing, although you knew it was guaranteed that it wouldn't be nice, whatever it was. Miranda moved behind you once more & gave you a sharp slap on your phat ass, making you jolt against your bonds showing you were securely fastened before Miranda moved on.

You felt your pussy lips being tugged & stretched before clamps were applied & tugged roughly out to the side, spreading you & letting the cool air stimulate your pussy, which despite your fear & discomfort was getting hotter & wetter by the minute. You could feel the tethers attached to the clamps across the back of your thighs & could ease the pressure on your pussy by shifting your weight forward, crushing your legs into the bench. Miranda worked methodically around the bench, not saying a word & out of your line of vision, so it took your breath away when a great splurge of cold lube was deposited on your phat ass. You felt something cold follow it & press against your tight asshole, which gave way easily after its abuse the night before. You hadn't a clue what had been put in you, but you could feel it resting on your back before Miranda retched your head back & somehow fixed it to the back of your head, meaning if you didn't keep your head back, the object drove deep into you. Miranda came in front of you & gave you a wink before standing & walking away.

You were left restrained, uncomfortable, but hugely aroused whilst you could here the noise of the party behind you. Occasionally, you could here one of the other women give out a playful squeal, but when you tried to turn your head to see, your phat ass was invaded further by the hook. Your neck hurt & every so often you would have to relax your neck muscles & let the hook invade you. As you began to grow accustomed to the feeling, you started to rock your head back & forth gently fucking your ass, your movements giving little tugs to the clamps on your pussy lips. You could feel your pleasure building & had forgotten what was going on behind you until a movement caught the corner of your eye, where you spotted Me from the night before, snapping pictures of you fucking yourself.

You continued as I took pictures as you became aware that the noise from the party had died down & that everyone was watching you. As your climax grew inside you, you felt hot breath on your pussy before your clit was sucked into a warm mouth & stretched away from you before it popped from their lips & was replaced by a lapping tongue. You saw the petite high heeled feet of the woman licking you, slide under the table as she sat on the ground & licked & fingered your saturated pussy. The woman's fingers withdrew & you groaned into the ball gag as a cock replaced them in one long thrust. The man began to fuck you hard, each stroke tugging hard on the clamps at your pussy, sending jolts of pain through your body & denying your orgasm. The thrusts rocked your body, making it difficult to keep your head from fucking your asshole harder & harder as the man buried his manhood in you faster & faster.

"Remember that you're not to cum until permitted, Bitch!" Came a familiar voice from the night before. "If you're seen to be having trouble controlling yourself, Miranda will be on hand to ensure you hold on," & with that, you saw Miranda appear before you with a box in her hands, wires from which lead under the table.

The man fucking you groaned loudly & emptied his load into your sopping pussy before withdrawing & the feeling of the tongue that had been on your clit all this time burying itself in you, hungrily licking & slurping the man's seed from you & cleaning you ready for the next man.

Another cock plunged home, longer & thinner than the first & you could feel it thumping into your womb. The licking & fucking were stimulating you to the extent that the discomfort was forgotten & you began to feel your climax build once again. You began to let your head rock with the thrusts fucking your asshole, imagining that 2 men were invading you, building a steady rhythm. As you neared the edge, a searing pain shot through your nipples, making your closed eyes snap wide open to see Miranda with a wicked grin on her face, turning a dial on the box she held. With the flick of a switch, the pain was gone, but you were back in the reality of your situation, uncomfortable & being used.

The routine carried on, each man fucking you in turn with the woman between your legs cleaning the cum from you before the next cock invaded you. You tried to hold back as much as you could to avoid Miranda's cruel electric shocks coursing through your nipples, but the stimulation was too intense & the shocks came more & more frequently. You had been begging to be allowed to cum, since the first shocks had seared through your nipples, but now with the last man dumping his load inside you, you heard Me, who'd k**napped you, voice through the fog in your head give permission & you came, your juices flowing over the face of the woman slurping the cum from you.

The men set about adjusting your bonds, removing the hook from your asshole & the gag from your mouth. Following your orgasm, your body was limp & you made no effort to struggle as they flipped you onto your back & let your head drop over the edge of the table. They bound your legs, bent at the knees & restrained the ends of the rope to the middle of the table, forcing your legs back, exposing your pussy & ass at the other end of the table. They bound your breasts & strapped you down to the table with the loose ends forcing them out in front of you, the restricted bl**d supply turning them gradually purple.

The adjustments had given the men time to recover & before you were completely aware of what was happening, they had formed short lines at either end of you. The first man stepped forward between your legs & thrust his hard cock deep into your ass, as Miranda fired bolts of electricity through your nipples once again making you cry out in pain. The first man at your head stepped forward & gripping your hair roughly turned your head & thrust his cock into your mouth, making you gag as it hit the back of your throat & starting you begging for them to stop. Miranda fired more volts through your nipples as the man in charge stepped forward & told you to suck & if the men weren't satisfied, you would be punished by Miranda's actions. The other women at the camp were goading, the men on to abuse you in every way as well as walking up & slapping your breasts & phat ass as the men used your open holes. The onslaught was immense with Miranda shocking you to keep your attention on sucking the cock in your mouth & having had your hands freed wanking the men hard who would taking the place of those fucking you. You begged to be released whenever your mouth wasn't full & your pleas for the men to go easy on your sore asshole & pussy went unheard as the men pounded so hard that the bench rocked & moved.

You hated your situation, but despite yourself, your body was responding to its rough treatment & the other women began inflicting more pain to hold back your orgasm, as you began to revel in your abuse & instead of complain, beg for permission to cum & urge the men on. The women around were also aroused by your vocal outbursts & added their own goading to the men.

I hadn't used you so far, but I came to the front of the que as the man fucking you filled your pussy with yet more cum. Moving forward, I took My huge black cock in My hand & rubbed its engorged head over your clit & dipping the tip just inside before withdrawing & rubbing again. The man at your head emptied his load into your throat as you swallowed hungrily before snapping your head around to face the man between your legs.

"Krystall, it's time for you to repay Miranda for her services! After you've satisfied her, you can cum when you wish." With which, I plunged My huge black cock into your asshole. My deep stroke took your breathe away as I was the biggest man there & having not released so far, My engorged black cock was at its finest. You dropped your head back over the edge of the table to see Miranda step forward & push her pussy onto your mouth. You tried to turn your head away as you hadn't never been with a woman before & hadn't intended to either, but another zap to your nipples told you, you had no choice in the matter. Miranda was clean shaved & you could see her lips glisten with her juices as she parted her lips for you to get better access. You gingerly licked her clit at first before beginning to lap with longer & longer strokes. My huge black cock in your ass was bringing your orgasm closer & terrified of what punishment would befall if you came before Miranda. You picked up your pace, using all the techniques you knew you enjoyed receiving. Miranda began to moan softly & you took this as a good moment to bring your hand up & slip first one, then 2 fingers inside her.

As your fingers worked back & forth, Miranda pushed down against you, urging you on, but you were struggling to concentrate your own climax building inside you. You couldn't believe how long I fucked your asshole had lasted as your orgasm was so close & you desperately needed more time. In one last effort to make Miranda cum before you, you reached around & began to circle her ass gently applying more & more pressure until your finger popped inside her tight muscle. Miranda let out a deep groan & as you felt the muscles of her pussy & ass contract sharply at which point you let go as well, your ass muscles clamping down on My huge black cock. This was obviously all I needed as I unloaded into your sloppy bowels before withdrawing & letting you feel My seed flow from you.

You were exhausted & sore, but satisfied & was glad that the part seemed to have shifted focus from you to 2 of the other women who had got over excited & started to have a little fun of their own.

I was left with you & after I untied you & massaged the life back into your limbs, I took you to the cabin where I showed you into a room containing nothing but a bed & a shower.

"I'll be locking you in here for now, but get cleaned up & some rest, as you'll be the center piece of this evenings entertainment with the other women."

With the click of the lock, you were alone to prepare for whatever lie in store....

****** TO BE CONTINUED ******
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2 years ago
I think Krystall is finally realizing the predicament she's in, but I really likes it!!!
4 years ago
you are a naughty lil'lady krystal