Krystall had been bouncing around in the trunk for what felt like forever & you were sure we'd traveled out of the city & even beyond the suburbs. Your arms & legs ached in their bonds & your engorged pink nipples & clit were hypersensitive to every jolt in the suction cups. They had such an effect that on a particularly rough section of road, you couldn't help but orgasm even in your discomfort, your moans being heard by Me in the passenger compartment of My car.

The car moved onto gravel & began to travel much slower until after a few minutes we came to a halt & you heard the trunk lid pop open above you. You wanted to scream for help, but your gag made it impossible & you knew instinctively that we were miles from anywhere, so there wouldn't be anyone around to hear you.

You were sure more than 2 hands took hold of the sack that had confined you during the trip & you froze in terror. This was far more than you'd bargained for & you regretted having insisted that there be no safe word & no way out. There were at least 2 of them now & you had no idea where you were, only that you would be kept as their sex toy for the next 3 days & used at their whim. They carried you inside, although when the sack was untied, you saw only your original black assailant in the room. The room was a timber cabin with all sorts of restraining points in the ceiling walls & floor along with huge pieces of play furniture dotted around. I lifted you to your feet & adjusted your bonds, removing some of the ropes, allowing you to totter across to a St. Andrews cross where a wide leather belt was placed around your waist holding you tight whilst first your wrists & then your ankles were fixed in place. Once I'd finished, I stepped away & tugged a big sheet that was covering something in front of you. As the sheet dropped, it revealed an old full height mirror, the sliver of which was flaking in places, but it showed your body clearly & would give you an uninterrupted view of what was being done. You could see the suction tubes & the way your white flesh was stretched into them.

Standing behind you, My hand reached around & gently tugged the tubes attached to your pink nipples making you moan into the gag. I removed one, then the other before gently massaging your pink nipples, which protruded a good 3/4 of an inch from your breasts & had become super sensitive, every touch sending a shudder through your body. You couldn't believe what they looked like & the site of your used body was turning you on in a way you hadn't expected. As I began tugging & teasing the tube on your clit, you began a muffled pleading through the gag for it to be released, so you could see the effect the tube had on you. When I released the pressure, another rush went through your body & your eyes were left transfixed by the sight of your clit, which protruded red & swollen from the cover of your labia. It to was super sensitive & when I gently caressed the area with a large soft feather, it sent shivers through you & edged you once again towards orgasm.

The tickling feather stopped just before you could release & I disappeared from view, leaving you restrained & wanting, wondering if you'd imagined the second set of hands you thought had helped lift you from the trunk of the car & now hoping that you hadn't imagined it. You got your answer when I returned leading someone on a leash, crawling into the room, who was dress head to toe in black latex. Her face covered except for small aperture's for eyes, nose & mouth. You judged by the ponytail sprouting from the back of the mask & the body shape it was a woman. You wasn't convinced this small framed woman was the one who had lifted you, but you now knew there were definitely more than one person there & that the stay was going to get very interesting.

My sub was ordered in front of you & told to tease your clit, as she had been taught. Instantly, her tongue fell onto your engorged clit & she began to lap gently at it hungrily. The intense sensation on your engorged clit had your juices flowing immediately & when latex wrapped fingers penetrated you, you began to pant hard. The sensations being so different to anything you felt before & at a level of intensity you couldn't have believed possible. My sub worked a third finger into you & once it was well lubed, slid it back between your phat ass cheeks & with one smooth movement, pushed it deep into your asshole. This pushed you over the edge, making your body tense against your bonds, as My sub continued forcing wave after wave of pleasure from your body.

As Krystall calmed, I tugged at My subs leash & she returned to My side, crawling all the time. I then walked forward & began to adjust your restraints turning you around & reattaching you to the cross. For the first time since we'd arrived, I spoke to you.

"Whilst here, you'll only orgasm when permitted to, which on your performance so far will probably be very difficult, you filthy white slut. Training will begin immediately & you'd better learn quickly or your punishment will be swift & harsh."

I returned to My sub & had her stand & walk to where you could see her, Krystall's eyes instantly falling on the huge strap-on attached to her outfit, which you couldn't take your eyes off.

"This is Miranda, the last girl who volunteered to explore a fantasy with Me & who is now a dedicated sub of Mine. I can see you're taken by her outfit, at least one part of ti & I assure you that you'll find out just how big it is soon enough!"

I whispered something in Miranda's ear & she scurried away out of your sight only for you to feel her slide a dildo into your pussy, followed by an pressure lifting you slightly & a thick dowel being put into the cross, forcing the dildo home & making you stand on your toes to relieve the pressure on your pussy & clit. I approached & removed your gag.

"I'll remove this so I can hear you beg Me for release. You'll be punished if you cum without My permission & you're to call Me 'Master Mike' whenever you address Me, do you understand, White Bitch?"

"Yes," you said without thinking.

In an instant, you felt the sting of a flogger across your phat white ass.

"I repeat, do you understand, Bitch?"

"Yes Sir," you whimpered, biting your lip, you phat white ass stinging.

"You seem to learn quickly enough," I chuckled & held up a small black remote control.

"This controls the vibrator in your pussy. I'll be sitting in My chair across the room & using this to stimulate you to orgasm, which of course, you're not permitted to do without My say so. You can ask Miranda to help you hold back though in any way you wish!"

As I turned & headed to My chair in front of you, the vibrator sprang to life, pulsing waves of stimulation through you. The vibrations transmitted into the wooden dowel as well & your sensitive clit could feel the pulses driving you on. Krystall lifted onto your tiptoes to reduce the vibrations passing through your clit, although you couldn't stand that way for long & had to take breaks, which drove the vibrations through you hard. I stepped up the vibrations & made a gesture with My other hand, signaling to Miranda to add to your torment. You felt hands slide around your middle gently caressing your white skin & breasts, running around to your back & down over your phat ass, a finger occasionally teasing your pink puckered asshole. You were finding it hard to hold back & little moans escaped your lips, which seemed to urge Miranda on to f***e you to orgasm against both you & My will.

"Please can I cum Sir," you begged, as Miranda held your hips & pushed you down onto the dowel rod.

"No. You must hold on, although I'll have Miranda help you," came My answer, as I once again made a gesture.

You were aware that Miranda was moving around behind you & screamed when she returned placing weighted Japanese clamps on your swollen pink nipples. The pain was excruciating & brought you sharply back into control. Miranda's hands returned to moving around Krystall's body, alternating between pleasure & pain, drawing out your need to orgasm & ensuring when release finally came, it would be the most powerful you'd ever experienced. I continued to up the speed of the vibrations inside you & making gestures to My sub for little instructions. Miranda had moved to fully fingering your phat ass & tugging on the nipple clamps when ever she felt the orgasm draw close. You were swimming & you were lost in the sensations unable to focus or think of anything but what was happening to your body, you begged & pleaded continuously for release, fighting to focus your vision on Me sitting at the other side of the room. Another flick of My hand & you screamed as you felt the head of the strap-on at your tight asshole before it was driven home mercilessly. Miranda was viscous as she fucked you, pulling your hair back & driving home with long fast strokes.

"Oh God, Please let me cum Sir, I can't take it anymore!" you begged & to your relief, I let you.

Wave after wave racked your body, all your muscles straining against your restrains & when you had control, you ground onto the dowel & pushed back against Miranda's thrusts.

You hung limply in your bonds, exhausted after your ordeal & Miranda supported you as your bonds were removed & you were walked through a door into an adjacent room, which was bare except for a cage about 4 feet square in the middle of the floor. You had no energy to struggle & just sobbed quietly as your wrists & ankles were rebound, leaving you hogtied before you were placed in the cage & the lid closed securely.

"I'm going to rest, so you'll stay there until we want to use you again. You'll have to return the affection My sub has shown you tomorrow & I'm expecting some friends of Mine, who have said they would like to meet you," I said, before turning & walking out the room & leaving you sobbing yourself to sl**p with the thoughts of what would happen tomorrow.....

****** TO BE CONTINUED ******
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2 years ago
This is getting better and better!!!It makes you think about what you wish for!!!
4 years ago
very interesing lil'lady