Krystall had been in contact with Me for a while chatting about fantasy's & experience, which I'd used as inspiration for short stories & photo sets, which I sent you & we had built up a great deal of trust even though we'd never met. When you admitted to your darkest fantasy, things had taken an interesting turn though.

You'd always wanted to be taken by f***e by an unknown assailant who would use you as he wished with you having no safe word, no way out. It had shocked you when I'd asked if you'd ever thought of turning it into reality. The twinge of excitement you felt had signaled you had to give it a go & see where it led, so agreed to giving it a whirl. We lived quiet close to each other even though we hadn't met & so organizing the event should be easy. I'd asked for a timetable of your typical week, as well as a key to your apartment, so as you wouldn't know if you would be snatched off the street or taken in your own apartment. The thrill of it being able to happen at any time & even in the place you should feel safest was the biggest thrill of all.

We agreed that we would break contact until the day it happened, so as to avoid any hint of a time & place being passed, although you were sure that you'd felt someone following you on several occasions after work & from the gym, although nothing had happened & you were unsure if it now ever would, as 3 weeks had passed.

You'd stirred in your sl**p & woke with a startle when you realized you couldn't roll over. Your first reaction was to scream, but before you made it, you felt a rag f***ed in your mouth & as you tried to spit it out, you felt a wide piece of tape placed across your lips. You struggled, but I now sat astride your body, pinning you to your bed, My hands on your shoulders. You tried to bring your legs up to strike Me from behind, but it felt like your ankles had been attached to a large weight as although you could move them it took a great amount of effort. I rolled you onto your front & re-cuffed your wrists above your head though the bed rails. Fixed to the bed, stretched out, you could hear Me move around the room in the dark & as your eyes gradually adjusted, you saw Me loom over you before I took hold of your head & put ear plugs in your ears before placing a cloth bag over your head & fastening it around your neck.

This was getting scarier than you'd anticipated & you tried to scream again, but only managed to make your eyes stream & nose run, whilst producing little more than a muffled whimper. You felt your T-shirt you were sl**ping in lifted & cut away from your body before the same happened to your panties. Your heart was pounding as you knew it was Me, but you had no idea of what I had in mind or if you could take what was coming, weather you liked it or not.

The next touch came at your ankles, where you felt another set of cuffs placed along side the ones already in place. When the second one was in place, the cuffs seemed to pull your ankles across each other straining against the first set of cuffs. Your body twisted awkwardly as the original cuffs were removed & you realized that the new cuffs were linked with bungee cord, allowing Me to turn you over & spread your legs in one motion without having you unrestrained at anytime. You felt My hands roughly grab you & flip your upper body so you were on your back, your legs pulled wide apart & being pulled wider all the time by the tension of the cords.

You felt Me pull roughly at your nipples, which had hardened as soon as they were exposed to the cool air. I pulled your 38DD breasts high off your chest before releasing your nipples & letting your breasts drop to your chest, drawing out your nipples further still. You felt the bite of the clamps & squealed into your gag, the squeal turned to a guttural growl, as the clamps grew tighter & tighter, feeling like they were biting into your skin. A searing pain shot through your nipples as the clamps received a final flick & then were left alone.

A flash of light made it through the bag followed by another.... I was taking pictures of you like this exposed & at My mercy. It made you mad as you'd never said I could, but that was the whole point, you were at My mercy & I could do whatever I wanted. At least you would be able to have a record of the event for you to relive, although I doubted that you would be forgetting this in a hurry.

A sudden blow between your legs snapped your attention back to your predicament followed by another & another, then the blows moved down your thighs, the strokes alternating between legs, you feeling the heat build all the time. When the blows reached your knees, they stopped & you felt the soft caress of fur over the area soothing the sting before it began again, this time moving up your body growing ever closer to your clamped nipples. Just as you thought the next blow would strike them, I stopped & the soothing fur returned. This continued over & over again, up & down your body, the alternating blows & soft caress adding to the heady mix of endorphins & adrenaline coursing through your veins.

After wards, it felt like forever, your skin on fire, you felt My fingers run down the front of your clean shaven pussy before being roughly thrust inside you. Two fingers at first, but soon three, your pussy was saturated & My fingers slid to & fro with ease. The sensations started to bring on your climax & as I rhythmically thrust deep into you, your body tensed against your bonds as your muscles spasmed & you came, groaning deeply into your gag. My thrusts slowed as you calmed down, but never stopped, keeping you at the edge before sliding in another finger. You had a large dildo you'd bought yourself, but having all four fingers inside you stretched you further than ever before. The rhythmic movement of My hand continued, My fingers parting every now & again, stretching your further & further until you realized what I was doing. You realized I was working up to getting My fist inside you just as you felt My thumb at your entrance. You couldn't take it, you were sure of that & began to thrash out at your bonds. This just resulted in Me resting My weight across your abdomen to pin you in place while slowly pushing home My fist. The pain was intense at first & you knew that you couldn't stop Me, you could only try to relax & let Me in. As My knuckles passed & My fist slid home, you found it easier to relax the full feeling in gave you sending you to the edge once again & when I started to pulse My fist, you once again orgasm-ed hard, every muscle in your body tensing. As the waves of pleasure raced through your body, over & over again, I began to rub your clit vigorously making each successive orgasm more f***eful than the last until you felt a sensation you hadn't experienced before & suddenly you realized I was making you squirt. Your juices were flowing everywhere & you could feel the stream landing on your legs all the way down to your knees & the feeling was incredible. The stimulation of your clit ended with your flow & I gently removed My fist, the muscle memory of your orgasms kept your body twitching slightly whilst the fur's caress returned to calm you.

Once the twitching of your muscles had subsided, I must have decided that you were ready to go again, as you felt your feet once again being re-shackled & you being flipped onto your front. As your weight fell on the clamps, your numb nipples sprung back to life & a searing pain shot through them as your weight pressed them into the softness of your large breasts. You felt My fingers at your pussy once again, as I slid them in & out, your juices still saturating you & lubing My fingers for which you were grateful when you felt them move up & roughly enter your tight asshole. My two fingers gradually built a steady rhythm & increase in f***e, thrusting deep into you, jolting your body forward & applying yet more pressure to your excruciation nipples. My other hand found your pussy & started to toy with your labia & engorged clit, gently tugging on them in time with My thrusts. My fingers were withdrawn & you felt something cold around your clit, then a sucking sensation as your clit was drawn into what you took to be a suction tube. This was another new experience & you were surprised that you enjoyed the feeling as much as you did with it being something you hadn't considered trying before. My fingers returned to your asshole & the suction on your clit was increased & decreased while you could feel yourself being stretched down the small tube. Once again, you were aware of the camera flashes through the hood as you lay exposed as My play thang.

A large vibrator entered your pussy & you realized it was a rabbit type when the vibrations from the ears jolted through the tub & gave the most intense sensation you could have imagined making your orgasm almost instantly. As the dildo swirled inside you, you felt Me lift your waist & place cushions under your waist, lifting your phat ass into the air & putting more weight onto your tortured nipples. You felt My hands reaching under your chest & removing the clamps for which you were grateful & although you screamed & thought you would pass out from the initial pain, the sensations in your pussy & My gentle massage of the bl**d flow helped this subside quickly. After each had been massaged back to life, you felt more tubes & suction being applied to your nipples, engorging them once again, as you writhed around trying to stop the arduous torture. It felt like they had been stretched to 3 times their normal length, but you were sure it felt more extreme than it was. Once I seemed satisfied with the suction, I moved down the bed giving the dildo a jiggle, intensifying the vibrations through your clit before giving your phat ass a sharp slap. You'd grown accustomed to your discomfort & the vibrations were once again bringing on your orgasm. You felt Me penetrate your bowels with My fingers, which brought you yet closer only to hold you back with My free hand, resuming the spanking, each blow bring you back from the edge, drawing out the sensations & ensuring that when your orgasm came it would be as big as the ones so far that night. You could feel it coming despite the distractions, I sensed it to just as you felt the first twitching of your muscles, My fingers were withdrawn & I plunged My huge black cock deep into your tight asshole, making you cum hard again & sustaining it as I fucked you, emptying My load into you almost instantly. Withdrawing, you felt Me get off the bed & was aware that I was adjusting the hood & removing the tape & cloth from your mouth. The bag still cover your eyes, but you felt My huge black cock at your lips as I started to push it into your mouth unsuccessfully. You didn't want to suck My huge cock that had just been in your asshole & hoped that I would give up & just punish you for your disobedience as you thought that would be easier. Instead of giving up, I gripped your cheeks hard, forcing My fingers between your teeth & prizing your jaw apart, you felt the tip of My huge black cock passing your lips & gave in, letting Me push it in all the way to the base, making you gag as it hit the back of your throat. You sucked obediently, cleaning My huge black cock for Me, as it softened in your mouth. I removed My huge cock & replaced it with a ball gag, which I fastened tightly. You felt exhausted & had hoped that your ordeal had come to an end, although the replacement of the gag showed you it hadn't.

You felt the hood being moved, but rather than being pulled further on, it was removed & you saw that the lights were on in the room, temporarily blinding you, making you blink & squint. Seeing Me, I was a tall muscular black man obviously very strong & powerful, just as you'd imagined your assailant would be. I removed the ear plugs & you heard My voice for the first time that night.

"You've done well so far, but it's not over yet. I know you don't work tomorrow & then it's the weekend, so it would be 3 days before anyone missed you, in which time you'll be at My mercy."

You screamed through the gag, your eyes wide in terror as this had seemed fun for an evening, but 3 days, you hadn't signed up for.

"Your apartment is limited in play areas, so I'll be moving your to a more appropriate location before we resume" & with that I walked out.

Bound there on your bed, you were terrified, wondering where you were going or what was in store for you with all sorts of extreme things you'd seen done to other subs passing through your mind. When I returned, I was carrying a large bag & a long length of rope. I bound you head to feet, so you couldn't move other than like a caterpillar before sliding you feet first into the bag & tying the top.

"You'd better not struggle, as I move you or I could drop you & cause you serious injury."

With that, you felt yourself lifted clear of your bed & carried downstairs, feeling the cold air through the sack as we went outside. You once again tried to scream in protest as you felt yourself lowered into the trunk of My car & the lid slam shut above you.

Five minutes later, you heard the engine start & the car begin to move, taking you who knows where.....

****** TO BE CONTINUED ******
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2 years ago
a very good begining, I hope the rest is as yummy!!!
4 years ago
So Hot!
4 years ago
Hot and usual, as rarely women seem to write about experiences or fantasies addressing themselves with ´you´. Seems to be the style of Krystal, whose profile is also quite unusual ;-)P
4 years ago
very interesting reads like you have a hit series starting here