Louisville 4 way

Hey there everyone, for everyone who doesn't know I am a cowgirl and I show cattle nationally.

It was November 14th,2007 and I had to get up early to get the cattle ready to show.I was wearing cowgirl boots, tight sparkly jeans, sparkly belt, no underwear, a button up pink plaid long sleeve cow girl shirt, and my sexy lime green puffer vest that has a stain on the back......I wonder wait the stain is from ;) . The show went great so like always the winners buy beer and throw a party in the barn.so I was at the party in the barn and I was having a great time drinking a few beers and started talking to these 3 guys that show cattle and work with them for a living. The first one was Westley he was short but he was really jacked and smelled nice , next is Lewis he was a medium sized black guy that had a great body, and the last one was John he was really tall and skinny but had a great style. So we were talking and they wanted to go back to their hotel but I told them I didn't want them to leave so they offered me to go back to there hotel. Of course I said yes and then I got in my car and headed back to their hotel they texted me the room number and I knocked on the door and they grabbed me and threw me on the bed and said u are gonna get us off and i smiled said ok and unzipped johns pants first then westley and the best for last Lewis. John had the biggest dick of the 3 and it was like 12" long. I told all the guys that I'm leaving my clothes on for them to paint with their cum. I started by giving two handjobs and one blowjob all at once. Then after a few minutes of that. They started rubbing their ragging hard juicy cocks all over my puffer vest and then Lewis stuck his dick in the pocket of my puffy vest and started moaning and I felt his big black cock start to throbt inside my vest pocket and then he pulled out and smiled at me and I reached in my pocket and pulled out a big glop of hot sticky jizz and then unexpectedly Westley ran up to me and blew his load on my face it felt great and then John bent me over and stuck his dick in between my puffy vest and my pink plaid cowgirl shirt and started thrusting and then he stopped and I started to feel a warm wet feeling on my lower back. He blew his load in between my cowgirl shirt and my puffy vest. Then after getting slapped with cocks after a few minutes they stood around me and covered my whole lime green puffy vest in their sticky hot semen. And then they picked me up by my puffy vest and they tossed me out of their room with my puffy vest and face covered in what is now room temperature semen. Then I had to walk back to my hotel and i thought about what a great night it was!
80% (4/1)
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2 years ago
Hot!! I hope there's more. :) Cheers!