The New Neighbours Part One

The new neighbour

Just recently, new neighbours had moved in next door. They were a f****y of three; Two middle aged parents and their teenage daughter. I'd seen the girl in the back garden from the bathroom window a few times, and I was dissapointed. She looked about 19, small built, shoulder length brown hair and an amazing figure. From what I could see, her tits looked a good handful, and she had a great arse.
So it's a Saturday afternoon, and I'm sat about in the front room watching tele in just a pair of jogging pants when there's a knock at the door. I don't bother to put a top on, I don't like to keep people waiting. I open the door and stood before me was the beautiful girl from next door, wearing a white vest top, shorts that just about cover her arse and her hair tied back in a pony tail. She looked amazing.

'Hey, I'm Natalie, one of your new neighbours..' She greeted me with a smile.

'Hey Natalie, nice to meet you.' I offered her my hand and we shook hands, 'I'm Mike.'

'Good to meet you, Mike. Um, my parents have sent me over to see if you have any take-away menus?'

'Take-away menus?' I asked, ' Normally its sugar or milk,' I laughed.
She laughed too, a sexy little giggle.

'Yeah, I know. Bit random.'

'I'll have a quick look, just come inside for a minute, its a bit chilly outside, you're not exactly wrapped up warm.'

'Thanks.' She replied, and stepped in.

I closed the door behind her, and went to the kitchen to the drawer I normally keep menus in. While rooting about in the drawer, I thought to myself what a peice of luck. But how can I seduce her? Should I ask her to come back over later and watch a film or would that be too forward. Fuck knows, we'll see how it goes I thought, she lives next door, plenty of time. I manged to find a couple of menus, and shut the drawer. I turned to go back to the front door, and came face to face with Natalie.

'You crept up on me there, Natalie.' I said.

'I know..' She replied, In a slow, but cheeky manner.

I found myself looking from her eyes to her lips, back to her eyes. She did the same.

'I urm, found a couple.' Still face to face with her, she reached to my hand and took the menus.


Slowly, she rose to her tip toes, put her hand around my neck and pulled my face towards hers. Her soft young lips pressed against mine, and I moved with her as her mouth opened and offer me her tongue. She slid her tongue into my mouth, and I gently circled mine around hers. She put the menus on the side behind me, and took my hand. With my hand she lifted her vest up just enough and slid my hand down into her shorts, and guided me towards her slit. My fingers slid over her wet mound and onto her clit, as she bit my bottom lip. She let out a gentle sigh, and I began to rub her hot sex up and down with my middle finger. Gently I slid my finger inside her, and began to rub the inner wall of her pussy, and she pushed into our kiss harder. She took her hand from behind my neck, and sliding her thumbs into my joggers, she started moving them down, until my rock hard cock came into view. She took a quick glance down, took my hand out of her shorts, and then slowly moved into a crouching position. She took hold of my cock in one hand; her touch was soft, and teasing. She gently squeezed the shaft, with a slow wanking motion, before licking the tip of the head. Keeping her tongue on the end of my dick she slid it into her mouth to about halfway, closed her soft lips around it, and began moving her head up and down. She used her hand to wank the bottom of my shaft. Each time she would go further down, back to the top and further down, until I could feel the end of my cock on the back of her throat. She didn't gag much, she was good. I was reaching my climax, and grabbed the kitchen side behind me with both hands. As I began to cum Natalie pushed my cock to the back of her throat, swallowing it all. She pulled back and allowed the final squirts to shoot into her mouth as she tugged at my cock. After swallowing again, she squeezed the remaining cum from my cock and licked it clean.

‘Your cum tastes great.’ She said, with a smile.

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2 years ago
Is there more?
3 years ago
i hope you write more of it
3 years ago
Great start
3 years ago
3 years ago
As Doc said, Good start.
3 years ago
Good start.