The "room"

(fictional as always and enjoy the following piece,:P..and yeah it's abit softcore,but let me know when you try it lol)
Innocent lies,
Fake prayers,
The taunting laugh while she held his spear,
Such love only one can hold so dear,

Bite marks to please,
Her breasts that were meant to be sieged,
Split tongue to lick both sides at once,
The slow strenuous movements make it easy for her to pulse,

Torture is only a shelf away,
Widest selection anyone can dream to have in disarray
The chains and laced whips at disposal,
Red marks of love buried in the cut leaves only more arousal,

Open mouth gags,
Inserted into the mouth to keep it open and watch the salive build up and sag,
Dripping all the way down,
Waiting patiently for the tube of meat to be swallowed from the tip around,

Tongue wild fully plays as if it doesn't have a choice.
A gargling sound could heard from her voice,
Pulls out and straps her to the cold floor,
Grabs the feather dildo to tickle the fuck out of that whore,

The sticky sounds keep echoing throughout the room,
Frantic struggling proved to useless as he tortured her "tiny mushroom"
Lighting incense to fill the lustful air,
Dropping candle wax onto her skin dissipating her fear,

Unable to resist she reached her limits till her body cried,
Cums before her master and without permission,
In anger,planted her on all fours with her ass so high,
There was no tapping out in this submission

Guiding his tool and his 7 inched spiked toy,
He double penetrated along with the stiff alloy,
Cringing in pain and pleasure..
This was sure to be her hardest endeavour.

The candles are blown,
The place is completely dark,
All that's left is the gagged out moans,
And the continuous drips out bodily,leaving a shady spark
(yes..use your imagination ;)..and sorry,I didn't included much on anal on it..wait for part 2 xD)

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1 year ago
hot story! keep em comin =)