Morning wood with an open door..

(For those who normally read my ero-poems..this one is for women alone..unless you're bi,and as always,fictional..partly true)

On the morning,the curtains swallow up all the sunlight,
With the door slightly open,the peeker can see what's dark and bright,
Morning wood is almost like a curse,
The extensive swelling on the head,and rock hard like a statue makes it's worse,

A guy does what a guy can do,
Reach into his you know what,
Crank it up,
THen wrench it all out,

Fiddling with the head was a nice feeling,
Gripping the shaft and sliding all the way down squeezing,
Feeling the testicles raised and pulled in all by itself,
It just shows how excited it was than anyone else,

Hearing the door creek,
My hands froze and what appeared to be gun raised between my legs during my sl**p,
Hearing nothing,i go on and continue,
With the thought no one was watching and let my hands keep sliding on through,

With every squeezing stroke i felt strong eyes watching me,
The nervous tension kept building up and kept thinking it couldn't be,
Moved my abit faster,trying to finish myself off,
However i couldn't,the feeling of my fore skin was feeling too rough,

Spitting on my fingers to make all lubricated down there,
Made alot of disgusting sticky sounds as my hands moved around here,
Fantasized of a friend who want to rest her lovely lips on the head,
Sucking me off till she's been fed,

Growing closer to climax,
My hands pounded down harder and squeezed tighter,
Only to know my body was soon spazzing all over,
Cum flies out like hershey's bottle staining the sheets i was covered in.

Breathing intensely and trying to relax my body down,
Suddenly i felt...which is what i thought is someone's mouth,
Frozen in place,i try not to move..
But the jig is up and someone ready for their food..

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