Strange shower encounter

(btw all fictional,but hope it happens to the person reading someday ;))
Random day,unusual stuff about to happen,
Damsel in distress runs into the bathroom,
Hiding in the empty shower,
Hiding from the creepy stalker,

Usual day,just wanted to be clean,
Grabbed my towel and what happened next i hoped it wasn't a dream,
Two suspicious fellows looking around,
Shook my head and bumped in the vacant shower making a hard sound,

With my head down i thought something was wrong with my eyes,
There was a woman looking so surprised,
I'm sure it was the men...
Unless men started wearing skirts and went oh well then,

In a attempt to leave before things get of hand,
I'm held up against the wall with my mouth covered while she whispered "I understand",
In my mind,what the fuck is going on,
Raced in my mind,so that's what those men were looking for,

Little did I know i was the temporary prisoner,
She wanted to mouth sealed until the men are gone from the shower,
Heard two grunts,footsteps and the door slammed shut,
She released her grip...however she didn't let me out,

With the bare body still pressed up against me,
She wanted to make sure I wasn't the enemy,
Out of nowhere,she licked my from the bottom of lip..going all the way down,
Back up again as if she wanted me to be any more turned on,

In the back of her mind,this is the only way,
I'll seduce him so that i'll live another day,
In the back of his mind,why me??
I'll just go along with it until she's happy,

Leaving kisses over my abs,
Lightly bit down and i had to grab,
Just grab those slender shoulders of her,
Soft skin luscious enough to make one purr,

After the teasing foreplay,my body got really excited,
She made her way to the chocolate train with a smile so delighted,
Sucked on the head as if it was a tootsie pop,
Increased the pressure of her lips pressing onto my hard cock,

Guiding my shaft all the down,
Going back and forth..swishing her tongue over and above,soon all around,
Still think this is a crazy dream,
Still don't know what's gunna happen when I make her scream,

My hand hits the shower on to drown out all the suction noise,
We both are became wet,the same way we are inside out,
While she kept blowing me with her stooping poise,
She takes her two little fingers,attacks her over clit,then fingers her then out.

The steam rises up,feeling myself getting bigger in her mouth,
She increase the speed and moaned more happily than i thought,
Opened her eyes to stare up at me,
As if she you :)

Striking all the nerves in my system,
I'm almost ready to cum with her,
Before I can even say I want to,
She stops,takes off the shower...sorry,but it looks like i have to stay with you..

The harsh cut off from almost climaxing,
Was just her way of maximizing,
All she was doing was building the load,
She took my hand, and asked which room are you in and shall we go ;)

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1 year ago
oh man, that sucks being
1 year ago
Oooh I like it!