Succubus Meal Catcher(Part 2)

(btw..all is fictional,there is no woman that least don't know one yet,and enjoy X) )
Feeling my head,being dragged from the cold floor,
With the smell of the blindfold,over powering me more and more,
In a daze,I don't know what to think or what's going on,
So far i want to be lost,rather than to be found,

Unable to come to my senses,
Felt sick from the motion sickness,
The high scent keep increasing like burning incense,
Sooner or later,that moment i kept reminiscing,

The soft touch of her tongue,
Her vile movements,
The way she'll make you plunge,
As though you'll meet your end,

The blindfold is stripped off,
Left with the sight of holes in the ceiling,
Looking at my hands which are cuffed,
Starting to wonder when did I start yielding,

So her she cums..basking in her presence,
You could even hear the wet sounds she made,
Fingers slipping in and out,creating more of her juicy essence,
Somehow..she had a ulterior plot unlike the alley charade,

Starts with the dirty talk,
Continues with violent scratches,
Screams in pleasure like white chalk,
That finally lost it's virginity,

Kept whispering "you're're all mine",
All I could see was the hazed light,
And she kept getting off and watching me till the orgasm hits all the way down her spine,
Pulsating out of my sight,

Then she made her move,
Grabbed my cock and started making her groove,
Such a long and strenuous tease it seems,
More and more,all she wants to do is please,

Kept licking around the head,
My body kept tingling to the point i wanted to be dead,
Unable to bare the constant stimulation,
Out of nowhere,she stops to go and straddle my a test drive simulation,

Kept greasing my lower abdomen with her lovely juice,
Her hands went around my neck,squeezing softly..yet with malicious intent,
Helpless as I am,I can watch and feel myself getting constantly hard,
It time it moved on it's own,she giggled and whenever it touched her,she moaned as if she hit with a shard,

Then I noticed how lustful her face was at the time,
Lips dripping with saliva while slowly going insane in the mind,
She moved her body up,till she squashed my face with her dripping wet pussy,
Felt her body move all the back,yelling "F**king eat me*,

The pressure on my face kept building to the point she can crush my head if she wanted to,
So i had to fight with my mouth,starting abusing her poor little clit as if my tongue knew exactly what it wanted to do,
Swishing left and right,like a toothbrush trying to get all the germs out,
Licking constantly,and cycled a swallow of her whole clit to relieve the pressure,
Soon her body was tingly,and my head was able to move forward,
Made an attempt to jerk my tongue inside..then it became awkward,

She pulled away saying.."That's too good...too good for you",
Mumbles to herself.."I want your big black cock first to make me howl.."
Her voice became light when she rubbed my dick inbetween her pussy lips,
Running the head along inside,teasing before it can go in,

Little did she know,she was teasing only herself,
Slowly being driven insane to being fucked harder than anything else,
So she rolled the dice in her slutty brain,
It came up snake eyes and this meant only one thing,

Back to the bl**dy blindfold...except on her,
She laid her back on my chest and guided my cock into her wet valley,
Felt the stream,rushing all the way down,
Kept moving her down,trying to f***e it deeper inside,making it hit her all the way around,

The rattling of the chains I couldn't stop making,
Wanting to grab her body so bad i couldn't take it,
Her moans kept driving me to climax,it couldn't stop aching,
Her devilish ways made her move more and vicious with luscious hips and ****d it,

The last thing I could feel was my life being slowly sucked away,
The last thing i heard "I will you fuck you..every single day,
The last thing I know this is not going to end,
The last thing I feel that i'm going to cum again and again..and again,

67% (4/2)
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2 years ago
Brilliant. I love it.
2 years ago
Damn that's sexy and there ARE women that freaky trust me. Great story. Make more please! ;)