Succubus Meal Catcher(Part 1)

(btw this is all fictional,just a creation and inspiration)
It all started with a little note,
And it said "Meet me in the alley,Love your mystery friend" I quote,
Curious and anxious, reading it over as I looked,
I made my way to the alley,with my gun under my shirt,

Mystery friend,had a lovely face,
A body that looked a succubus that will drain your soul if given a taste,
Letting my guard down I say "Hi",
"Are you the one,who told me to drop by"

She didn't respond,only gazed,
Her darting eyes towards me left me amazed,
I asked again,and all she said was move closer,
Soon i was pushed against the moist,being slowly caressed by her,

I didn't understand,
I didn't know what to do,
I just held her by the waist,
As she softly bites down my neck,doing her worst.

Before another word can come out my mouth,
She stopped and whispered shut up,
Before I knew it,our clothes were disappearing,
Her lovely tongue went back to work,as if it's only purpose was pleasuring,

Still in my mind I still questioned,
Instantly i thought i'd let my actions find the answer,
So the tables were turned,as i pushed her against the wall,
Held her hands back,and my body started to talk,

Using my tongue,kept grazing it onto her bare chest,
Softly swirling it around her nipple,trying to do my best,
Sucked on it like a baby got it's first dairy milk,
Squeezing her wrist gently,going back up for a kiss,

Her eyes went dead closed,and her leg went around my waist,
It was like as if her body begged for more,
and Slowly turned into a violent kiss,
Made her hands scratch down my chest for more of this,

In the back of my mind,i wanted to know why me,
Then my pants were pulled off,not slightly,
To the point you can see the thing bulging out,
My underwear was being frisked as her hands were going in and out,

She pulled out my gun,dismantled it and threw it away,
Whispered "I'm sorry,but your mine for the day,
with that,I froze for a split second,
Little did I know,i had more than an erection,

My underwear becomes slit down the middle,
with her sharp fingernails,
My cock come strolling out with her hand in place,
As she slid down the wall and made me fuck her face,

Feeling the welcoming of her mouth,
She kept digging my waist,slighly bleeding about,
Her movement of her tongue,felt like the pistons from a gentle car,
Repeatedly rolling her tongue,going faster,making my mind only go so far,

Pressing my head against the wall,trying to bare the pleasure,
with each lick and suck she does,she kept increasing the pressure,
Heart begins to race and f***ed to cum,
She kept me inside,as i throbbed.

She held every last bit,
Swallowed it all like if it was her favorite yogurt kit,
Collapsed I fell on the alleyway,
Not knowing i was being carried to her hideaway,

100% (2/0)
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