Summer Fun

*Crossdress Story*

Living with your parents is exceptionally annoying, especially when you're 26 and have a fetish for crossdressing. It kind of hampers your "need" for putting on slutty outfits and parade yourself in front of a webcam with a pink-glass buttplug up your ass and a giant rubber cock vibrating away as it burns down your last pair of batteries.
But alas, it's the position i'm in and somehow i've made it this far without too many suspicions.
There was the incident a few months back when my mum and dad were at work and I took the opportunity to clean all my sex toys; taking them into the bathroom and giving them a good old wash and a spray with a sex toy cleaner. It says to leave it on for five minutes, so I left them on the side of the bathtub and went to fold my clothes. Unfortunately, still being of the male sex, my brain has a tendancy to be distracted by numerous things including (but no where near limited to); shiny objects, inspecting any kind of dark mark on the wall thinking it may be a bug, nudity, chocolate, coffee and playing with the cat; who at times like these decides she's very cute and needs attention.
So half and hour has gone by and my mum comes home. Now the key part of this situation : In order to go into the bathroom, one has to walk through my parents' room. So the second my mum gets home, walks up the hallway, shouts a greeting through my bedroom door and slams her own, it sinks in... I left my buttplug, black 4-tiered rotating dildo and pink anal beads on the side of the bath.
The shock flashes across my brain and I burst through my door shouting something incoherent in hopes to distract her, but it was too late. A little voice floats through the wooden door; "What are these?" - yeah, real tactful there, play dumb.
I open the door, walk through her room as she is coming out of the bathroom, neither of us making eye contact. I scoop up the pleasure devices and just stride out, closing my door and curl into a ball on the floor in humiliation.
Best thing was though, nothing has ever been said about it. Even after my tiny white and pink playboy thong somehow ended up in my normal washing which my mum washed and placed back into my clothes basket – nothing was ever mentioned.
Anyway, so when a chance to get away from my parents for a week came up, I couldn't refuse. My auntie and uncle were going away and needed someone to look after the place and their pets. Awesome, a whole week to walk around as Kit!
So the morning they left I packed my stuff, including my camera (just in case I had to make a movie!) and my dad drove me down to their place. It had been awhile since I'd seen it and they've had so many houses and flats over the years I'd forgotten what this place looked like; a huge house and they owned the ground floor while a young couple lived above them, both sexy as hell I might add, I don't often think guys are sexy but he had a cage-fighter type look about him minus the cauliflower ears.
I went in and unpacked, relaxed, drank lots of JD (which they stocked up on, lucky me!) and just chilled out, thinking of all the fun to be had over the next seven days.
The next day, I'd decided to spend dressed. Completely. I could never get my makeup on at home so it was really exciting. I epilated my legs slowly (always was a rush at home before my mum came home) and did my hair into pig tails. Only thing I missed out on was my nails, but they're naturally long anyway and painted nails last too long (if anyone has any tips please mail me!!!).
So I was fully glammed up; a little grunge/emo skirt with broken zips down the side, under that some white panties with kitty paws on that hugged my ass perfectly, long black knee-high socks with printed skulls, my usual pink and black trainer-type heeled boots, a REALLY tight white boob tube showing off my fake boobs as the nipples dented out really nicely and purple and black fingerless gloves. All topped off with a velvet choker around my neck.
I minced around the house for a good hour, just feeling sexy and free.
After walking back and forth I went into the kitchen and cooked up some sausages and strode into the living room, crashed on the couch and began to eat, careful of my lipstick as I bit into my sausage. So imagine if you were looking in on me, dolled up and wearing some kinky shit, hair in long pigtails eating sausages quite seductively I guess, although not intended. Got the image? Because that's what Mike, the guy upstairs saw, as he lay on a deck chair type thing in the COMMUNAL garden trying to get a tan.
We stared at each other through the dual glass french doors.
I wasn't too sure what to do, my sausage was halfway in my mouth and had been that way for about four minutes now, I had completely frozen and so had he. Quite a sexy pose I was in at that time too, knees together but feet apart, panties just about showing as my little bum rested on the edge on the couch and the classic cock-shaped food in my mouth. He was just wearing a stupid fishing-type hat and a pair of shorts, which I'm sure were shrinking by the second.
So I worked with it, I kinda blame the JD. I took the sausage out of my mouth and ran my tongue around it, letting my lips close around the end a little and then sliding down the length to my fingers. Now his shorts were definately shrinking, he reached under his elasticated waist and adjusted himself, making it so I could see his members outline under the material, and it looked big.
It wasn't long before the sausage lay forgotten on the plate and I was throwing my legs in the air to give him a nice view of my round ass in white panties. I could see him pumping himself under his shorts now, his arm was working furiously when I untucked my cock from the restriction of pants. I got on all fours, legs spread and wiggled my ass in the air, making my balls jiggle around for him. He was nearing climax now, I could tell by the look on his face. He sat up on the chair and pulled his shorts under his balls. Clean shaven. Perfect, I hate lots of hair.
Still on my knees, I pulled my pants down and bent over once more, showing him my boy pussy and spreading it wide for him a my hands pulled my cheeks aparts. He exploded; a massive stream of white liquid shot across the grass and onto the patio. A good two feet. His hands rested on his knees as his cock jerked violently, every now and then a thick glob of cum dripped out and ran the length of his shaft onto his round, shiny ball sack.
After a minute or two he tucked himself in and mouthed "thankyou" through the glass, to which I smiled, knowing then that we'd see more of each other.

That night it was pretty hot and I hate the heat. I'd changed into a lightweight outfit, kinda like sexy pajamas; red shorts and a little red crop top and just a pair of pink socks. It was about eleven and I was watching some awful french horror movie, sweating and trying to get comfortable when there was a slight tapping noise on glass.
I got up and shuffled over to the french doors and saw Mike crouched low and trying to peer through. He saw me and stood up, motioning with his hands to open the door. To be honest, I didn't expect to see him this soon. I opened the door and he stepped in, asking if I was alright and all the other pleasantries one would expect, hell at that point I was just tired and in danger of bursting into flames from the heat, so I didn't really care what he said. But it was what he did that threw me out; he didn't wait for me to say anything, his arm reached out and grabbed my waist, pulling me closer, thrusting his crotch into my hip and his other hand grabbing a handful of fake tit.
He started to kiss me on the neck, his stubble scr****g and scratching my skin. My hands automatically went around from his chest to his back as he continued to press his groin into me rhymically.
It took about thrity seconds for him to give up on "dry humping" and his hands shot to his belt, unbuckling it in one swift manouvre. My own hands went to the button on his jeans and unfastened it and unzipped him as he breathed heavily, still kissing and sucking my neck, sometimes moving up to lick my ear. I reached down past the elastic of his boxer shorts and grabbed a handful of warm, hardening cock, slightly sticky from the heat. We stumbled backwards as one towards the couch, reaching it, he jumped onto it and fumbled with his trousers and boxers, pulling them down to his ankles. His dick wasn't standing upright yet, but it was in that awesome transition of being big but still nice and floppy, perfect for slapping my face with. So that's what I did as I knelt down before him and put my fingers around it. My tongue lolled over the tip of his foreskin and then, making little circles, it found it's way beneath and onto the sweet tasting helmet. I pulled back his hood and took him fully in my mouth, he gasped and I could tell he wanted to thrust down my throat. Every now and then I'd release his cock from my mouth and slap it back and forth across my cheeks and tongue and rubbing my entire face with the tip of his penis or burying my face under his balls. The first time I did that, he shifted down on the seat so I could have easy access to his asshole. I've never given a rimjob, but always wanted to (i've also never recieved one!) so I made this my opportunity.
I licked and sucked on him for a few minutes, carressing his cock with both hands as I tongued his ass, building up a sweat, until I stood up, took off my shorts and pants and needed to be fucked. Hard. I love being fucked doggystyle, but sometimes a gurl needs to be on top. I need to set the pace sometimes.
I clambered over his lap and positioned my little ass over his now fully stiff manhood. His big hands clamped onto either side of my ribs and I reached back and slowly inserted him inside me. It didn't go as I wanted; I didn't set the pace. He was relentless as soon as he was tightly in my ass, he pounded upwards, making me scream in pain and pleasure, each thrust he went slightly deeper and after each retraction he slammed in faster. It honestly felt like I was on the most violent vibrator in the world. He held me in position and he really needed to cum – NEEDED to cum.
My cock was flapping all over the place as he ploughed into my hole, my hands had been pressing into his shoulders as he continued his onslaught until finally, he twisted his body and I ended up on my back, a quick fumble and he had my legs up over his arms. Now I could hear my ass slapping against his thighs, in and out, every push making my head fly back and my ass burn with pain and excitement. His cock withdrew totally at numerous occasions, but he was so fixed on rythym it just brushed over my balls once or twice and found its way back into my gaping and hungry boy-pussy.
I started to whine involuntarily as my cock began to ooze an incredible amount of precum, all my strength was gone, i couldn't move my arms or brace myself for the thrusts anymore. That's when I felt the rush, my balls tingled, my cock twitched and I realised I was cumming, I wasn't even hard. He was making me cum just by fucking my ass.
I screamed as creamy white liquid spooled out onto my stomach, filling my belly button and running down my left side onto the couch. Mike shouted and swore as he withdrew from my ass, which was contracting and pulsating like crazy at my climax and spayed his seed all over my chest and dick. He rubbed the head of his cock on my cummy balls as we both breathed heavily, a sheen of sweat on our bodies and my ass feeling a little sore and now strangely empty.

After that I saw Mike a few more times and took him each time in my ass. Except once when he exploded in my mouth...that was good and messy. Cum oozed from between my lips and dribbled onto his balls.
Unforunately, the week came to a close all too fast and I found myself back home. Though I will see him again, I just have to wait until my Auntie and Uncle decide to take another holiday.

Please leave comments, Your support really means a lot to me xxx

=^.^= Kit x
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1 year ago
maybe you could move in with your Aunt and Uncle. She may like another "gurl" to go shopping with and your Uncle may get dirty thoughts about his "niece"
1 year ago
excellent stories,horny everytime i read them
2 years ago
You are a talented author, that story was so erotic. Favourite! :) Maybe have two cds next time
2 years ago
2 years ago
oh that is so fukin' HOTT!!!
2 years ago
It is good to find a well written story. I enjoyed that!
2 years ago
A true erotic CD author, I'm so hott now baby! Thanks for writting this.
2 years ago
awesome story! makes me so horny.
you are little slut :*
3 years ago
loved it, wish it would happen to me
3 years ago
Mmmmm, That was Hot! I can definitely imagine you getting fucked So Good! If only I were the One Fucking You Though! ; )
3 years ago
so fucking hot.xxxxx
3 years ago
such a hot story.
3 years ago
VERY hot!
3 years ago
Kit, I absolutely love your hot stories. They make me hard as a rock
3 years ago
nce story well written
3 years ago
Great story kit abut time he visited someone else?
3 years ago
mmm hot story, really enjoed this well wrighten story, :) more please