Kits Adventures in the North

**Crossdress Story**

It had been about six months since I'd had any chance to dress, any chance to feel sexy and been even longer since I had any kind of sexual contact.
Work tends to do that; gets in the way and screws about with "me" time. Luckily, though, it was only a temporary job. It could have been permanent, but
I'd decided against it, I had plans to visit up north anyway and now I had the money, what better time?
I had all my things packed and was ready to go, sliding a jiffy bag full of condoms in my shoulder bag I was about to head off to catch the early train when I suddenly had the urge.
I'm sure other gurls are aware of this, a feeling of NEEDING to dress, especially when you've been in Boy-mode for such a long time. (There are the other urges too, but we'll get to those later).
So, emptying a few t-shirts and the odd pair of jeans from the backpack, replacing them with a rather lovely black dress (I will upload what it looks like on my xhamster profile)some fishnet tights and my beautiful breast-forms, I decided to head off.

Cutting out the next four hours; you won't miss much, just me on the trains etc, I ended up at my destination; Middlesbrough. A gorgeous place to visit, great places to explore and the parks are really lovely. I booked into my B&B and made myself at home, unpacked my things and lay back thinking what to do next.
The urge hadn't left me at all, it was still there. It had been pounding in my head and chest for the entire train journey, at one point I was considering going into the mini-loo and just getting dressed, just to see peoples reaction as I came out and sat down, twirling my hair around my finger and winking at any guy who looked at me. Priceless. But I didn't, for now though...I was free to walk around my room and quench the thirst, so to speak.
About five minutes later, I was clothed and free of those horrible jeans and crappy boxer shorts, now in a sexy dress which showed off my squidgy boobs and the straps of my black, flower patterned bra. The bottom of the dress only *just* covering my white thong and the ass it was wrapped around. My legs looking long and sleek in the fishnets and topped off with my high-heeled trainer-type boots. Add in a few bangles, a dainty little collar around my neck and it was just make-up and hair to sort out (Black lippy all the way!).
I was feeling amazing, once sorted out, but strangely enough I didn't feel satisfied. Something wasn't right as I walked up and down the room, posing in the mirror and getting myself excited...a bit too excited. You have to realise, I hadn't dressed in ages, so looking at myself in the mirror gave me an almost instant hardon and in a tiny thong and tight dress is quite apparent. I took a few pictures with my mobile phone, the more pics I took, the lower my thong got. When it was completely off and discarded in the corner of the room, video mode on my phone began and putting my middle finger in my mouth, my saliva making it nicely lubed I rubbed it on my willing ass hole. The feel of it
sent me wild, the puckered skin, the smooth cheeks of my ass. I clenched my bum together and felt the strength of the muscles envelope my finger, as i slid it between the two orbs that was my ass. Not being a patient gurl, i spat into my hand, rubbed the wetness onto my anus and slowly inserted my slender finger. Toys are all well and good for pleasure, but a moving finger is bliss, it's even great with your own finger, as you feel the tightness, the smooth inside of the hole. I withdrew and plunged it in rigourously, I thought it would be hard or at least hurt a little, for as I already said; it's been awhile since I've dressed or played with my ass, but this wasn't the case. It was easy, it
was fantastic, it was bliss. I barely had to touch my now rock-hard cock before it exploded and shot a hot stream of cum onto the mirror almost three feet away, follwed by four more jets and preceeded by my asshole retracting tightly around finger at each shot. After about a minute of heavy breathing, I withdrew my finger with ease as my cock spasmed, a big glob of white semen hung and thickly dripped from the end onto the carpet. This was going to be a fun holiday.

I had another three or four nights of similar activities, replacing my finger with a few other objects, trying to get my fuck-hole used to the abuse. One night, I used a perfectly shaped roll-on deoderant bottle (just like a buttplug!) and, laying on my back, bum agaisnt the wall and legs up it, I rolled backwards slowly until my hard cock was right between my eyes, but
just out of reach of my tongue, which begged to taste that clear, sweet precum. I used to be able to get the head of my cock passed my lips, granted, I couldn't stay there for long as it gives you the worst headrush and back pain for a few minutes after, but the more I stretched, the more my body remebered the position and the closer my twitching member got to my hot, warm lips.
My ass, plugged by the bottle, just needed a small push, hell, it needed a cock sliding smoothly in and out in all honesty! And as I imagined that, a BIG cock thrusting in, hard and fast, I rolled back slightly further and at last my lips closed around my bright red helmet, I could feel my ass beginning to retract and knew a gushing wave of cum was about to fire onto my tongue, rolling back just a tiny bit more, my feet found the side of the bed, and now I had balance, my hand was free to tear the plug out of my ass, this always felt so amazing when ejaculating, so that your gaping hole swells open and closed madly; and that's exactly what happened, except, losing my balance slightly as I pulled the bottle out, my lips lost its prey and my cock spat its love juices all over my face. As my cum continued to engulf my face I let go of the bottle and felt my ass-pussy go mental, feeling the gape and rubbing madly as each time another squirt of cum accompanied its "wink".

It was the next morning that my mind began to dare me onto bigger things. My ass yearned for more, but I didn't want bottles or fingers anymore, not my own anyway. And besides, I was in a totally strange region on Britain. Whatever I did, would stay here. What did I want? I wanted a real cock.
That evening, around nine, I dressed and made myself up, a little more care and attention this time, however. I even re-opened my belly-button piercing and put in my dangly jewellry. That always made me feel more feminine. And shit, did I feel like a girl tonight.
It's always tough mustering the courage to go out dressed, but this time was easy, it had really sunk in that I'd be going home in a few days time, so it didn't really matter if poeple saw me or what they thought. Tonight, I was going to have a lot of fun. And damn, I did just that.

I knew the surrounding area quite well by this point, although not so much the activity at night. I always tend to gravitate towards parks, I don't know why, it's just something about them at night time that I find quite attractive. So I headed in that direction, passing a few people on the way. The first was a guy in his forties, I would say, not too attractive, but okay, he looked up at me as we neared each other and I looked away, total panic flooding me, just before we passed I gambled a glance and saw him smiling at me. Now that was a confidence boost!
The next were a couple, holding hands and looking pretty happy. The lady was stunning, average sized and mature, the kind of female I adore. They always have the tastiest pussies, and as much as I like cock, I do love to eat pussy and play with a handful of tit. The guy was chatting away to her and making her laugh, he was young, good looking. I wouldn't have said no. As they neared,
she was busy laughing and he looked directly at me, lovely dark eyes. Knowing my mistake last time, I kept eye contact, gave a flash of a smirk and a naughty wink. The smile that appeared on his face was cute and flattering. But alas, he or they, weren't to be mine tonight. Besides, I wouldn't know what to do in a threesome. My cock would be spurting all over the place.
No, it was the next guy that had Kit's seal of approval tonight. As I got to the crossing before the park, two guys and a girl were chatting by the mailbox. One guy was about my height, white and kind of thuggish looking, the girl was black and slender, very cute but with one of those voices that you'd have to make stop by putting a cock in her mouth. And the other guy was tall, black and
broad shouldered.
As I got nearer, the white guy and the girl were talking about some party they were off to, the black guy wasn't interested and I heard him saying he'd catch them tomorrow. They turned towards me as I made my way towards the gates of the park and we passed one another, the black guy watching them walk off; or that's what he started doing, but at some point his focus shifted to me, walking towards him in my tiny black dress and silky legs wrapped in fishnets. As I got nearer, I saw he was wearing glasses, blue jeans, white t-shirt and a demin jacket. His hair was shaved and had a little bit of a beard, just stubbly.
Now, I'm not too sure, but I thought I heard him say "evening." as I passed, but from the awkward silence after my reply maybe I'd imagined it! What made it worse was I stopped walking as I did reply, but looking back, I'm very glad I did.
"Hey." I said in reply. And I waited for what seemed like an eternity.
"Hey." He replied queitly, looking back to were his friends would have been.
We stood there for a few minutes, probably both feeling very uncomfortable, and just before I was about to carry on into the park, he asked;
"You er...not from up here?"
I smiled, "From down south." I said, noticing his accent wasn't as thick as most peoples I'd heard.
"Ah, I'm from London. Here for Uni."
That's all I needed. Conversation in the bag. We chatted for a few minutes, his name was Ian and when I told him mine, I'd just said "kit", it's easier than the odd explanation of Kitsune.
After talking about train journeys and crappy Southern towns, he asked if I wanted to walk around the park with him, and of course, I accepted.
My mind was already racing forward, thinking of a dark cock, the size it might be, hoping if it went that far that he wouldn't freak out at discovering this girl had a dick...It's all quite worrying and exciting at the same time. We stopped after about ten minutes, and sat down on one of the wooden benches, a faint glow of light from the street light behind us, glaring through the trees that littered the area.
"You're really hot." He said, pulling the legs of his jeans a little to straighten them, he was probably trying to adjust himself or make me aware he wanted them off.
I smiled in reply and tilted my head slightly, I hope it came across as cute, it definately gave him the idea to lean over kiss my cheek.
Now that was sweet. It's not often I think that of guys.
He didn't move away afterwards, he kept his face only inches from mine and knowing he wanted me to retaliate, I moved in and licked his lips, from the bottom to the tip of his nose. Like a cat.
He laughed loudly and swung his arms around my shoulders and brought me in close, his mouth clamping around mine. It was now I realised how much bigger he was than me, sounds stupid, but the height difference was already about a foot, but the actual bulk of him, I felt like a little girl. A good feeling.
As his lips came over mine, my tongue instantly searched for his and found it. His hands moved from my shoulders to my breasts, my fake breasts, and at this point I was swearing in my head.
"Fuck, fuck, fuck. He's going to find out..."
His massive hand squeezed my right boob and I felt his tongue falter, his lips went a little slack. But curiously only for a moment. His hand then left my chest and brushed down my navel until it rested just above my cock.
I had a funny image in my head at that point of my frightened little dick trying to hide. His hand moved down, his tongue still caressing mine and his other hand running down my back. Finally, both resting on their intended targets, his left on the verge of my ass, and his right cupped over my cock and balls.
His kiss broke off, his eyes looking into mine and his right hand squeezing a little. A smile appeared, one that I returned, relieved. But that wasn't all he'd get for being a nice guy. I shook off his hands and got off the bench, onto my knees on the soft, cold grass. I reached my hands up to his chest, pushing him back a little, and feeling his body. He was very muscular, as my touch slid down to the tops of his thighs, the tips of my fingernails scr****g across his belt before they met in the center and began to loosen the buckle.
Pop, the button of his jeans was undone.
Zip, the loosened zip creating a crevice on those pesky jeans.
In my face went, searching for the thing I wanted. He pulled his jeans down a little, as he sat back, being a good boy and staying where I left him. My mouth sucking like a vaccum cleaner over his black underpants.
My lips finding the rather sizable bulge and my teeth starting to sc**** over the thin cotton seperating me from my prize.
He wasn't patient, like me, his breathing had become very fast. He wanted a warm home for his cock. I was very eager to oblige. My hands pulled at the elastic waist of the pants and tucked it under the massive fleshy sack that was his balls. There it was. Holy fuck.
In internet videos, black guys are always well endowed, it's a turn on. Ian wasn't actually that big, a bit bigger in length than me, what made me gasp was the thickness. My God, it was almost the same girth as my wrist! (Granted, I am skinny and my wrists aren't huge lol) To top it off, he was totally hairless. His glistening balls looked SO gorgeous, especially as they were being f***ed up and together by the elastic of his pants.
The thick, black cock was semi-hard. His foreskin was starting to reveal the lovely contrasting pick helmet that would supply me with yummy spunk. My face dived in, my mouth didn't get what it wanted at this point, I just wanted to rub my face all over his genitals, smell that wonderful musk of a mans penis and the feeling of that soft, stretched skin on mine. It was only seconds until my tongue lolled out and my lips clamped onto those big black balls. Kissing softly and lubing his shaft with my spit. I enjoyed using my tongue at the bottom of his cock to lick from left to right and working my way up. It was stiff and fully erect when I got half way.
I backed my head away to see Ian's cock in it's entirety. bl**dy lovely, the pink head shiney and the shaft enormously thick and veined.
My right hand wrapped its fingers around the shaft, thumb and middle finger only just meeting on the other side, and began to wank that beautiful dick as my mouth closed in over its helmet, sucking as hard as I could for a split second, causing Ian to gasp in slight pain and relief.
I couldn't get that cock far in my mouth, sad to say, my teeth were already scr****g dangerously against his skin and any further would have just been uncomfortable, so I pleasured what I could. The dark meat glistening from
halfway up with saliva and my hand pumping eagerly on that black member, wanting the gooey white fuel it produced. At one point, I thought it was all over, as my mouth sucked and my tongue ran over the head in circles, a massive,
salty squirt of liquid filled my mouth, I was almost disapointed but I realised it was just a eager spurt of precum. Fuck that was nice, it made my tongue travel faster around that pink helmet and over that tiny slit in the top.
I spent about eight minutes I suppose sucking and slurping on that cock and drinking the juices that flowed, when Ian's hands clamped the side of my head and lifted my face clear, causing a *pop* noise as his penis left my lips and it
slapped against his tummy.
"I wanna fuck your white ass." He said, pretty loudly too, and who am I to argue with a big black guy and my ass...even now I'm not sure if my ass wanted his cock more or vice-versa. I put my fingers into my right boot and pulled out
the foil square of a condom and threw it onto his shirt.
I stood up, my knees a bit stiff and muddy and pulled down my thong, which as it came down, I could feel the string come loose from between my ass cheeks. Ian adjusted himself on the bench and rolled on his rubber, as I untangled my
underwear from my heels, feeling like an idiot that they got caught. So, he wanted me on top...I love being on top.
My thong lay alone on the grass as my knees clambered onto the bench, either side of the black bull. My ass was inches away from that massive thick sausage. Would it go in? That was my main worry, but to be honest, even if it was
too tight, the way I an was breathing, he'd f***e it deep inside regardless. That thought made me hard.
I lowered my bum towards it and grasping his thick, dark meat with my fingers, I used the helmet to locate my puckered hole. Bingo.
I pushed it in a little, slowly and with care, until I felt that "seal" of my ass break, a moment later and the bulbous tip was inside my body, I relaxed more and let go of his cock, letting Ian and my ass do the rest.
He pushed his hips up, my turn to gasp as about an inch of cock shot up my poop-chute, thick cock at that! But it was a good start and my hips started to go to work, making small, slow circles as the hem of my black dress gently
brushed the big balls of Ian. As I worked, the cock slowly slid deeper, stretching my ring further. I must have hit the half way point as it got easier to slide all the in, and in a moment of ecstacy, I just sat down with full f***e, Ian tensed and swore loudly and I felt the true girth of that cock inside me, stretching the thin, smooth inside of my ass and it in return was hugging his manhood happily.
Ian's hands grasped my sides and I began to rock back and forth, he pulled my dress up a little and I felt the breeze on my wet, hard cock, saluting the guy who was fucking me. And shit, did he start to fuck me. His hands held hard
onto my waist, limiting my movement and realised, he didnt mean to pull my dress up, he was trying to pull ME up slightly, upon fulfilling this, he had more room to work, powering his cock in and out of my poor asshole, shrinking and growing as that fat cock went in and out. My balls were now bouncing on his skin and my cock jumping up and down wildly. It hurt a fair bit, I admit, but who fucking cares when the pleasure is outweighing that.
My ass was becoming de-sensitised to the punishement, and at that point and as simple as that, Ian put his arms around my back and stood up, my legs flailing either side of him in mid air as he continued to pound me whilst standing. This didnt last too long and he slowed the pace, my legs a bit tired, swung down and by doing so, his meaty cock plopped out of my ass quickly, I stumbled a little but Ian had his arms at my back.
Without speaking, he pushed me towards the bench, bent me over the arm rest and spread my ass, my hole gaping and feeling every current of wind. His fingers, which he just spat on, brushed around the dark void, coating the area in his spit and then for a brief moment, his tongue and mouth added more. No one had ever rimmed me before, so I was disappointed this only lasted a second. But, this was a time for man-stick, not foreplay, and before I could brace myself, round two of monster cock versus tiny white ass had started.
Ian's thrusts were so powerful, knocking my body forward as his hips clapped against my bouncing cheeks. And boy, did they clap. The sound of slapping skin filled the area around us, thrust after thrust of thick, juice-laden cock savaged my ass.
It really was a savage ass banging, and while I was near tears with the pleasure and the strain, so was my cock, I felt it pulsing violently everytime Ians cock entered me to its shaft, until, when he started speeding up, close to his own orgasm, I couldn't take it, I screamed loudly as my white spunk shot out and painted the woodwork of the bench, the initial shot leaving a trail all the way up my dress. I screamed for about a minute as my climax continued and Ian's thrusts became slower but harder, each time the base of his penis entered me, he stayed a fraction of a second longer, until on the sixth, I felt that massive cock swell, a huge shudder and Ian withdrew fast, my poor asshole, so accustomed to the large member, gaped open like a cave, a second later, and I felt hot man fluid splatter my backside, run down my crack and drip around my gurl-pussy.
I lay breathless over the side of that bench for about five minutes, my ebony lovers' cum had traveled down my ass and onto my balls, dripping from them onto the soil in thick, silky strands.
"Can you lick my cock?" Came Ian's voice after I'd got my breath back. I laughed for a moment and slowly and with great difficulty I might add, made my way to my feet, faced him and knelt. Licking that marvellous cock for the last time, still slightly warm.
Im glad my ass could warm that bear-like penis. I licked it and sucked very gently until it lay limply against that shiny ball sack.
It was over, my thirst quenched and my ass feeling like the football team had taken turns on it. But it was so worth it. Ian was a lovely guy and I wish I had gotten his number, but that's not the way things work out I guess.
We left each other as we exited the park and after two days I was back on the train, back home.
Abrupt ending to the story, I know, but that's how it seems sometimes. An end is an end. Ian had a lovely end.

Hope you enjoyed this, please comment or visit my profile - i'll give you cookies if you do! ;P

=^.^= Kit x
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20 days ago
came in my tights!hot story :P
10 months ago
oh my, I luved it dear
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I like . Now wheres my cookies ? Hmmmmm ;-}
2 years ago
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You Kit that was incredible
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You Kit that was incredible
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You Kit that was incredible
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OMG Kit that was amazing!
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great story, kit~!
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Arousing Story Kit! ; )
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Nice one Hun!
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Lovely story. Very descriptive