f***ed to cum by a stranger

It was another night at home alone; after getting the call from my Mom saying she'd been asked to work a double. As much as it sucked living at home at 19 it was nice to have time to myself. What to do? Fuck... I decided I would take a shower and shave my snatch for what would hopefully be another adventurous night out. I headed to the shower after I turned on some Pandora Radio to sing to in the shower.

The water was nice and hot, as I lathered up my snatch. With some gentle swipes of the razor, I was quickly as smooth as a baby's bottom. I turned with my back to the curtain to get my shampoo when I thought I heard a strange noise somewhere in the house. Fucking cat must have knocked something off the table. As I begin to apply my shampoo, someone grabs me from behind. Oh my God what is even happening?! My pulse shoots thru the roof and I try and thrash away from whoever has grabbed me but it's no use. Suddenly I hear a man's voice say " Now now, if you are a good girl, I wont hurt you, I just want to play a little bit. Be a good girl and don't scream or I will have to cover your mouth." I'm so scared I can hardly respond with a squeemish "ok". He is lucky I was in the shower when he snatched me up, otherwise whoever the fuck this guy was would have been in for it. I feel his body pressed up against mine, his erection, clearly shoved up against my wet ass crack. One of his hands move from around my neck and waist down to my B tits and I feel him slide in between my legs with his other hand and he tugs on my nipple roughly. "You've got some nice titties girl...do you like it when your boyfriend sucks on them for you?" His other hand is cupping my freshly shaved snatch, " oh what do we have here? You like your pussy nice and bare do you? I like this...mmmm...." I feel him spread me open and slide his fingers like a comb thru my meaty pussy. He plunges a finger in me to pull my juices back out and spread them on my waterlogged pussy. My mind snaps to how scared I am, with my mind rushing, and my heart pumping double time. I can't help but wonder if he is going to **** me, and I try to push that image out of my mind.
"What do you want from me?" I ask
"I told you, I just want to play a little...."
"Please don't hurt me, and if you are going to **** me, please don't"
"I promise nothing I am about to do to you will hurt, I want to make you cum, so no more talking...I wont hurt you."

With that he begins rubbing my slit in circular motion like I do when I get myself off.." what do we have here? Wow, you have a nice big clit...let me see if I can make it bigger" He finds my abnormally large clit and begins pinching it like my nipple, jerking on it a bit and rubbing it. My body disobeys me as I begin to become aroused, I can feel all my bl**d rushing to my pussy as he plays with my clit. He dips back into my pussy, this time finding lots of my wetness and I feel his cock twinge against my backside. He slides his fingers around and begins vigorously rubbing my clit. " There is nothing hotter than a fat clit and making a woman cum against her will...don't be upset with me, I've been wanting to do this for so long. You will enjoy it...I promise" He is right as he is assaulting my clit I feel my thighs begin to wobble. The steam from the shower is overwhelming as I catch myself moaning, sucking the hot steam back into my lungs. While vigorously rubbing my erect clit, I can feel juices running from my pussy down my legs as I begin to orgasm. His fingers leave my nipple and I feel his hands wrap around my throat and he begins to choke me as my first wave hits me. Fuck, I cannot believe how good it feels. My pussy sprays out my lady cum and he losens his grip on my throat.
"Yesssss that's a good girl, cum for me!"

As I spray the shower, my whole body clentches up and I find myself in pure ectasy. I mumble something about how good it feels and to not stop. He continues to please my pussy, and for the first time I see my attacker as he turns me around. He is a older man, handsome, fit and has at least a 10 inch cock begging to spring from his pants. No time for introduction, he is on a mission. He quickly shoves 2 fingers into my convulsing pussy and begins to give my pussy the come here motion. I lose it again, squirting my juices onto his hand, arm and pants. Whatever fear I have had has left me as I am being violated by this man. I am enjoying this. He drops to his knees in front of me and begins to suck on my clit, like a mini penis, taking the whole thing into his mouth and then teasing the tip. He licks the full length of my clit, circling it's head and lapping at me for what seemed like foever. As he brought me to another orgasm I begin to see stars. My "attacker" is sensitive to me and he reaches out to turn off the hot water. My skin is bright red and I'm feeling quite faint. He carries me into my bedroom and places me down on my bed. "I may have f***ed my way in here, but I'm not a monster. I have been watching you for weeks, and I just couldn't help it. I have always wanted to do this to a woman, and I just knew you were the one." He knelt down in front of me and spreads my legs. "You have the most amazing pussy I've ever seen in person, your clit is so big and beautiful." I close my eyes when he leans forward and begins jerking my clit off again, and I spread my legs wider. I'm so wet and so hard, I can't think of anything but my next orgasm. I secretly want him to fuck me now, but I'm clearly not running the show. He puts his mouth over my pussy as I spray again, and I watch him as he comes up with a huge wet smile. "Thank you miss..." In my mind I think, no...thank you and I fall into a orgasm c***. When I open my eyes, he is gone and my legs tremble as I stand. There is no attacker anywhere in the house as I search for him and all I can think is I hope he will come back again.

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3 years ago
:) awesome
3 years ago
loved it!
3 years ago
Oh now that is so erotic and dam horny mmmm
3 years ago
so Fucken hot baby...
loved it
3 years ago
omg a gentleman attacker
3 years ago
so hot, good story. Thanks for sharing.
3 years ago
Very hott!!
3 years ago
very hot story
3 years ago