Sex At the Office [RP]

Introduction: another RP story with Jane (Guest_jazzyscampi). This time a office worker staying late as a chance encounter with a security guard with dark plans for them both… enjoy 

Guest_Devilhorns95: -He enters the office area to patrol it before he sees her. With his hand on his baton he moves closer to her slowly- ma'am? What are you doing here?
Guest_jazzyscampi: ~She jumps in surprise, putting a hand to her chest as she turns to face him~ Oh I'm sorry Sir I was just finishing up this report needs to be done by tomorrow and all that
Guest_DevilHorns95: -he pauses for a while to quite obviously stare at her cleavage that was revealed by her blouse- ...I’m sorry, you can't be here. You have to go
Guest_jazzyscampi: Well I think I can stay, unless you want me to tell the boss you keep perving up the female employees
Guest_DevilHorns95: actually...-he takes out his handcuffs- I can just arrest you now for failing to comply -he smirks, twirling the handcuffs around his finger-
Guest_jazzyscampi: Well I fail to see how that works as your just a lame security guard with no power ~Unimpressed she turns back to her work~
Guest_DevilHorns95: is that so? -He roughly pulls her to her feet and bends her over the desk while he holds her hands back with one hand, the other feels up her ass-
Guest_jazzyscampi: Hey, you can't do that ~She writhes in his grip, trying to lash out at him in annoyance~
Guest_DevilHorns95: of course I can, no one else is here and I have access to the company’s cameras. -He laughs evilly and runs his hand up her leg to under her skirt-
Guest_jazzyscampi: Which will just show you as a perv ~She snaps a leg at him, trying to hide the shiver of pleasure that zapped up her spine~
Guest_DevilHorns95: not quite. I can delete them and blame a malfunction, now shut up slut. I’m gonna enjoy this -he barks at her, and spanks her ass hard- I’ve seen you around the office, dressing like a little whore but not putting out, you just love to tease men don’t you? -He spanks her again-
Guest_jazzyscampi: ~She yelps in confused pain, holding her silence as she was unsure what would aggravate him more~
Guest_DevilHorns95: good girl -he laughs again and pulls her panties down then holds her skirt up. He rubs her pussy with two fingers-
Guest_jazzyscampi: ~She starts to whine but it quickly turns to a gentle moan as the sensations start to arouse her~
Guest_DevilHorns95: -he moves them to her clit and pinches the bud between them hard enough so she feels a bit of pain-
Guest_jazzyscampi: ~She yelps again, wriggling her ass in discomfort~
Guest_DevilHorns95: -he pushes his crotch up on her ass so she wiggles it on his crotch. He then slides the fingers into her pussy and fingers her quickly-
Guest_jazzyscampi: ~her moan becomes more pronounced as she grips the desk lightly~
Guest_DevilHorns95: see, you like it -he smiles and runs the other hand up and around her blouse to hold her breast-
Guest_jazzyscampi: ~She bites her tongue quietly, trying to hold back her moans and response~
Guest_DevilHorns95: -he fingers her even faster and rougher, bending the fingers slightly so the push against her walls-
Guest_jazzyscampi: ~She cries out softly, thrusting back to meet his fingers as she tosses her head back~
Guest_DevilHorns95: -he smiles and laughs louder then massages her breast a bit rougher-
Guest_jazzyscampi: ~she winces quietly, mewing in pain yet pleasure@
Guest_jazzyscampi: ~*
Guest_DevilHorns95: I bet you want to be fucked right now. -He whispers to her-
Guest_jazzyscampi: Uuuh, I do. It's been to long ~her voice comes out as a soft whine of need~
Guest_DevilHorns95: with a sexy body like this, I thought you got it all day, everyday -he pulls his trousers down, his stiff cock at the ready. he takes his fingers out and holds his cock by the shaft then rubs it between her pussy lips to tease her-
Guest_jazzyscampi: ~She whines hungrily, begging for it with whines~
Guest_DevilHorns95: -he slides it in, slowly because she was so tight. He tosses his head back and moans when he feels her walls hugging his cock-
Guest_jazzyscampi: ~her tight pussy walls start to milk his cock as it slowly enters her, her moans deep and relieved~
Guest_DevilHorns95: -holding her in place by her waist he starts to fuck her, still slow but gaining speed and depth-
Guest_jazzyscampi: ~to give him support she clings onto the desk lightly, her moans nearing feral screams~
Guest_DevilHorns95: -he runs his hands up her to her breasts and holds them both, squeezing them in time with his thrusts-
Guest_jazzyscampi: ~She thrusts her back with a deep grunt, shakily pulling her blouse off to give him more skin~
Guest_DevilHorns95: -he moans louder and lies on her back so he can drive his horny cock as deep as possible into her-
Guest_jazzyscampi: ~She claws at the desk lightly, her moans finally becoming sharp squeals of delight~
Guest_DevilHorns95: -he kisses the back of her neck and bites into it while mercilessly fucking her-
Guest_jazzyscampi: ~She squeals like a little slutty pig, her legs spread open for his merciless fucking as her knees buckle in pleasure and under his strength~
Guest_DevilHorns95: -his hard thrusts keeps her up, the loud smack of their thighs hitting and her moans sending him over the edge as he pumps his dick into her tight cunt-
Guest_jazzyscampi: ~She squeals out as she cums, bucking against the desk uncontrollably as she orgasms~
Guest_DevilHorns95: -he keeps fucking her even after her cums until him finally cums inside her with a long moan-
Guest_jazzyscampi: ~She collapses against the desk, harsh pants driven from her chest~
Guest_DevilHorns95: -he handcuffs her hands behind her back and tosses her to her knees- suck my cock slut
Guest_jazzyscampi: ~Now beyond moral boundaries she bows her head and licks the head lightly~
Guest_DevilHorns95: -he lifts her head up to look at him- I said suck, not lick
Guest_jazzyscampi: ~She blushes softly and nods, taking it in her mouth slowly~
Guest_DevilHorns95: yeah, that's right, suck it bitch -he moans and holds his head back with a smile-
Guest_jazzyscampi: ~She takes in as much as she can, sucking~
Guest_DevilHorns95: -he holds the side of her head just in case she resists. He slowly thrusts it into her mouth-
Guest_jazzyscampi: ~She gags slightly, not used to his length~
Guest_DevilHorns95: -he laughs again and keeps thrusting into her mouth till she gets used to it-
Guest_jazzyscampi: ~slowly she starts to suck~
Guest_DevilHorns95: good girl. -He closes his eyes and moans, more cum leaks out the slit and onto her tongue-
Guest_jazzyscampi: ~She swallows it softly, sucking as best as she can~
Guest_DevilHorns95: -he moans louder, forcing all of his cock into her mouth-
Guest_jazzyscampi: ~She gags, clearly struggling as she tries to take some out~
Guest_DevilHorns95: -he let’s some of it come out but still keeps thrusting his dick into her-
Guest_jazzyscampi: ~She keeps sucking as best as she can, placing a hand on each of his thighs for support~
Guest_DevilHorns95: -he continues to moan out- ohh, that's good
Guest_jazzyscampi: ~Her sucking gets harder as she slowly puts more in on her own now she is getting used to it~
Guest_DevilHorns95: -he lowers his hands to her breasts and play with them. Squeezing them and pushing them together-
Guest_jazzyscampi: ~She gasps, wriggling in his touch as she sucks hard for release~
Guest_DevilHorns95: -he moans one more time and cums again in her mouth, shooting some cum down her throat while the rest stick the back of her mouth-
Guest_jazzyscampi: ~Gagging she swallows quickly~
Guest_DevilHorns95: that's a good girl. Drink up
Guest_jazzyscampi: ~Licks the last bits from her lips~
Guest_DevilHorns95: -he takes his cock out her mouth and sits on her desk with a smile0
Guest_DevilHorns95: smile-*
Guest_jazzyscampi: ~She blushes scarlet and rises quickly, trying to get out of the cuffs~
Guest_DevilHorns95: not bad you, I just might not report you for staying so late
Guest_jazzyscampi: You better, now take these cuffs off and let me go home
Guest_DevilHorns95:, not yet. I have something else I want you to do
Guest_jazzyscampi: ~She sighs, standing slowly~ and then you'll erase the tapes and let me go?
Guest_DevilHorns95: sure, as long as you keep quiet about what happened here
Guest_jazzyscampi: I won't breathe a word
Guest_DevilHorns95Guest_DevilHorns95: good. -he takes out his baton and takes the handcuffs off then gives her the baton- fuck yourself with this
Guest_jazzyscampi: ~She blinks and slowly takes it~
Guest_DevilHorns95: you heard me, fuck yourself
Guest_jazzyscampi: ~Perching herself on her desk she spreads her legs, slowly pushing the head into her wet pussy~
Guest_DevilHorns95: yeah that's it. Very nice -he sits and watches attentively-
Guest_jazzyscampi: ~She blushes under his gaze, sliding more in as she adjusts to the size~
Guest_DevilHorns95: he rubs his crotch while watching her-
Guest_jazzyscampi: ~She closes her eyes, gradually building up speed till she is fucking herself with it~
Guest_DevilHorns95: -he wanks off to her- I had a friend made it so it vibrates. So if you can find the switch
Guest_jazzyscampi: ~She chooses to ignore his words, just fucking herself with it~
Guest_DevilHorns95: that was an order you know -his voice was stern-
Guest_jazzyscampi: ~She looks down, fumbling for the switch~
Guest_DevilHorns95: -he waits for her to find it-
Guest_jazzyscampi: ~She finds it and flicks it on~
Guest_DevilHorns95: good work. As you were
Guest_jazzyscampi: ~She moans deeply, thrusting her head back as she fucks herself deeply~
Guest_DevilHorns95: yeah, that's it. Keep going -he wanks faster-
Guest_jazzyscampi: ~She slides of the desk to stand, fucking herself openly with her legs spread wide~
Guest_DevilHorns95: -he leans back in her chair- you've used one of these before?
Guest_jazzyscampi: ~She shakes her head non convincingly, her moans loud and shrill~
Guest_DevilHorns95: sure you haven’t -he smirks and enjoys the rest of the show-
Guest_jazzyscampi: ~with a yell she sinks to her knees, cumming over the baton~
Guest_DevilHorns95: -he laughs and claps her performance- well done
Guest_jazzyscampi: ~she blushes deeply~ T-Thank you
Guest_DevilHorns95Guest_DevilHorns95: guess what, I planned all of this. Everything you just did, it's going up on my favourite porn site. Don’t worry; I’ll pixel out your face
Guest_jazzyscampi: ~she gasps, blushing furiously as she rises. Pulling out the baton with a squelch~
Guest_DevilHorns95: my mates in IT are also in one it and if you even think about telling the police, I’ll have him send the video link to your boss from your account and you'll be sacked for inappropriate behaviour
Guest_jazzyscampi : You bastard, if you ever do anything like this again I'll report you ~She pulls on her blouse and quickly buttons it up~
Guest_DevilHorns95Guest_DevilHorns95 : if you wanna keep you job that you spent all night working to save, you'll do no such thing -he laughs evilly-
Guest_jazzyscampi: ~she picks up her panties and quickly shuts down her monitor~ you never speak of this again, clear? ~
Guest_DevilHorns95: oh don't worry. The worst case scenario, your boss is a regular visit of the site I’m posting this on and even then I doubt he'd remember just another pencil pushers voice
Guest_jazzyscampi: ~She reaches out and coldly slaps him across the face before gathering her things and leaving~
Guest_DevilHorns95: -he smiles evilly- see ya porn star -he jokes-
Guest_jazzyscampi: ~She slams the door behind her and leaves quickly~
Guest_DevilHorns95: -he looks up and to his disarray the camera wasn’t even turned on…-


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