Making a Porno with my slave (RP)

Introduction: Some online role-playing I(GUEST_DEVILHORNS95) did with a friend named Jane(GUEST_JAZZYSCAMPI). I also play the teacher and Driver but you’ll find out more about them later. For those not familiar with this style, anything between the hyphens are actions. I also edited all the out-of-character chit-chat and the spelling error corrections we made so it’s all role-play. The story begins just after the starting point so basically what happens is Jane is my slave and I asked her to perform in a porno where a teacher fucks his naughty student my friend is making. in other words, we rp that we're making a porno. She agreed and went to “rehearse” as it were, leaving me to catch some sl**p on the couch. Enjoy ;)(all names and story are fake. any similarity in real life is purely co-incidental)

GUEST_JAZZYSCAMPI : Jane smiled softly, gently tucking him up with a blanket-
GUEST_DEVILHORNS95: -the feel of a blanket waked him up of his dazed state. He sits up, holding the side of his head- Jane? What time is it?
GUEST_JAZZYSCAMPI : I-I'm not sure Sir -Biting her lip she went off to get him some water and an aspirin-
GUEST_DEVILHORNS95: -he sits up slowly- drinking will be the death of me
GUEST_DEVILHORNS95: a short life of drinking is worth it though

GUEST_JAZZYSCAMPI: Indeed it is Sir -She returned, handing him the two objects she had gone to fetch-
GUEST_DEVILHORNS95: cheers -he swallows the aspirin and drinks half the glass of water- I think we should start to get ready
GUEST_JAZZYSCAMPI: Indeedy we should Sir
GUEST_DEVILHORNS95: -he stands up and shakes the tipsiness off- it'll take more than one glass of scotch to kill me -he says boldly, proud of his near immunity to the bad side effects of alcohol-
GUEST_JAZZYSCAMPI : -Chuckling she shook her head softly, gently reaching out a hand to his temple as she absorbs the last of it-
GUEST_DEVILHORNS95: thanks love -he heads up the stairs to his room-
GUEST_JAZZYSCAMPI : -She bowed her head quietly, disappearing to get ready also-
GUEST_DEVILHORNS95: -he came back out in black jeans, a black tee and boots. Traditional rocker uniform-
GUEST_JAZZYSCAMPI : -Smiling softly she watched him, leaning against the banister at the top of the stairs-
GUEST_DEVILHORNS95: all set? -He asks, straightening out a few creases in his shirt-
GUEST_JAZZYSCAMPI : All set -She smiled, sliding down the banister to land at his feet. Dressed in a short plaid skirt, a white blouse and black boots-
GUEST_DEVILHORNS95: my word. -he takes out a pair of rocker sunglasses and puts them on then comically takes them off quickly to act out a surprised person taking his glasses off- I thought they gave you a costume
GUEST_JAZZYSCAMPI : Now he tells me -She glared at him playfully, turning on the spot to be dressed in something a bit more toned down-
GUEST_DEVILHORNS95: well, let’s go. Try not to walk past someone too fast. They might snap their own neck turning to stare -he jokes and heads downstairs-
GUEST_JAZZYSCAMPI: -She gestures to her jeans and t-shirt with a twirl, falling into step beside him-
GUEST_DEVILHORNS95: -he puts one arm around her and leads her out the door which automatically locked itself when closed-
GUEST_JAZZYSCAMPI : -Smiling softly she settled in, her smaller frame slotting in around his-
GUEST_DEVILHORNS95 : -just around the corner, a black car was pulled up and waiting for them with a shady looking driver smoking and leaning against the hood- he sure is a drama king if he sent this
GUEST_JAZZYSCAMPI : But drama kings are so much fun, well especially when d***k -She shuddered softly at the memory, taking his hand quietly perhaps in an act of nerves-
GUEST_DEVILHORNS95: if you say so -he greets the driver how just responds by tipping his cliché black hat. He then opens the door for them both and goes in first-
GUEST_JAZZYSCAMPI : -Peacefully she slid in beside him, gazing out the window lightly-
GUEST_DEVILHORNS95: -the driver gets in and does the pre driver routine of checking stuff and such then starts the engine and drives off slowly. Not saying much- I like this driver better -he whispers to her-
GUEST_JAZZYSCAMPI : How so? -She turned to him, as always curiosity burning in her eyes-
GUEST_DEVILHORNS95: he smells better and seems less...sleazy.
GUEST_DEVILHORNS95: -his hand slides into her jeans and the tip of his middle finger rubs her panties-
GUEST_JAZZYSCAMPI : -In surprise she would gasp, her body frozen in pleasured surprise-
GUEST_DEVILHORNS95: driver, could you turn the air conditioning on? It’s gonna get hot back here -spike asks. The driver smiles a little, knowing what he means. He turns it on low and closes the window between them to give them some privacy. Spike slides his hand further into her jeans. He pushes her panties to one side and slides his middle in her-
GUEST_JAZZYSCAMPI: -With a soft moan she closed her eyes, her body leaning back into its seat to give him more room to do as he so desired-
GUEST_DEVILHORNS95: -he undoes her jeans and holds her panties aside so he can finger her deeper-
GUEST_JAZZYSCAMPI : -With shaken hands she holds her panties to one side so he could use both hands to do what he pleased with-
GUEST_DEVILHORNS95 -he uses only one to stimulate her pussy, the other goes up her shirt and gently massages her right breast-
GUEST_JAZZYSCAMPI : -With a held back moan she bites her lip softly, her spare hand slowly unbuttoning her blouse-
GUEST_DEVILHORNS95: -he whispers to her- "let it out love. He can't hear us" -he smiles and kisses her-
GUEST_JAZZYSCAMPI: -With a smile her lips kiss his in response with passion, her moan tearing through her body and into his parted lips-
GUEST_DEVILHORNS95: -he falls backwards, pulling her down with him so she ends up on top. He slides another finger into her and arch them up so the rub her frontal walls and hopefully her G-spot-
GUEST_JAZZYSCAMPI : -Her cry echoes as her back arches, exposed body glistening like that of an a****l in feral hunger for what he did to her body as his fingers danced on her G-spot-
GUEST_DEVILHORNS95: -he was starting to get very hard under her. Pushing the bulge up against her pussy instinctively. He kisses her again, still rubbing her walls-
GUEST_JAZZYSCAMPI: -Hands shaken by his actions she reached underneath her to undo his jeans, her body shaking with the pressure not to cum so soon-
GUEST_DEVILHORNS95: -his erect cock jumps out and hits her pussy. He continues to kiss her with closed eyes-
GUEST_JAZZYSCAMPI: -Slowly she slides his fingers out and replaces them with his cock as she deepens the kiss-
GUEST_DEVILHORNS95: -he holds her by her hips and pulls her slowly down unto his cock while simultaneously thrusting up into her-
GUEST_JAZZYSCAMPI: -With a jut she moans, her eyes closing softly-
GUEST_DEVILHORNS95: ride my cock Jane. -He orders, hands on her hips-
GUEST_JAZZYSCAMPI: -She nods, not needing further orders as she starts to ride it slowly in measured actions-
GUEST_DEVILHORNS95: -he lets out soft moans and bits his lip. He closes his eyes to fully enjoy the feel of her-
GUEST_JAZZYSCAMPI: -Growing more confident in her actions she starts to gyrate her hips slowly as she thrusts-
GUEST_DEVILHORNS95: oh Jane -he whispers and moans, loving the tightness and heat of her horny cunt-
GUEST_JAZZYSCAMPI: Do I please you Sir? -With a knowing smile she leant down to whisper in his ear, breath hot against his cheek as her leaning down f***es his cock deeper inside her-
GUEST_DEVILHORNS95: very much so -he smiles and moans again, he holds unto her firm ass and squeezes it-
GUEST_JAZZYSCAMPI: -She smiles, her moans soft and needy as her ass presses into his hands as she raises her hips to thrust down again-
GUEST_DEVILHORNS95: -he also starts to thrust, when she is coming down on his dick so it's driven deep inside her tight hole-
GUEST_JAZZYSCAMPI: -She staggers with a yelp, convulsing as she cums-
GUEST_DEVILHORNS95: -his head went back and he groans loudly as she convulses around him, making him cum as well-
GUEST_JAZZYSCAMPI: -Smiling she leans down, kissing his lips gently-
GUEST_DEVILHORNS95: -he kisses her back. His cum oozes out of her-
GUEST_JAZZYSCAMPI: -Slowly her breath slows as she lies on top of him-
GUEST_DEVILHORNS95: don't get too comfy love. You still have a job to do later -he says to her, holding her-
GUEST_DEVILHORNS95: good. I wonder if we're there yet. -he slightly rises up to look out the tinted window. They had already arrived and the driver was halfway through a smoke-
GUEST_JAZZYSCAMPI: "I think we took a bit too long" -She smiled, licking his nose as she rose off his cock-
GUEST_DEVILHORNS95: indeed -he blushes and sits up, with her in his lap-
GUEST_JAZZYSCAMPI: -Smiling she kisses him one last time before sliding off his lap-
GUEST_DEVILHORNS95-he pulls his trousers up and buttons them-
GUEST_JAZZYSCAMPI: -Peacefully she dresses herself again, making sure she is presentable-
GUEST_DEVILHORNS95 -he steps out of the car only to see his friend smiling a cheeky smile at him and holding up a barely noticeable thumbs up to congratulate him on having sex-
GUEST_JAZZYSCAMPI: -Rising gracefully Jane stepped out of the car, humming to herself softly-
GUEST_DEVILHORNS95: -all the other slaves were smiling at her, a few blushing- one of them lead everyone inside the rather large mansion-
GUEST_JAZZYSCAMPI: -Continuing to hum Jane followed, nerves sending a tremor in the tune-
GUEST_DEVILHORNS95: -they were led into a classroom set with just some desk, a board and a teacher's desk in shot. Everyone was all set up and waiting, indicating that they were REALLY late-
GUEST_JAZZYSCAMPI: -Jane shot Spike a look with a raised eyebrow, walking off to find somewhere private for 5 seconds-
GUEST_DEVILHORNS95: -Someone had come over to her to explain her role again-
GUEST_JAZZYSCAMPI: -Tilting her head to the side she listened-
GUEST_DEVILHORNS95: -there was an alarm to indicate it was time to start filming. Spike went over to her- good luck love
GUEST_JAZZYSCAMPI: Thank you Sir -She smiled softly, walking over to her place calmly-
GUEST_DEVILHORNS95: -the stage is set with her sitting in the front seat with the teacher at his desk reading a book-
GUEST_JAZZYSCAMPI: -With a bouncy c***dish air she sat down in her seat happily-
GUEST_DEVILHORNS95: -he turns slightly sideways, pretending to adjust his position but his muscles were more exposed from this angle-
GUEST_JAZZYSCAMPI: -Smiling she makes no attempt to disguise her gazes at his muscles, her body leaning forward to push her cleavage into view-
GUEST_DEVILHORNS95: -he glances at her cleavage and puts the book down- is something wrong miss?
GUEST_JAZZYSCAMPI: Oh, nothing at all Sir -Quietly she prompts her chin on her hand, making herself looking c***dish and innocent-
GUEST_DEVILHORNS95: -he turns his attention back to his book. He rests his elbow on the desk which shows off his biceps to the audience-
GUEST_JAZZYSCAMPI: -With an air of purpose she knocks her pencil to the ground, making no attempt to stop her skirt from riding up when she bent down to pick it up-
GUEST_DEVILHORNS95: -he lowers his book to sneak a peak up her skirt and bites his bottom lip-
GUEST_JAZZYSCAMPI: -Sensing his gaze she smiled, pretending the pencil was out of reach as she wriggled her ass slightly in an attempt to reach for it-
GUEST_DEVILHORNS95: -he mouths the word "fuck" and continues to stare up her skirt-
GUEST_JAZZYSCAMPI: -Innocently she picked up the pencil and returned to her seat as if nothing had happened-
GUEST_DEVILHORNS95: -he quickly looks away so he doesn't get caught. The director shouts to her to now cue misbehaving so he can give her detention-
GUEST_JAZZYSCAMPI: -Running the pencil across her teeth she tilts her head to the side, flicking the pencil into a head of a nearby student in his clear sight-
GUEST_DEVILHORNS95: "Oi, you" -he points to her- I saw that. Behave yourself young lady -he sounded strict-
GUEST_JAZZYSCAMPI: -Giggling softly she tosses her hair back with a smile, picking up another pencil and threw it the same way- And what if I don't?
GUEST_DEVILHORNS95: I'll give you detention, that's what. Last chance, you
GUEST_JAZZYSCAMPI: -She made a playful sad face, throwing her last pencil at another innocent student-
GUEST_DEVILHORNS95: alright, that's it. Detention! -he slammed his hand on the desk and sat out his seat. The director yells "cut" and someone comes over to explain that they'll do a cut-away to fast-forward to detention-
GUEST_JAZZYSCAMPI: -She nods, rearranging her desk peacefully-
GUEST_DEVILHORNS95: -the two students leave and the actor returns to his desk, trying out a range of angry expressions before settling on one not too threatening-
GUEST_JAZZYSCAMPI: -Humming softly she sits slightly to the side, legs crossed so her skirt is halfway up her ass-
GUEST_DEVILHORNS95: -the camera starts filming again. he puts down the book he was pretending to read and goes to in front of her desk, pressing down on it so he can they are face to face- you've been a naughty girl today. Care to explain why?
GUEST_JAZZYSCAMPI: Well being good can get so very boring after a while -She smiles c***dishly, placing her hands on the desk so that he is starring down at her cleavage-
GUEST_DEVILHORNS95: -he pauses for a while to look at her breasts then stand up. He covers over to the corner and takes his jacket off then throws it over a prop camera- the school says I can't spank students but you need to be punished -he goes over to his desk, opens a drawer and takes out a 12 inch ruler-
GUEST_JAZZYSCAMPI: Oh really Sir? Starring at my tits all day long in class? I think its you who need to be punished Sir -Smiling softly she quickly slides out to perch on her desk with legs crossed, the skirt acting more like a belt at this stage. Revealing lace panties and suspenders-
GUEST_DEVILHORNS95: either way, you deserve a good spanking -he holds her by her arm and pulls her off the desk ten roughly bends her over his-
GUEST_JAZZYSCAMPI: -She gasps softly in mock confusion, her skirt falling forward to reveal a peachy little ass just begging to be spanked-
GUEST_DEVILHORNS95: MMM, nice ass -he gets behind her and runs the broad side of the ruler over it- bet you never been spanked before
GUEST_JAZZYSCAMPI: N-No Sir -She bites her lip softly, starting to become aroused by this-
GUEST_DEVILHORNS95: ever been fucked before? -He lightly taps her with the ruler to tease her-
GUEST_JAZZYSCAMPI: -She gasps softly, jumping in surprise of the touch- No Sir
GUEST_DEVILHORNS95: good. I love fucking young virgin cunts like you -he spanks her hard with the ruler, it echoes and leaves a pink outline on her ass-
GUEST_JAZZYSCAMPI: -She yelps, jumping forward at the harshness of the spank
GUEST_DEVILHORNS95: -he spanks her again. 2 out of the 6 lashes they used to give with each getting more painful-
GUEST_JAZZYSCAMPI: -She bites her lip, wriggling her little ass in pain-
GUEST_DEVILHORNS95: yeah you naughty little slut, you like being spanked don't you? -He spanks her three more times-
GUEST_JAZZYSCAMPI: Ooh yes Sir, I love it -She grits her teeth, still crying out with each spank as her ass gradually turns red under his strikes-
GUEST_DEVILHORNS95: -he spanks her one last time. The ruler snaps in two but was secretly designed to. He tosses it aside and takes his dick out his trousers and pushes her to her knees- suck it bitch
GUEST_JAZZYSCAMPI: -She gasps at the size, parting her lips as she starts sucking the head lightly-
GUEST_DEVILHORNS95: -he groans loudly and tosses his head back, holding the top oh her head-
GUEST_JAZZYSCAMPI: -She moans around his cock, slowly taking more in as she starts sucking harder-
GUEST_DEVILHORNS95: -he wraps his hands around her neck and pretends to choke her while he fucks her mouth-
GUEST_JAZZYSCAMPI: -She staggers, acting as if she can't breathe as she sucks harder for release-
GUEST_DEVILHORNS95: -after a few minutes he lifts her to her feet and bends her over the desk again. He rips off her panties completely, tosses her skirt up and slides his hard dick into her pussy-
GUEST_JAZZYSCAMPI: -She moans deeply, tossing her head back with a sigh of release-
GUEST_DEVILHORNS95: -he roughly pounds her virgin pussy hard and deep, moaning with each thrust-
GUEST_JAZZYSCAMPI: -She cries out in one long loud moan, her body being pumped back and forth across the desk with his thrusts-
GUEST_DEVILHORNS95: -he reaches around and squeezes her breasts. His arm muscles tense and rise up for the camera to show he is squeezing them hard but he wasn’t, just holding them-
GUEST_JAZZYSCAMPI: -She grits her teeth, acting like she is crumpling under the f***e of his squeezes-
GUEST_DEVILHORNS95: -he hooks her leg up to show the camera his dick sliding in and out of her wet pussy, her glistening moisture coats his dick-
GUEST_JAZZYSCAMPI: -She hooks her fingers around the desk, showing how deep he is pushing in her-
GUEST_DEVILHORNS95: -his balls slap against her folds when he drives his dick all the way into her. He had a little bush around the base that tickles any pussy he fucked-
GUEST_JAZZYSCAMPI: -Her moans get deeper, the slickness of her juices causing his dick to slide in and out with effortless ease-
GUEST_DEVILHORNS95: -he moves his hands to her neck to pretend choke her again while thrusting his massive cock into her using his hips-
GUEST_JAZZYSCAMPI: -She gasps, pretending not to be able to breathe as her hands writhe on the table as not to claw at his hands-
GUEST_DEVILHORNS95: -a few more harsh thrusts and he pulls out. He wanks his dick and sprays his cum on her back, aiming the last drops in her ass crack so the cum slides down to her pussy-
GUEST_JAZZYSCAMPI: -As his cum splatters across her back her own body shudders and convulses, her own cum dripping onto the floor slowly-
GUEST_DEVILHORNS95: -the director yells "cut" again and everyone applauds her. The actor shakes her hand and walks off-
GUEST_JAZZYSCAMPI: -She bows her head quietly, wrapping a dressing gown around herself-
GUEST_DEVILHORNS95: [quietly* don't worry. you'll get there.] spike comes over to her and puts his arm around her. He was raging hard- well done love. I thought he was going to break you in two for a moment
GUEST_JAZZYSCAMPI: -She smiled softly, snuggling close to his side- I don't think that would be allowed
GUEST_DEVILHORNS95: yeah. So how was it?
GUEST_JAZZYSCAMPI: It was an experience I'll never forget Sir
GUEST_DEVILHORNS95: I know I won't. Did you see the size of that knob? I didn’t even know they made penis steroids
GUEST_JAZZYSCAMPI: I think someone is getting jealous -She smiled, reaching up to kiss his nose-
GUEST_DEVILHORNS95: you know how men are like -he blushes. Let’s get you some rest-
GUEST_JAZZYSCAMPI: -She nods, kissing his blush quietly-
GUEST_DEVILHORNS95: -he leads her into the indoor pool and sits her down on one of the chairs then hands her £150 pay- your cut
GUEST_JAZZYSCAMPI: -She tilts her head and hands it back to him, curling up on the chair cat like- What’s mine is yours Sir
GUEST_DEVILHORNS95: you earned it. I’ll keep it until you want it but it's yours
GUEST_DEVILHORNS95: mmhmm. We’ll head home when you're ready but umm -he turns his head to stare at a passing half-naked model- umm, yeah
GUEST_JAZZYSCAMPI: -She nods understanding, closing her eyes to let him go off and...Explore-
GUEST_DEVILHORNS95: be right back in about half an hour Jane -he quickly wonders off to catch up to the model-
GUEST_JAZZYSCAMPI: -With a chuckle she curls up happily for a light nap-
GUEST_DEVILHORNS95: -a full hour later spike comes back with a satisfied smile and a wet crutch-
GUEST_JAZZYSCAMPI: -Stretching peaceful Jane opened one eye- Have fun?
GUEST_DEVILHORNS95: -he nodded and his smile grew- no wonder she's a professional
GUEST_JAZZYSCAMPI: -Nodding quietly she sat up with a yawn-
GUEST_DEVILHORNS95: anyway, ready to go?
GUEST_JAZZYSCAMPI: course Sir -She stood up peacefully, shaking away the last of her nap-
GUEST_DEVILHORNS95: alright let’s go -he leads her round front to the car. The driver, leaning against it as usual. He opens the door for them-
GUEST_JAZZYSCAMPI: -She thanked him quietly, sliding in like usual-
GUEST_DEVILHORNS95: -he pushes aside the condoms the driver had comically left there-
GUEST_JAZZYSCAMPI: -With a raised eyebrow Jane curled up by the window, looking through the tint peacefully-
GUEST_DEVILHORNS95: -the driver gets in and drives them back home-

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