BT- Captured, Tied and Weighted then Fucked!

Sirah stumbles awakening from her short nap brushing her skin still tender from the clothes pin treatment, a nearby chair is a good landing spot as her tired body utilizes its softness falling asl**p again for another ten minutes. I leave the room and make a crashing sound and see her startle and look around to locate the noise, getting up to peek out the door into the darkened hallway she turn and walks into the darkness unaware of the soft mat ahead of her. Making another sound she stops to look as I pull the rug from under her feet she falls on the mat with a grunt, quickly I am holding her inserting a towel to silence her noises then grabbing her wrists adding cuffs for immobilization. A blindfold then a roll to buckle the waist belt then back to move her hands securing them, Cuffs on her ankles finish the preparation I leave her to wiggle and tire herself again before retrieving her for transport.
Mumbled protests from Sirah as I grab the rug and drag her to the room down the hall she rolls over and smells deeply, The burning candles around the perimeter softly light the room adding calming scents of lavender. I crawl on top of her ass and whisper that now she is warmed up we can really play hard as I loop some rope around her ankles, bent at the knees and looped around her arms her back is bent slightly as I roll her on her side. I inform Sirah that now she can take a nap and that readiness is essential, she takes a deep breath and flushes slightly mumbling as I sit nearby watching her twitch and eventually calm.
Patiently waiting for thirty minutes and watching her soft breathes I decide it is time to begin her next treatment, a knife cuts the rope and I attach end to the overhead and lift her off the floor. Squeals of surprise as she swings and wiggles doing crunches touching her knees with her chin, a handful of hair leads her to a table and her upper arms get secured with rope and her feet lowered her body laying flat. Ankles secured and legs spread I remark that this table could be unpleasant as I add ropes to her waist belt, Sirah tosses protesting like a good sub but I need to adjust her hands on the table so give her feet several smacks of the crop.
Squeals from each strike she pants and tosses arching her back and wiggling her feet, unknowingly I shove a pillow under her back the ropes tighten as she finds she is more restricted. I speak softly “oh baby your skin is so soft and ready for my thoughts to be reality” as she squirms my cool fingers tracing her ribs my other hand reaching for something from a nearby table. A loud grunt and jerk as her areole’s get the pinch of a clamp then my hand holds them firmly, she tries to lift but I take the slack watching her struggle with the sensation. My free hand takes a rope attaching it then keeping the tension the other end is attached to weights on a table, Sirah pants keeping her back arched in the air thinking I am still holding the chain then squeals when both hands rake her ribs and stomach.
The pillow now removed she still holds her back arched but my cool fingers and her slightly ticklish stomach make her gasp and crunch down flat, the table utilized she grunts as her nipples are gripped by the clamps lifting them off the nearby table. My tickling continues keeping her flat on the table my hands move and grip her breasts teasing the clamps, my cool hands calm her numbing the stinging from the grip as I relieve the weight. I release her arms and take the chain and tell her “up” as she lifts her body so I can release her hands and secure them to the table, the chain rests in her cleavage as I tighten her arms and brush her sides and stomach still pink from earlier.
I add a face shield to protect her face and smack her stomach and legs then drip some wax on her feet, Sirah jerks and squeaks then pants tensing as I pour some up her legs. I remove the center of the table and remove the gag she takes a long breath as I drip some wax on her stomach, she yells “FUCK” as the wax runs across her stomach then quivers as I drip up her cleavage. A long groan escapes her as she realizes she is getting her pussy filled my cock driving inside, she tries to arch off the table so I hold firmly inside her and give the chain a firm tug the pinch causing a spasm though her pussy.
I loosen her wrist a little and secure the chain above her head with more weights than before then drip wax to get her back to arch, then holding her back I thrust several times her breathing quickening. Thrusting hard and holding inside I pinch her stomach to hold her then rhythmically I thrust to get her panting then pausing and slowing she pleads “please I want…”.
Unaware of the weights I thrust rapidly still pinching then after getting a pounding rhythm as she grunts and takes a breath I release and move my hands, she cries “FUCK-HARDER” as I grip her breasts and push her to the table the clamping of her areole’s cause her to clamp her pussy. Several more thrusts and I shoot with a loud grunt as she pants heavily and shivers having a half dozen pain produced orgasms, I begin to pull out as I whither she arches her back and shake and quiver through countless orgasms dropping her body on the table seemingly pleasuring herself lifting the weights.
After several minutes she seems to collapse on the table panting still holding the weights airborne and still twitching, I reach over and lift the weights and remove the clamps she emits a small grunt so I give her a kiss. Sirah lays there to beginning to snore after a minute her pink skin and swollen nipples pointing skyward, I sit nearby and watch her soft breathes and admire her glistening body then releasing her only for her to not move for two hours.

Later I clean the wax off her body and give her a message to awaken her gently and she tells me it was wonderful!

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very good