BT-Sirah graduates to crops and clamps...

Her arms outspread and pussy weights swinging as she sways the coolness of a fan in the corner gives her goosebumps, I spray some water on her skin and the coolness makes her breaths shudder. I add some padding for her knees and remove the center section from the table, her head turns to listen to the clunk noise as I place the section away from the table. From her feet I brush a crop up her leg and inside her thighs and smack between them making her posture, the pussy weights swing so I reach and steady them releasing the pressure removing them getting a gasp as the bl**d rushes in.
My gaze falls to her nearly fallen bra only the back strap holing it in place her bare shoulders twitching in anticipation as the bra covers the last area unexploited(TG's Bianca is in a position like this in a BDSM compilation without a bra), my crop brushes up her stomach and sides compelling me to smack a dozen times getting her to twist sideways then forward as I smack her back nearly thirty times my good girl counts each stroke without coaxing.
Sirah's back red from the crop I pause and secure her legs at the knees and feet to the table then smack up her sides getting deep breaths, then I whisper to her that things change all the time as I add a neck support and tie the laces snug. The arm bar is raised several inches and several breaths are taken while she becomes straighter, I test her body brushing my hands down her back and brush her stomach admiring her lean body and lifted ribs supported to my liking.
I lean in and give her a deep kiss while tickling her stomach her body leaning back slightly small noises are heard deep inside her, then pinching her stomach she pants deeply through our kiss. My mouth still kissing her I grasp and squeeze her bra cups detecting her firmness through the padding she pushes forward and turns slightly, her mutters consist of my body is your playground as she pushes hard into my hands.
One hand reaches and grabs her hair gripping her head falls back as my other hand reaches and then a snip sound in the cleavage, a gentle flop of the garment on the table and my hand releases her hair and brushes her back then cups two puffy topped mounds holding and kneading. she pushes forward taking long breaths pleading that is has been years since they have been done right, I release and step back to admire there flat round shape with prominent areloe perched on top.
My eyes now confirm that the two pads serve a wonderful goal of shape and support, a slightly larger cup size and an extra pad with a hole for her nipple to stand tall and firm support to create perfect roundness. My hands wrap around her 180 cc breasts like a perfect fit with her firm nipples poking my palms, Sirah breaths and pushes toward me as I knead there firmness beginning to close my grip grasping there volume.
A deep growl comes from her chest as my fingers close on the perimeter of her areole then a long exhale as Sirah passes into subspace, my fingers gripping harder with each roll coaxing small breaths and shudders from her body. Her nipples trapped in my grip I roll more holding firm then whispering this is only the beginning little slut, her body stretched forward she growls softly and finds a little more to lean into my hands I kiss her and grip even harder rolling her flesh trapped in my grasp.
Releasing she pulls back like a spring I retrieve and grasp a nipple and attach two clamps repeating on the other, several weights are added and I stand back to watch her sway through the new stinging discomfort. Several strikes with the crop on her back I reach and turn the adjustment tighter, her twitches increase as she rides a seemingly endless wave of sensation swinging the weights slightly further her nipples taking the brunt of the torment.
I add a vibrator to her pussy teasing her outer lips getting her to twist to get the vibration for pleasure so I insert slightly, Sirah raises her body as much as possible enjoying the pleasure as I add a bar at shoulder height several feet in front with a table. Hips quivering on the head I take the weights and chains adding length and routing over the bar during her distraction, with the new chains taught I add weights resting on the table and tighten the clamps more then begin to remove the vibrator.
The slightly heavier weights on the table she postures and breaths to lower her pussy on the vibrator then pants to overcome the weight her nipples are lifting, I remark WOW-tough little slut and she mutters through breaths and lifts off the vibrator to pant and growl for me to Please turn up the vibrator. The humming agents her pussy gets her twitching and panting my hands on my erect cock as I watch her please herself, then in one swift motion she lets out this big grunt leaning back and dropping her pussy on the vibrator.
Sirah's hips circle and quiver the weights lifted off the table swinging as her shoulders shake, her head back she takes in deep breaths seemingly having a wave of orgasms as I shoot my load on her stomach. Her body undulates forward and back sometimes letting the weights rest then lifting them again to plunge over the vibrator, then after several minutes she begins to quiet so I lift the weights removing them brushing her nipples. More quivers throughout her body then a jerk as the bl**d rushes back into her tall puffy nipples released from the clamps, long deep panting as she comes down from her seemingly incredible experience I watch her finally open her eyes.
Her first words are "Kiss Me" so I softly hold her head and kiss her while she hangs by her arms supporting her limp body, leave me here and watch so I can be released when I am able to walk.

Then she dozes off snoring for a ten minute nap awaking to ask to be released.

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