BT-Sirah on the table office clipped and cut strap

Still wearing her cuffs I give Sirah a break to go do her personal business giving her a ten minute limit telling her the about the tape square she will return and wait for direction, meanwhile I prepare the room for her filling trays and arranging gear so it is at hand when I have her in my grasp. My thoughts about her zipper treatment is fresh in my mind and after her comments I plan to take her for a ride to her unexplored territory, sooner I snap out of my thoughts I turn to observe her standing on the tape X eyes closed ready to continue her session. I ask her if she did one and two and she confirms so I know she will be good and not make a mess, I take her to the middle of the room and elevate her arms and pinch her receiving a soft grunt.
Squeals begin as I apply a violet wand that gets her lifting herself and swinging to try to avoid the sensation but at times she swings right into the zapping wrath, taking a moment I add a spreader bar to her ankles and lift them several feet off the ground. The violet wand gets her tensing and lifting upward and wiggling so she get lowered back to the floor, arms spread she is raised again and tosses and squeals as I increase the wand to nearly a six.
Running the wand up and down her several time I stop allowing her to catch her breath as I loosen the overhead rope, taking her collar I walk her to a table removing the ankle bar so she can kneel on the pads facing me her arms secured again to a rope and lifted to take up slack. Facing her seated I admire her shiny skin from the wand work out but gaze at her swollen pussy and reach for clips, soft moans reveal her discomfort as they bite when applied turning to groans as nearly four are added to each lip. Several weights are added to each and she groans and breaths to compensate, leaning in I tell her this is very gentle for me as I add office clips to her sides causing her moans to deepen.
Several stands are added to the table and her arms get moved horizontal and secured with rope at elbows and a wide collar is added to support her head, I ask her if she wants a blindfold or gag as we continue and she opts for a blindfold and reassures me she breaths deeply without sound. I tickle her back sides and neck pausing to kiss her and ask her for her Safe word reminder, kissing her after my hands brush down her chest pausing at her bra padding to give a firm squeeze as Sirah takes a long breath I tell her I saved the best for last!
My grip senses she has substantial padding so I brush down as she breaths deep several of my fingers detect a different pad abnormality, my hands then remove the office clips from her sides and I add weights to her pussy clamps as she moans from the sensation. I snip her shoulder straps and rub the bra down slightly the cups remaining barely in place, I move in front and give a full open hand squeeze as Sirah pushes forward and whispers "they want you soo bad!".

I tell her she is going to new heights!
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