BT-Sirah smacked and zippered...

Her body rested on the couch her soft breaths and snores heard across the room then a stretch and out again in slumber land, I got the room ready and lighted several dozen candles placing them around the perimeter as well as setting up the tray's with toy's. Sirah was on her side still wearing the blindfold so I grab some cuffs and sit on her turning her face down a ball gag in her mouth and arms behind securing the cuffs, awakening several seconds later she try's to wiggle limited by my body sitting on her. Cuffs on her ankles and a limiting chain I grab her ankles and she slides to the floor looking around as if able to see as I pull her to the middle of the room, turning her sideways I pull her to her feet attaching a rope to her hands she realizes she is limited.
Grabbing her hair I tell to be quiet and stand as I grab a bar attaching it to her collar, several smacks form a crop get her straight as I add a belt around her waist with a chain from her hands. Holding her hair I give her a dozen smacks with crop on her thighs giving them some good tracks then pull her head back to kiss her cheek, soft mumbles from the gag as she gets footing to stand and endure my strikes. Her bare stomach gets groped and pinched then unbuttoned her shorts fall to the floor then panties get cut off and a smack on her ass makes her squeak, ball gag removed she softly tells me "Master- I love being smacked and don't let my slim body fool you, I am very tough." I tell Really- I plan to exploit as I reach down and insert two fingers inside her pussy.
Long gasps as her pussy moistens her juices beginning to leak down her legs so I smack between her thighs and pinch her stomach, her mouth wide open breathing exhaling with each strike so I grab a ruler only for her to stand firm taking the strikes. I give her a kiss then pinch her stomach adding clothes pins with string down each side pushing her shirt up just under her bra, my hand brushes her shirt causing her to jerk stopping as I caress her neck. "Something wrong" I ask her and she tells me "no" so I go hmmmmmm out loud as I run the back of my fingers down her shirt covered chest detecting two mounds apparently covered by some padding. I remark that this is not a good concealing software from me, she say's "sorry Sir- did not intend to exaggerate anything.
I tell her that is is going to result in a consequence for that action and as I tell her she swallows some spit and takes a breath, I move her hands from the waist to the bar attached to her collar then brush my hand down her back. Grabbing a cat tail whip give her twenty-eight strokes on each bun giving them a deep pink color, then as she leans forward to avoid the stroke I move to her front grabbing the strings as she pants. Then in one single smack she sucks in air and pulls back as I pull off the clothes pins she merely gasps deeply and pauses, Sirah mutters softly thinking I won't hear "fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck that was good (pant pant)".
I step back for a moment and then lean in a kiss her deeply pinching her stomach to hold her close, she grunts as I tell her that now that she is warmed-up she is gonna hang around for a while. My fingers still gripping her stomach she pants and softly quivers then tells me "Master- the cuffs are comfortable and I love being your toy Box, I tell her it gets much worse from her on out.
She tells me she is looking forward to exploring new limits!
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very good