BT- Sirah get the Egg...

Relaxing and listening to the waterfall she sl**ps nuzzled by my side, I move out slowly to retrieve something from my back pack. Stretching and laying on her back she drifts off again breathing softly her stomach rising and falling with each breath, my hand brushes her leg and her thigh as she takes a long breath enjoying the sensation of my hand on her soft skin. Sirah has a wonderful sweet smell so I lean in and kiss her stomach and rub her pussy softly coaxing a moan from her closed lips, inserting several fingers inside her she reaches down brushing my hand and arches her back off the floor. My other hand holds the retrieved item to warm it to body temperature as she begins to awaken, three fingers inside her pussy I slip the special item through my fingers slipping it deep inside her vagina then lick her outer lips to distract.
Awakening she sits up and apologizes for taking a nap without permission then gets up as I remark that we should get going, she reaches for her shorts and shoes and is ready in a few minutes having a final stretch arms reaching high in the air her tight stomach showing the leanness she works hard to preserve. Leaning over for a kiss we walk out of the room and on the trail back to the truck, deciding that my heavy panting is from watching her shorts we pause for a minute to look at the view from the edge of the trail though her view is nearly as captivating.
Returning to the truck I ask her to call a friend to let them know where is is going so they won't worry, a quick phone call then a good song on the radio makes her sway and wiggle in her seat unaware of my implantation. Nearly at our destination a high energy song plays and she is singing and wiggling in the seat as we park and close the garage door, I take her hand and we go to a downstairs room and and locate the same song and ask her to dance for me.
The music consumes her full and she closes her eyes to listen as I tell her I am playing the entire album and she is not to stop without permission, half way through the song I stop her for a moment and put a blindfold over her eyes telling her to dance and obey promptly when I tell her she nods yes. Turning and bending to the song her pale skin begins to flush at the exercise intensity, then as I watch and sit for a moment I grab my little remote and the moment I start she shudders her hips at the sensation.
Sirah is swaying as the sensations consume her body her panting deepening then slowing as I reduce the activity of the vibrating egg inside her vagina, starting it again she puts her arms above her head so I tell her to stretch then turn it up slightly. A long deep breath and quivering hips then swaying as I reduce it nearly off and then telling her to freeze! Sirah holds her position legs spread and arms above her head spread a eleven and one, brushing my hands down her arms her pants pass my neck the warm air moistening my skin my fingers pinch her bare skin her breaths pause as she addresses my grasp.
I lean in to her ear and whisper that the dance has just started as I attach a clothes pin to her sides then cup her pussy, she takes several long breathes and I tell her to count as my hand begins to smack her pussy. Harder each time she counts her breathes becoming longer then as she holds I grip her and pinch for several moments, I start the egg and hold the clothes pins as she quivers seemingly through several orgasms then her knees begin to bend I slide a chair for her to sit on and catch her breath.
Sirah remarks "master that was good" as I remove the clothes pins her pale skin showing red marks where they gripped my hand brushing upward grabbing her chin for a kiss, then whisper "just a warm-up Slut!". Just one word softly spoken from her mouth between breathes "anything for you sir", I tell her Good Girl as I place a thick leather collar around her neck telling her to adjust it snug she conforms without hesitation.
I stand back and tell her to play with her pussy and have as many orgasms as you can as I turn up the egg and make her wiggle telling her she stays on the chair, panting and feverishly rubbing I get up and stand at her face and say "open" then insert my hard cock for her to suck inside her warm mouth. Setting the egg higher I grab her head and thrust until I release as she tenses her body from the last big orgasm, I turn off the egg and help her off the chair to a couch to lay down and rest for several minutes then crawl in next to her to cuddle.
I give Sirah a deep kiss and tell her we will rest for five minutes then continue her Therapy!

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she needs more
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very good
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Really good - thanks