bl**d Test-Sirah walks to the waterfall for...

I looked at sirah and said that was just what I was hoping she would say as I kissed her cheek griping her waist pinching until she moaned while exhaling, swallowing she said her body was my playground and she looked forward to reaching her limits. My hand brushed her cheek as I told her those items wold need to be retrieved or purchased for our collection of toy's as well as other items yet to be determined, she agreed that they would be a good start as well as showing me her clothing collection.
Our relationship expanding I suggested we walk back to the parking lot and she said she was off work tomorrow and we had the afternoon if I was available, gathering the sheet on the ground and the snacks we walked through the tree's and up a canyon trail in the direction of a waterfall. Sirah unaware that I used to work in the park and still volunteer to retain many privileges behind the scenes, the waterfall keeps the lake full fed from a reservoir at a higher elevation and is currently running at full capacity as we near the top.
Stepping on a bridge and crossing the dam the other side reveals a cement wall she asks I guess we get to explore, I lead her past some vines concealing some old cement stairs leading down to a door. O M G sirah goes as I unlock the door and lead her into the large control room for the waterfall, lots of gurgling as the water passes behind a thick cement wall with a large valve controlling the gate. She goes to several slots in the wall that have the water several inches away and as she puts her hand out I tell her she is behind the waterfall, Sirah reaches out and gets her hands wet as I move in behind.
My hands gather her hair and hold as I kiss her neck while I tap her foot and whisper move it over spreading her feet apart, her body breathes slow and steady as I tell her to put her hands on the window wall and keep them there until told otherwise. Pulling her hair and her belt I move her back arms nearly straight I reach and hold her stomach before dropping her shorts to the floor, she moans and pushes her ass back to discover I have dropped my pants and she wiggles when contacting my bare stomach. A deep growl as she stretches her body low then softly mutters "Master- please don't Ever be gentle" , I lean in and kiss her neck and tell her "Never...".
I grip her stomach and sirah grips the concrete ledge and exhales as I slide into her most cavern thrusting to the hilt, my hands grabs her stomach and holds as her body spasms from the pressure of a filled pussy. She softly tells me she can do better on top and the view will be better so we stop and put the blanket on the floor, she gets beside me and consumes my hard cock working down the side nibbling to make it throb bright red.
I close my eyes to enjoy the sensation to feel gentle bite at the base of my cock my hands reaching to hold her head, she strokes my thigh as I begin to thrust her mouth making smack sounds. She grabs my legs and holds with my pole deep inside her throat as I begin to erupt releasing my load past her tonsils, releasing my legs she holds the head and vacuums and cleans me thoroughly.
Sirah turns around and sits on my lap running her hands up my shirt kissing my chest hair while undulating her hips over my shrunken member, "Good Master?" she asks and I grab her head and say "You deep throat good- girl". Thank you she responds nuzzling by my neck and saying that the water sounds nice and thanks me for bringing her to this special place.

I tell her this will definitely be "Special"...
88% (4/1)
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