bl**d Test 3- Sirah Tells

Still in my grasp and in a deep kiss my hands continued to grasp her back as she moaned and wiggled in approval changing to a growl deep inside her chest, my grasp increased as I waited for her to plead for me to stop only to get deep panting in my ear. Arms around me her hands gripped harder as I messaged her back then randomly grabbing her skin and pull only to get a squeak sound inside her body, she appears to be a tough little lady as her hips slow and move in a circle on my lap. Parting lips she takes long breaths as I grab her hair and comment that I was gentle to her only for her to whisper that even with her failed past relationship her kept to wax ropes and whips most of the time, she comments that even during there most randy play dates she never came close to using her safe word and he never wanted to expand so she would use her own methods for pleasure.
I looked her in the eyes and said she would likely find her limit with me as her master and that she would likely have to go purchase the items for her sessions and nodded that was ok, my hands traced her smooth face and arms as she leaned her head back to breath sill holding behind my back grasping as I explore her side to her waist. Cupping a hand behind her back her thigh gets pinched and rubbed as her head leans in warming the nape of my neck with her breaths, then I switch hands and repeat on the other thigh she switches sides to give better access. I ask her on a scale how randy and her desire to explore edge play when I top and she opens her eyes wide with her hands on my upper arms her short hair tossing in the breeze, my last bf/dom only took me to a three but when I would have a girls night out several of my gf’s would tie me up with a blindfold and give me a good ruler treatment and that wasn’t even close. I looked her in the eyes and reached into by backpack retrieving a small paper handing it to her instructing her open and read it, leaning back a little to read the ten items written I can see her mind going at high speed then changing to panting as she gets to number six through ten.
The paper had the ten major things I do with my subs and the last four need a truly committed submissive as they involve restraint earplugs and piercing, finishing the last item she puts the paper down and looks at me and says she has a confession to tell me so I tell her good girl telling your deepest secret. Being in the medical profession she found herself borrowing muscle therapy items and needles and found that in private she could achieve close to total pleasure, I looked at her and brushed her stomach and said she would likely explore some of her new limits on a future three hour tour.
Her body got a power surge and her face flushed with anticipation and after swallowing several times she told she looked forward to giving herself to me for my use and she wanted to serve with few limits and discover limits unexplored.

100% (3/0)
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