bl**d Test 2- Park Seduction

I called the nurse that stuck me the other day at the Doc's office and left a message to see if she wanted to meetup, several hours passed before she returned the call to let me know she got off work and was reading at a nearby park. I went over to the park and located her after a short walk resting under an oak tree in a secluded spot, I watched from a distance as she rested on her stomach reading a book. Turning over to take a break her loose work outfit slid off her shoulder exposing her spandex bra making be breathe hard, the thought of what was still concealed raced through my mind as she grabbed her phone and sent me a text asking what was causing my delay. I told her I was close and it would take several minutes to get to her so she stretched long arching her body in the warm sunshine, then in one motion she peels off the top and sits up to fold placing it inside a back pack. Her sideways lean was in my direction and the view through my binoculars through the high grass made me rock hard, the low cut design of the bra revealed just enough to fill its small cups as she laid back to soak up the warm sunshine. I waited several minutes then sent her a message I was close by so she sat up and grabbed a different shirt to cover her smooth skin as I put my stuff away, I walked around a tree and revealed myself as she got up and ran to greet me in a running hug gripping firmly not protesting as I pinched her back hard while kissing her neck. Her feet on the ground I traced her hips and sides to her upper back as she melted into my embrace, She remarked the sunshine has her relaxed after a tough week at work and that the meeting was well timed. We sat down and had a snack she brought and I rubbed her neck and shoulders then kissed her neck, her purrs confirmed she was enjoying the caressing as I moved to kiss her neck holding her firmly. Her feet went around me back as she pulled in close and snuggled breathing long soft breaths, I asked her if anyplace on her was off limits and she said nowhere so I kissed her deeply holding and pinching up her back my palm grasping her head as I sucked her lips into me mouth. Her hands gripped my back in approval as her feet tightened around my back, her hips wiggled back and fourth like she was riding something but that she would have to earn!
100% (3/0)
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2 years ago
yep go for it
3 years ago
good continuation