Nichole the butcher gets Sausage!

Nichole at the Health food Store

Gazing, Hugging, Groping, Meeting, Pinching, Fucking.

Several shopping trips at the organic supermarket have passed and after years of being served by Nichole in the meat department I was informed from another guy that she had traded cutting and packing meat for pastries and chocolate in the bakery. She had been taking weekends off when the wife and I would go shopping but with rain today and the wife at work I decided to go shopping to make use of the time, I braved heavy rain and wind and arrived to get a parking spot right in front of the store. Braving the last of raindrops to get a small basket I went to the bakery and asked if she was working and another employee said she was in back getting supplies, I went and did some of my shopping to pass some time and then went back to check again and see if she had returned.
Leaning down behind the counter helping a customer she glanced sideways and smiled wide as we met eyes, finishing with her customer she stood up and engaged asking how I had been doing and told her I had missed her. She told me she had transferred from meat then shortly after found her life in a tailspin with a divorce and had taken time off from work, I sympathized with her and asked her if she could come to talk more and she turned to her boss and he said she could take her break. She motioned me to go down to the sandwich counter and in the separation she appeared and grabbed my arm, Come-on she said as we walked to the back of the store to find someplace to talk.
In a back hallway Nichole stopped and turned facing me and smiled putting her arms out so I moved my small pack on my waist around to the back and joked that it would feel like something, I got a giggle as she moved closer and leaned in wrapping her arms around me as I did the same. I expected and light hug from her but she leaned in hard and snuggled close with her body nearly melting to mine tightening her arms firmly, I squeezed firmly and could feel her back and traced her bones and held harder and harder as her breath tickled my neck then she exhales and grips firmer.
We remained in a firm hug for several minutes while I listened to her breaths while running my hands up and down her back tracing her body, her grip remained firm and increased as I told her she was a major huggable person and she said she has missed it for the several months during her separation. We finally parted my hands running down her sides while she smiled then I handed her a card to call me so we could meet up, she smiled and leaned in and kissed me on the cheek and said she needed to get back to work and would be in contact.
Several weeks later I had produced a good list of groceries so I selected a nice sunny morning and drove out near noon to shop at the specialty store, the parking lot was not very crowded but I decided to park on the side of the building in the shade. The employees dashed around to restock the shelves after a crazy weekend confirmed by several talking about staff shortages, I encountered boxes in isles as they filed the shelves before the boss arrived to check on them. I filled my basket with non-perishable items first like a smart shopper and checked out the fresh food area for new things to munch on while I continue filling my basket.
Near the back of the store I checked out the bread and rolls reaching back in the shelf to get a good date for freshness, then a soft hand on my back and a warm whisper in my ear I turn to find Nichole standing behind me preventing my reverse step. She remarks I am back already for some shopping and saw me in the bread isle squeezing the loaves, I said the bakery was the next two stops but now not needed with you here beside me and she agreed. I turned to give her a hug and she nuzzled on my shoulder leaning into me as before so I grasped firmer pulling her closer, a soft grunt from her lips as she relaxes asking me if have some time today to talk. I said it looked nice and sunny outside and asked what she wanted to do and when she wanted to meet, her replay was she was ending her workday going to clock out and was figuring out what she wanted to do before going home.
I blurted asking her if she wanted a three hour tour including some more deep hugging, this statement had a long pause and a smirk followed by a smile then a kiss on the cheek. She asked if the shopping can wait and we can go now to a friends nearby and I said sounds good, trotting down the isle to clock out she returned and told me to meet her on the side of the building so I could follow her to her friends. Normally wearing a white smock at work that shows nothing it would be a nice change to see her off the clock but as I waited outside in the sunshine by my truck near the end of the parking area I listened to the birds, then from around the corner she appeared so I hid for a moment to watch her walk in my direction gazing at her stride and movements.
Sitting down on the curb acting like I saw nothing she came around the corner by my truck and made a little noise before caressing my neck, I leaned back and she planted a kiss on my cheek but I reached and held her and said she could do better than that peck. Yes I can and swinging her body over and sitting on my lap she gave me a great hug holding firmly, in my ear she remarked that this area is kind of private then leaned in and gave me an open mouth kiss. My hands went right up her arms and down her back pinching on the way down only making her grunt as she slurped, coming up for air I told her that was fabulous as she licked my cheek and moved her hands to my waist scrunching my shirt.
Her breathing shuddered for a moment and she said I think were trouble together from our friskiness and I agreed, I suggested we get going to her friends and hoped she had some red wine to enjoy but Nichole pointed out a bag and showed me she has one turning out to accidentally be one of my favorites. She did not drive today and asked where my ride was and then was surprised we were right there so we got in and motoring, her friends place was only a few blocks away from work and would not return for a while so we went inside and sat down opening the wine. I remarked that is a great downstairs place like a converted basement and Nichole remarked she liked staying her because of the quiet, it was in an industrial area as well so traffic was minimal at best and also had nice landscaping outside.
We made a quick snack and relaxed to watch television and sip wine while she sat and I rubbed her feet after eight hours at the store, only a minute and she leaned her head back to breathe as I squeezed her foot to loosen it now free from her shoes. I wiggled around to take off my vest and sport just a t shirt then lean back watch her breathe as I rub her ankle, I remark she loves to be rubbed and she opens her eyes and tells me the wine is relaxing combined with the company. Reaching up to rub her arm she looks over then sits up to kiss me softly then asks if I would rub her back, she moves and I lean on a pillow her body between my open legs my hands pinching her shoulders and rubbing her back she seems to be leaning back hard enjoying the pressure.
I remark that my fingers are getting numb from the rough shirt material so she leans forward and scoots her shirt up halfway, then leaning forward more and stretches her body grabbing her ankles I push her shirt up to her shoulders and pause to admire her toned body. Something wrong she asks as the long pause concerns her so I tell her the view is wonderful but wittingly she responds it is only a small part of the picture, I keep rubbing and she twists slightly and breathes with each of my pinches only for her to ask for me to pinch harder and hold. I pinch and roll some and she groans deeply and tells me it feels good so I tell her I could do a skin rolling message? Sounds good she say’s and tells me gentle is not allowed and do her entire back please.
Taking a moment she sits up and takes several sips of wine and turns to kiss me and say that strong hands feel good to her so don’t be timid, I tell her there is nothing better than a woman that knows some pain needs to go with pleasure. Nichole pauses and says she wants to apologize for any forwardness that might happen because the wine makes her blurt, I told her if it’s on your mind then it should be said and that it is ok to be direct. She turns around half way again and says her ex was boring in the bedroom and asked me what I had in my back pack I brought, I confessed that from her cemetery activities and bluntness that she seemed far from vanilla and liked to feel pleasure deeply. She looked in my eyes and said the word is Sustained and that’s all you need to remember when your messing with my body, you tell me I am far from vanilla and your right and then gives me a sideways deep kiss.
Nichole smiles and pinches me and holds and speaking softly she asks me how non-vanilla I am and I smile and tell her much more than you might think, ok she says then open the bag and get some of the contents out but I grasp and hug her telling her in due time. I turn her around and rub her back giving a good pinch roll and hold getting her breathe deep and hold like a good pain lover should do and she growls “oh yes” , then I get several spots where she jerks a little but goes thought panting then complementing after and leaning down flatter and flatter on her legs. Pushing up she takes a breath and supports her body breathing and says to me that before we continue I should tell you my safe word, I go really it’s about time and she chuckles and tells me then bluntly says she has yet to use it.
I change the situation and hand her a scarf from the table and wrap it covering her eyes and she smiles “oooo kinky” and then grabbing her hair whispering for her to “Do” and not hesitate or question me. She responds “Yes Sir”. I slide her shirt back down and tell her to stand and I lead her several feet from the couch, then tell her to sway side to side and bunch the shirt up and down as I direct like a sexy dance, she says I can do the dance part if it pleases you and I tell her fine and she begins to flail and bend her flexible body showing her stomach.
Nichole stands her arms above her head swaying so I tell her “stop” and I get up bringing several items from my pack, rolling her shirt a little I apply a clothes pins to hold the bunch so the lower third of her back and stomach is uncovered. Keep your hands over your head don’t touch yourself unless directed ok… and she says “Yes Sir“, my ex was controlling but with you it is actually on my terms and I am really enjoying this so thank you. I get up and give her a kiss and tell I AM going to enjoy this allot so I hope your ready and she nods her head yes, then she giggles softly and moves as I brush her with a feather so I scold her for moving her feet and place them where I want them to stay.
I have plans for you so take you hands and lift the shirt up ready for me stop you as I watch her from behind, she raises it slow clothes pins popping off and I stop her just as she crosses over her head I look at her with feet spread and back tight. Nice shoulders tapering to ribs and reducing to a trim waist then out for jeans covered hips and trim looking legs, I tell her to “stay” as I walk up and brush my hand down her back pinching to watch her breathe then complement that she looks great. She says “thank you” and remains in posture so I continue grasping and pinching so her breathing becomes deeper, then I tell her to take her arms and shake for a moment then put back on your head and she is fully obedient.
I reach up and point her elbows back so her skin is looser and pinch her wing skin and apply several clothes pins with string, more to come I advise her and she goes “oh- this could be good” and I tell her “for me it will” as I apply a line down to her waist on both sides. I walk around to her front and see her stomach is tensed and tight so I brush gently, “relax” because it’s gonna get enough crunches later and she goes “oh” , I put a rope around her neck loosely and tell her “walk forward” as I lead her to a bar her friend uses for dancing and have her grip firmly. I ask her “ok in there” and she says “yep” so I walk around and grasp each clothes pin and give it a pull until she moans then go to the next doing all of them making her back pink, then I ask her “ you kinda know what your in for-right?” and she says “I ththththink so” .
I grasp her hair and pull her head and kiss her and tell her “breathe in deeply and grip the bar”. I watch her take long breathes and move behind her taking the string in hand. As soon as she holds after several breathes I pull the string quickly and she actually takes in more air posturing her body stretching skyward, I move toward her grabbing her stomach and head kissing her sideways as she breathes deep several times in a row then leans on the wall twitching. Several minutes pass and she composes herself still holding the bar and mutters “fuck that felt wonderful, I think I came”. I ask her if she needs to stop for a moment and she say’s “naw- I feel light headed and fantastic!”. “ok” I lead her to face the couch the shirt falling covering her body then I step back and look, she is a good submissive and has her hands on her head so I move them down and just look at her heaving chest covered by her snug shirt imagining what is waiting for me.
I can imagine from her snug shirt and toned back what her body might be like but I my hands will have lots of enjoyment caressing her skin, I walk around her back and pull up the shirt rubbing her back to relax her to peek at her bra tag revealing a glimpse of the size of her hidden prizes. Nichole’s bra tag and solid body reveals that she is totally my favorite proportion so I now let the shirt fall and walk over to sit on the couch, “dance again for me” and she sways and traces her body with her hands so I command her to lift a little. She raises it several times for a peek showing her bra then stretches her arms above her head so I tell her “stop”, she breathes crunching her stomach and my smart girl has rolled the shirt so it stays so I get up and kiss her stomach telling her “good move rolling it up”. she tells me “to please you”. I grab several clothes pins and use them to hold the shirt and kiss her stomach then her lips nice and slow.
I tell Nichole to reach down and remove her pants and she does this quickly leaving them in a heap to the side my eyes go right for her crotch, “kinda soaked?” she says “can’t help it” she is still wearing the scarf over her eyes so I take her hand and she discovers I am half hard and comments “she can take good care of this swelling”. She gets on her knees and takes it in her mouth teasing it up to full staff and asks if she can take off the scarf, I tell her ok and she stands grabbing my pole and leads me to the couch peeling off her soaked panties with a devilish grin. I sit and she kisses me deeply then straddles my lap and remarks she is clean and takes the pill her hand guiding my head for entry, lowering her hips taking the length she remarks “I have a couple of things for you to snack on while I ride!” In one motion she peels off her shirt and bra and the view is tight toned better than I had imagined, her arms fall to her sides my comment is “girl your tight and edible” as I gaze at her chest and ribs absorbing her curves I arrive at two defined round breasts flat and firm with large soft areole. Hips begin to undulate and she gathers a breath and tells me “ I have wanted to rub my body on you and have you reciprocate, now you can grip me good and keep me planted firmly while my mind goes for a long needed trip. My pole grows warmer and firmer as she gives it a message by tensing her stomach my free hands grasp her waist and pinch getting her to moan, Nichole leans her head back to breathe and tells me she is orgasms quietly internalizing the sensations sometimes with lots of wiggle and moaning no matter how intense the waves. Sounds good and ask her “true even for the clothes pin treatment and any other gripping of torment?” she tells me “yep”.
The pressure inside her pussy grips my pole and her body spasms throughout making her shudder so I rub her arms and grasp her shoulders pulling her toward me for a kiss, I trace her back with my palms as she makes moaning sounds her pussy gripping my cock as her hips rise and fall. My hands travel to her stomach and up to her ribs tracing each from side to center then down and across her stomach making her shudder, several more caresses as she softly moans then arching slightly twisting her hips griping my pole pleasing the head. I lick her neck and trace my hands back around her back as she moves her head by my ear to breathe but for a moment her back then tenses and her body shudders and inside her I hear a groan and she leans close to my ear and whispers “oh god (swallows) Grab my back and hold me!!!”. Remember to always do what a girl wants so of course I grasp her sides and she grasps my arms holding with a death grip. Then several swallows and mutters “harder” as she tenses her stomach clamping my pole and starts to lift and drop, a frenzied pace milking my pole she rides like a bronco panting and grunting as well as tensing her entire body from the spasms.
Her whole body leaning forward and shuddering through countless orgasms as her hot breath in my ear with occasional swallows as a moment of calmness then a gulp and a plead of “hold me!”, lifting straight her stomach clamps milking my pole like a wild woman as she starts twitching for another wave. She cups her breasts and whispers to hold her elbows as she leans back and wiggles, gasping through breathes she commands me “brush my nipples” as she closes her hands causing the firm erasers to emerge though the opening between her fingers. Moans become deeper and deeper and her body tenses clamping and milking my pole foe all it’s worth as she leans forward tossing side to side, then sitting up with her hands on her head I can see her firm body defined and pink from an elevated temperature my eyes glued to her pert mounds but now she rides again like a bronco bull. Nichole continues to lean back my pole impaling her and my hands clamping her sides her abs tense and release as her body twists riding a wave of pleasure, taking in seemingly unimaginable amounts of air she postures and inhales leaning forward panting in my ear her body begins to relax as I release my load inside her pussy.

Her body firm from the heated moments and her large soft nipples brushing my chest as she lays flat on me breathing through recovery, little noises from deep within as calming continues our lips connect for a long sloppy kiss and she mutters “you need to remember that you will get to DO ME again…” more breathes as she locks eyes with me and I tell her “you sure orgasm good and deep tolerating some intense torment”. Nichole pauses swallowing and tells me there are many things I can do to her that will most likely give her deep pleasure that she has missed experiencing, now hoping to receive some from my talented hands now that is not trapped in her vanilla marriage. She swallows and asks me how many flavors do I have in my pleasure thoughts so her unsatisfied body can be pleased beyond her ex’s thorough pussy pounding, frequently wanting other things to fulfill the void she actually received a good start from me just now. Sealing the words with a kiss and asks me for an answer to her direct question I reach over and grab some clothes pins and apply to her sides “arms above your head” I tell her applying the third one she smirks and asks me “Answer?”. I tell her as I grab several clothes pins pinching until she squeaks then I say “ All the other thirty flavors now kiss me“.
Pinching the clothes pins she squirms and takes slow breathes wiggling her hips as the pain spasms traveled though her then tilting down she looks at me with a smirk and asks me “your not using too many- why?”… I remove the ones on her sides then tell her “I have special plans for the rest of your body” and Nichole gets these big eyes and then pauses thinking about all the clothes pins pinching her skin and the after effect of her red flesh. Gathering herself she looks at me and says “I have a confession and (swallow), when I was little I would have my best friend hold he down and pinch me and drip wax on me (swallow)”. I looked at her and kissed her softly and said “it’s ok to want to feel pain and I will be happy to indulge myself in your desire enjoying it fully” and she just looked at me as my hand reached around her back pulling her close for another deep kiss, softly breathing she tells me she loves surprises as I caress her back firmly then she exhales and goes “oh that feels good!!!”.

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