Hike & Shower Bondage & Fuck

Carrie, Huda & Carlin

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Several days passed and the weekend approached as the girls got through there workweek, they got together Friday for a hike and trekked nearly ten miles in mud and sunshine. Carrie sent some pics of them on the trail having a great time but my favorite was the photo of Huda flashing a profile, Carrie appeared to be tickling her stomach as Carlin took the image close up showing the chill of the air complete with goose bumps. The photo also showed several larger bumps the chilly air had coaxed tall and firm giving a great shadow and graced by the warm sunshine, then the next pics showed Carrie brushing Huda’s chest then the last got me good as it showed a close up of Huda tensing as Carrie healed her nipples.
The wife was below and had taken all of me and was getting me to cum so I could rest before the nights festivities began, Carrie texed that they would be home in several hours with muddy shoes so we responded that it looked like shoes were not the only muddy thing they had. A response of a smiley face finished the communication.
There were footsteps in the hallway and the rustle of clothes and giggles as they arrived at the house and dashed to the shower room, I reached over to the computer and looked at video to see the girls all muddy as they emerged from the truck. The wife went and gathered there clothes and went to wash them to get the muddy trail dirt out before it dried, meanwhile water was turned on in the shower room as they talked and giggled discussing the hike and a mud fight they had created in a shallow creek as they returned. I finished looking at the video and tip-toed over to the doorway to peek as they showered off the mud replacing it with lather, all of them switched and scrubbed each other to get clean and the view of three wet woman is a real site.
Then Huda rubbed Carlin’s back around to her front and backed her to a wall under a shower nozzle then kissed her lovingly, pausing to ask if it was ok Carlin said it felt nice just as Carrie took an arm and pinning it on the wall. Huda took the other and they split her body and kissed down her neck as the warm water ran down all of them, roving free hands explored her body as I began to grab my crotch as the wife kissed my neck. The three girls restrained Carlin as she panted unable to see with the water running over her face then postures from the wall as they suck her nipples inside there mouths, one puts a wash cloth over her face keeping the water out so she can breathe as my view shows them close there teeth getting Carlin to jerk as her nipples get bitten.
Still holding her by her trapped nipples the girls lead her over to a tile table and lay her down still holding her arms, Carlin can’t see through the towel as one kisses her stomach the other whispers the hike was the warm up for your evening. Carlin goes Oh- WOW, not in the plan but his could be fun as the other peeks up and tells her you never know what will happen when your clean. Then Carlin arches her back as two fingers go inside her pussy as the other kisses her passionately, I am standing in the doorway my hand grasping a full hard cock just as Huda looks over and smiles. A dildo gets inserted and wiggled while Carlin is held down while she wiggles like a snake then both move up and take both arms holding firmly, bending her knees upward spreads her legs both girls smile and Carrie looks at me and points at my goal.
They both kiss her and hold her on the table as I enter and tickle her thighs and stomach then kiss coaxing a crunch, flexible Carlin pants while contorted ankles nearly at her ears as I remove the dildo and kiss her pussy. The panting pauses for a moment and Carlin mumbles softly “oh- whiskers? Is that you phil?”. I climb on the tile table and take aim but first rub her stomach then guide my pole and rub her pussy softly coaxing a soft moan, my hands give a soft tickle on her thighs and stomach and pinch her firmly so she takes a long breath.
In one slow thrust I guide my pole sliding inside Carlin’s soft dildo prepared pussy pushing to fill her then pausing with my weight on her pelvic bone, she lets out soft tones and crunches her stomach as if having waves from the pressure of being filled completely. The girls let go of her ankles and they wrap around my back so I push sliding her body causing her head to lean off the top sloped edge, I whisper to her “ pant deep and slow as I thrust” as the girls guide her hands to grips on the side she grips firmly unaware the wife is securing them with rope. The wife adds a strap under her chin keeping her head over the edge then Carlin discovers it as she tries to keep me inside and I pull out.
Adding a waist belt keeps her on the table she make pleading noises as I nearly withdraw from her hungary pussy then thrust again, the wife kisses her softly gripping the sides of her body as I fill her again forcing the air out and getting a stomach crunch. Then without delay I begin to thrust in a rhythm full in and full out her body tensing and freezing but then shaking when I hold fully inside, the wife pushes on her stomach at full exhale as I thrust small amounts tormenting her insides. The girls rub me from behind while I give Carlin the shaft of love they watch her pussy squeegee my cock dry as I pull out, then the wife leans down to kiss her again as my hands pinch up her chest while the girls hold her ankles.
Pulling my pole out I rub Carlin’s chest and shoulders then as I begin to thrust my hands gather any breast tissue she has and hold while I thrust quickly and firmly, dozens of time her pussy spasms with each withdrawal then the girls move up and as I release my hands suck her breasts and nipples inside there mouths. Carlin tries to arch appearing to love the sucking as the wife releases her neck and hands, then as I withdraw my pole she realizes she is free but the wife tells her its time to suck, without delay she gets up but is laid back down on the table. The girls hold her ankles and I put my pole at her mouth and a good girl she opens wide, I look at her and ask How Deep? Carlin whispers “balls”.
I stick my pole inside her mouth and she tongues and sucks ardently for several minutes then comment You good in both ends, she leans her head back more and sucks with a pop as I withdraw then comments “thrust and cum please sir”. I look at her and tell her “you know what to do” then I put it inside and she sucks as I push all in and feel like I am growing then I can’t help but rapid thrust coaxing gurgle sounds. After several moments I release my load and watch her swallow and suck not releasing anything so I pet her head and tell her “good girl”, Huda leans over and tells her good job as I remove my withered pole with a smack.
The wife and I kiss and the girls hug and shower again while I sit and watch them become soapy, the wife goes and fixes snacks for everyone and we all retire to watch some movies and cuddle.


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