Carrie's Kinky Birthday Year begins

Huda & Carrie

Capture, Bondage, Tens, Dildo's, Fucking...

The wife and I drove by the house where a party would be in two weeks just so the girls would know where it was located, as we passed they looked hard while as they sat in the back seat so they would remember the location. Set back from the street and appearing to be on the small size the yard has lots of tree’s and leaf litter with unknown hazards, if they decided to return unannounced the festivities would be entertaining at minimum because the girls have a standing agreement with accepted edge play included. Returning home after dropping off the girls the wife and I took a shower and had a BBQ meal and cuddled on the deck planning the party if the girls showed up, the weekend included some shopping at hardware stores and a short trip to the beach where the wife got chased around the sand and ravished at waters edge.
A great work week and projects I got some help from Carrie cleaning a yard to get her toned and tanned but her trim body sporting snug jeans drove me crazy, This time ended nearly six months of not seeing her while she was away going to school but the memory returns quickly as she helped hold a limb while I sawed it. I would glance down as she would stretch and exhale while her shirt lifted up and my mind would imagine clothes pins tormenting her soft skin, roving upward to view just speed bumps that are enough for a mouthful then the limb would be completed and back to reality. Loading the truck has the same view as she stretched to put the bags inside the high sides, on tip-toes I wanted to just grab and kiss her neck to relive times of several years ago likely to be relived in just a few days.
The story with Carrie goes back several years when I fist met her through a friend that worked at a job and I drove her home, I was able to talk to her while driving after she discovered a pair of bondage cuffs in the truck glove box. She turned beet red as she asked me what they were then began to wiggle as I described there use only to have me stop at the side of the road to confess, her mom has never discovered the relationship she has with her older b*****r but I was all ears. She told me they were close in there early teen years as she laughs through the beginning of a story of her sucking him in front of his busty girlfriend, he had several friends over and they chatted about there relationship and dared her to put his cock between her D Cup tits. Declining they dared him to suck his cock just as she passed his half open bedroom door only to pause and say You not gonna do it. The girl friend was embarrassed as the friends sat there grinning as she entered the room walking over to the girlfriend and grabbing her hair, the GF shrilled as she held her hair and scolded her for not pleasing her b*****r then kneeled in front of him and grabbed his crotch.
The friends turned quiet as she tells that she kissed him and un-buttoned his pants pulling them to the floor them moved down to dine on his shrunken cock, the friends looking wide eyed as he took deep gasps of air as his cock grew in his mouth then she paused holding his balls. She asked the GF if she wanted to cut in and please him like a real GF should and she appeared to be too tender to do such a thing so s****r went back to work him to full staff then coaxing him over to the bed losing his pants along the way. The friends stayed seated as well as the GF while his flat chested s****r laid over older b*****r teasing his balls sucking deeper and deeper , then she paused for a moment then licked his shaft and then took it to his balls while he grunted and jerked. The GF looked on as his slut s****r then grabbed his thighs and took it to his balls holding for what seemed like an eternity as she twitched and grunted loudly, lifting her head off she drooled his cum and looked at the GF and said This is how you please my b*****r. She said she got up and left the room where it remained quiet for a long time then as she listened outside they chatted about his skank s****r cock sucker and b*****r defended her then told the GF to leave, as she came out she grabbed her hair and scolded her and said I will give you lessons when you grow up.
I dropped her off at school and lost contact for several years until we crossed at a department store while shopping with the wife, Carrie is approaching her birthday and the plan is to help her celebrate at the party after we capture her arriving uninvited. The party weekend is several days away and Carrie knocked at the door to borrow some items from the wife, her fitted shirt makes the wife look busty because her athletic lifestyle has kept her lean and she has yet to grow any chest but poking though the shirt are some nipples fighting to escape. The wife whispers to me as I stare telling me if she shows up at the party I can do stuff to them, Carrie closes the front door behind her as I kiss the wife while her hands open my jeans, sitting on a stool in the kitchen the wife guides my half hard pole inside then I thrust for several minutes filling her with my juices. Kissing me she tells me to save some for Carrie so she can have a great birthday and go home bow-legged.
Huda was upstairs listening and asks about the party so we sit her down and tell our plan her eyes wide with the developing outcome, she will know and lead Carrie to her demise but as we tell the excitement is causing Huda to reach under her shirt and pinch herself. The wife gets up and reaches around grabbing her stomach then pinches her nipples through her shirt while I rub her pussy through her pants, panting and mumbling the wife tells that she is now upgraded and will share Carrie’s experiences and to make sure she showers and uses exfoliater so she is smooth . Huda mumbles and smiles telling she is looking forward to the pleasures between heavy breathes while the wife continues to pinch and twist her nipples, we take her to the couch removing her pants and insert my pole filling her pussy. I hold firmly as the wife pins her to the couch preventing escape while she rides the waves hugging my cock, then I pull out and randilly thrust for several dozen times releasing my load as she calms and tells how good that felt.
Huda gets up and hugs the wife and heads out for some clothes shopping for the party but as she leaves the wife conveys for her to check her email for instructions concerning the party attire, she obediently says she will check and heads out to shop with a credit card I gave her to use so the appropriate outfits can be purchased. Later that day the wife sends the instructions so everything will coordinate smoothly then turning to kiss me deeply does a wiggle, I respond telling her that she is looking forward to there mutual shared torment and she winks and bats her eyes.
The wife dresses in her leather halter top and sends a text to Huda telling her what time to arrive, then on the way to the house a confirmation is received while they are on a walk in the neighborhood less than an hour from arrival. The wife texts her back telling her to text when they are walking up a hill that can be seen from the house and Huda confirms, then the wife cuddles me firmly rubbing ageist me like an a****l in heat pinching my back and I comment she is warming up her hands for Carrie. Kissing me to confirm she dashes off to make final preparations for the girls letting others know so they can help, laughs waft through the house silenced by my word of the girls at the base of the hill.
The big screen in the living room tuned to the camera showing the girls as they walk excites the wife, Huda is wearing a stunning outfit that shows her tight curves and breathing as they conquer the steep hill but the wife licks her lips at Carrie’s outfit. Tight jeans and sandals with a thin shirt and a supportive colored bra, but Carrie has nothing to support but the bra appears padded for effect as the wife turns to me pleased with the purchases.
Our friends go down and prepare in the front yard as we listen on a radio the capture moments away, the girls walk a house away as a hidden microphone reveals Huda remarking she thinks the next house is the one where the party is going to be. We have windows open with music playing that Carrie notices and tells Huda she wants to go up and see if they can get in, both pause and Huda tells her I guess we could try but if it’s not happening we will need to get outa there fast!
Half way up the yard we have a tarp to capture one but we hope some leaves will lure the other, we watch the girls hop the g**** stake fence and step lightly up a leaf covered path one more than ten feet ahead then a shrill breaks the silence. Distracted from the noise friends emerge and tackle Carrie wrapping her and placing a hood following tape on her mouth to silence her protests then taken up to the house, Huda is retrieved from the hole she slipped into gagged and blindfolded for her walk to the house they both will be prepared for imprisonment.
Carrie has been ear plugged and placed in a corner and allowed to wiggle and exhaust herself while Huda is taken to the windowless basement, she is placed on a table and ankles tied spread and arms placed outward to her sides with her head dangling off the top of the table still gagged. Several dozen cubes of ice are hanged above her clothed body and after ten minutes they begin to defrost, the first drips got a small wiggle but as the material became moister she would wiggle testing the restraints. After several minutes we brought her some company and placed her across the room upper arms tied to the wall, Carrie’s feet struggled to stay on the blocks as we placed another strap around her waist holding her firmly.
The wife and I put on disguises and removed Carrie’s ear plugs and blindfold revealing a darkened room with Huda tied to a table, the top has rails so the submissive is not comfortable but Carrie’s eyes dart to view the dripping ice above with wide eyes. I lean down and smack Huda’s face and ask her if she wants to warm up from the cold drips and she shakes her head, then the wife takes scissors and in a few moments cuts off her clothes leaving her bra then squeezing there contents scolding these will not be neglected. Then several candles suddenly appear and are tossed laying a line of wax across her hips and stomach coaxing a posture and large wiggle, then several more as Carrie’s eyes stare memorized by the activity only for the wife to look over she looks quickly away to be grabbed by the wife and scolded. Reaching over to a table the wife retrieves a crop Carrie shakes her head as the wife pulls up her shirt and smacks her stomach several times, Carrie takes long breathes giving pleading eyes for her to stop but the wife loosens her pants dropping them and smacking her legs.
The wife returns to Huda inserting a lubed dildo and tapping her thighs while working it deeper eventually it disappears inside her cavern, across the room the heaving breathes and darting eyes are distracting so we decide to adjust the props. Huda’s table is tilted to near vertical and her restraints loosened and her arms moved to an overhead bar, free of the table and standing on a sensor mat she is told to keep her feet on the floor no matter what happens. Several tens pads are added to Huda’s pussy and stomach as she wiggles and gets smacked to be still, Carrie’s pants are removed from her ankles and the wife cuts off the shirt and adds pads on her pussy and stomach scolding her to keep her feet on the floor at all cost.
I bring the tens controller and Carrie gets big eyed again as wires are attached to the pads and the wife and hold a violet wand for added fun, then the light turns on and the wife tells them last time to keep feet floor bound. Slow at first the wife smacks Carrie on the stomach and down to her legs and she lifts a foot, Eeeeeeooowwwwww as Huda shrills and jumps the pulses jumping her stomach we see Carrie shrieek though the gag. The wife scolds Warned You as she begins on experienced Huda keeping her feet planted taking long breathes to absorb the stinging then deciding to go for it, lifting her body off the mat sending a flood of zaps to Carrie getting her pulse and wiggle. I stand close and run the violet want around Carrie to keep her moving and jumping on one foot as the wife takes care of Huda, deep panting from both girls fills the room as they jump and lift themselves clear of the floor the tens wimpingly set to a two.
Once the girls get there feet on the floor the wife and finger both of there pussies and get them to orgasm, just as they arrive and go over we both run the wand on them to increase the intensity. After several minutes they both relax and hang and pant catching there breath unaware it is only the beginning, the wife blindfolds and earplugs Carrie and shushes Huda releasing her from the overhead. Taken to another room and restrained the wife returns and kisses Carrie pinching her arms and sides down to her stomach not touching her breasts to safe them for later, earplugs removed she unties her ankles then wrists and tells her to do as your told without hesitation and all will be fine. Arms behind then grabs an elbow leading her to another room where Huda sits silently in a hidden corner while Carrie is leaned ageist a heavy wood frame elbows bent wrists tied, blindfold removed and is told to lift her body on tip-toes then lower she realizes a lubed dildo is invading her pussy.
Now the real performance begins the wife barks as she smacks her hips telling her to get that dildo all the way inside, panting and wiggling to fit the ample girth she eventually fits it inside and then rests on the padded seat . The wife takes straps and secures them around her thighs then lifts her feet off the floor bending knees and strapping her ankles, Carrie gets a strange look as the dildo begins to quiver then shuts her eyes and pants in short breathes. The wife adjusts the chair and the back is removed her body sways back and she catches herself recovering and sways sideways as the dildo teases her insides, then a yelp as the wife takes a pin wheel and runs it down her arms and sides but a hip wiggle is not possible with restrained thighs.
Grabbing a second pinwheel the wife runs it up her sides closer to her chest and the little novice oddly leans forward to increase the poking sensation while taking long breathes, hip wiggles and toe posturing as the tingles travel through her body the decides to just get her good. Meanwhile Huda sits in the corner so I go over and kiss her sticking my finger inside her moist cave, the wife decides to take a cat tail whip and get Carrie nice and pink prolonging her sensations.
Finger up Huda I kiss her deeply and sit on the floor revealing my hard pole then grab her waist to coax her into the saddle, sliding forward my pole slides inside in one move and she tenses holding me firmly. I lift her hands up and have her hold handles on the wall while lift my hips to drive deeper, then reaching around I release her breasts and lift my body moving away from the wall. Huda arches her back and sways while I grasp and pinch her stomach as her body warms then as I pinch her sides she takes long swaying motions brushing her hardening nipples in my palms then pulling away, several times holding more each time as if wondering when I will grasp and not let go.
Then as the sixth time occurs she arches her back lifting her chest swaying and brushing her hardened and ready nipples in my palms I pull my hips away slightly to tease her, she stretches a little more still arching then gasps exhaling as I close and clamp. Her feet clamped behind my back Huda now caught arms stretched nipples tweaked and pussy filled she gasps again then quivers through a long slow orgasmic wave, I keep her in this posture for several minutes then get a pat on the back. Huda’s eyes are closed but the wife has something to add so I release her nipples as the wife adds clamps, a higher posture and pussy gripping I hold Huda’s breasts and the wife gives the chain stern jerks upward. Each jerk Huda exhales tensing her body then quivering through another orgasm brought by pain, then she lets go of the bar on the wall and the wife removes the nipple clamps and I wrap my arms around Huda and hold her firmly.
Carrie’s skin reddened by the tails she is wiggling from the vibrator and moaning loudly, the wife takes the pin wheels and runs them up her body with little response so the vibrator is increased. Hips more forward and back the wife hits with a stingy whip and Carrie leans forward accepting more, the dildo is the tens one so the wife adds a zap and Carrie jumps and sucks in air. Then another series of jumps as her pussy get zapped and then panting so I kiss the wife’s neck and grasp the tens controller, I set it to wave and Carrie lets out low moans as the pulses mesh together. The wife stands back so I move in to see Carrie’s nipples have finally hardened enough to be noticeable so I take the pin wheels and hold them on her pebbles, a long groan as she thrusts her chest out holding when I move them even a little so I run them around her sides and she sways following the sensation.
The wife walks behind Carrie as I run the wheels across her shoulders and down what you would normally call cleavage then as the wife cuts the bra strap, just as Carrie leans forward the bra falls and she thrusts her nipples into biting nipple clamps letting out a long gasp. Seconds later the wife zaps her pussy while my palm is in her cleavage as I give her nipples a firm pull, her head back and having spasms she only pushes my hand harder stretching forward Carrie grunting uuuuhhhhhhhhhuuuuugghhhhhhhhh in approval. The tens waves keeping her hips wiggling I remove my palm and hold the chain firmly, the wife removes the gag from Carrie and she takes deep breathes panting and drooling.
Several minutes pass as she wiggles and thrashes then with her head back she mutters more pussy and nipples want more orgasms so the wife increases the tens to four and when she releases a little I increase the pinch, a jerk hard with a loud grunt she goes another round of orgasms the begins to relax and twitch. Then I brush Carrie’s chest with my palm as she begins to calm after seemingly dozens of orgasms, I decide to remove the clamps and she jerks like I am zapping them but then calms more as the minutes pass. Finally after several minutes she calms and we take off the blindfold and I kiss her, Carrie realizes it is me and says O M G what did you do to me?

I break the news to her that it’s the beginning of some birthday plans for the entire year- more surprise to come!

Carrie goes- Oh Crap, I guess this is called Catch Up Pleasure?

I said- Yep…

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