Anne’s KINKY birthday with Mitch- Con't

This story contains Bondage, Clover Clamps, Weights & Piercing between friends- Enjoy!

We get a call several days later from Mitch regarding her friend Anne so we meet up for lunch, in a week she wants to plan a birthday party and design a cake for her friend that will give her a surprise. The wife and I love the idea of a kinky cake and further discussion that Anne has been mostly dominant and the birthday party is an idea to turn the tide, the birthday girl is experienced in many things bondage having tied Mitch to the bed dozens of times for tickling and wax play but we are told her toy drawer is well stocked. The coffee house table becomes covered with photo's of the toys so the wife and I can plan her scenario so Mitch can enjoy nearly ten years of reciprocation, the wife brings up the fact that we have many of these toys and that her body will likely quiver during her treatment then Mitch speaks up and say’s she wants to be included on some too.
Several days pass and we get the contract from Anne and an included note she does not suspect the wildness of the party expecting Mitch is receiving because there are two in the envelope, a big happy face on a text after we send a photo of the cake pretty much confirming the party is a go on Friday. The wife and I get a revealing photo of Annie in a text and my hand goes straight to my crotch so while I read and stare the wife sucks and take care of me, my mind is a wash as I look at Anne’s pale skin and tight toned body but she is wet and her breasts are round and firm with nice pert points from the shower location. The wife calls Mitch and tells her about my reaction to the photo and with the phone on my ear she tells me what else she would do, the wife tells her to remember and fulfill her thoughts later, then the wife goes down again as I look at a photo Mitch sent tugging her clamped nipple’s so I respond that she is being gentle only to get a pussy shot as a response.
We get the cake and set up the house for the party with balloons several gifts then I spot Mitch hiking up the street early as agreed, she stopped and got her hair cut short and looks like she is ready for some hard play time as she walks up through the front door. Dropping her pack she gives me a hug and nuzzles my neck telling she saw Anne in the village, several minutes later a knock at the door and dark haired pale dressed in a leather corset top and jeans is the birthday girl. Anne with a sweet voice and the creamiest skin I have ever seen she is unaware the future holds discomfort and tracks as her birthday gets to full speed, the wife walks around her admiring the outfit while holding one of her wrists informing her that the evening is all about her. Fully agreeing and wanting to be put on a pedestal I take her other wrist and tell her she defiantly will be the center of a kinky birthday only for big eyes to follow, Mitch is around a corner watching as the wife and I put a blindfold on Anne and take her to receive her first present in the play room.
Anne speaks softly saying “this explains the agreement” and the wife tells her “Yep” as she sniffs the air and mutters “O M G- Is this what I think it is?” the goes “Yep”. Now in the middle of the room and Mitch peeking in the door the next command for Anne is to strip but it takes time to untie the corset, the wife grabs a crop and smacks her to get her speed up the clothes falling in a pile. Just a bra and panties her fingers intertwined she gets smacked on her thighs for taking too long she obediently claims responsibility leaning over for better access, the wife tells her to take off the last items as I drop my pants releasing my pole at half staff. Spread your feet the wife commands then attaching clovers and weights she grunts as the weights swing tugging her pussy lips, then grabbing Anne’s face she calls her a wimp and adds more weight. I have a full hard-on and begin to reach down to stroke but a hand grasps and holds, Mitch has silently entered and wants to take care of things and a quick scribble the wife tells her to be silent then taking my pole she sucks quietly sending shivers through my body.
Anne gets attached to a bar by her wrists and pants wondering about her future as the wife adds clamps to her sides up to her arms getting her to wince from the sharp tingling pain, wide open mouth breathing each clamp gets pinched harder generating a soft squeal from Anne as the wife brushes her chest getting shivers. Mitch has me fully hard and has been pinching her body so the wife gives her a dildo to pleasure herself then informs Anne she will be unable to hear for a while then inserts ear plugs, then the wife brushes her back and sides removing the clamps and reattaching them to her chest a curse word as clamp grasps her flesh. Panting and swaying the wife leans in and gives a wet suck of each nipple then removes the earplugs then tells her some nipple suction is next, Anne goes “oh” then “Ugggg-ooooo” as the cylinder draws her nipple inside the wife grasping her firm small breasts kneading them vigorously telling her she going to love the connection she will get.
When the earplugs were inserted I got to release my load into Mitch’s and kiss her thank you then have her stand, I gave her some good pinching telling her the birthday connection will be in a few minutes so Mitch said she was looking forward to sharing the first time with her college buddy Anne. I applied cylinders to her nipples to get them ready while Mitch is moved over facing Anne less than two feet apart then her wrists are secured to a bar and clamps with pussy weights, they both have the same sensation as the wife draws a little more air from the cylinders on both until they grunt and pant then wiggle as we rake our fingers down there bodies. Mitch told us she shared a deep connection with Anne and now celebrating her thirtieth birthday wanted to come up with a reality session, the wife removes Anne’s blindfold and they lock eyes and Anne softly goes “You’re here with me, I didn’t know?” Mitch goes “Happy Birthday- I hope you like my gift”. Then they are lowered to sit on a padded stool breathing together the wife asks Mitch if she is ready and she say’s “Yep- bring it so Anne can see I have grown into a painslut like she is”.
The wife brushes her chest then Anne’s and hangs the rod clamps between them getting big eyes from Anne, then removing the cylinders she attaches them to Mitch while the birthday girl whispers softly O M G-what do you have planned? A squeak sound as they tighten trapping her areole’s then the birthday girl’s turn as the suction is released then a grunt and closed fluttering eyes as the rods are tightened trapping her areoles, then the wife measures the distance then takes a rope and pulls them a little closer backs bent slightly. Some small rope is looped to the ends of the rods and passed through a loop from the ceiling as both watch and wonder, then weights are added but rest on a table beside them as long as they lean close but then the rope is removed and they get tickled. Separating a few inches they grunt loudly as the weights lift off the table by there clamped nipples the wife pushes them together and adds another weight asking them if they want to move to the next level, Mitch pants a lively “yes please…” as Anne looks in amazement then the wife and I grab there hair and pull back until both grunt from the weight then release then repeat holding a little longer, we push them forward and then tighten the rods while they pant the sadistic wife adds another weight.
Anne is rolling her eyes seeming to enjoy the torment as Mitch looks down to see her solid chest lifting the weights her breasts mostly pectoral muscles, Anne is thick skinned her breasts keeping shape through the torment of the weights then the wife and I rub there heads enjoying the view. Then we both begin to pull them back getting them to grunt as there trapped nipples tolerate the abuse then the wife announces it is time to advance, Mitch mutters “I feel soo good” as the wife prepares for the preparation for connection applying a blindfold to Anne. Then the wife Pulls Mitch back and then releases her nipples from the weights and tickle her chest she give a long grunt, then the wife and I each grab a rod clamp and then a loud grunt with a deep breath as Mitch’s virgin nipples now sport a number f******n solid needle inserted downward then followed by a second then a third for the Live Laugh and Love designation. Released to pant Anne’s blindfold is removed and she looks big eyed as she is told “your next” as her rod clamps are grasped and the same is done to her , now both twitching the rods are removed and Anne pants a “ damn little Mitch pain slut” she responds “ Happy Birthday” as the wife and I attach the strings and weights to the three needles in each girls areoles and lean them forward. We push there heads close and they steal a kiss and rest in the forward position as we take off the pussy weights and insert vibrators, set low we tickle there chests to get them to separate but they sit and quiver through several orgasms .
The wife and I grab there hair and pull back the weight now supported by there pierced areole’s the vibrators get turned up, long deep breathes and grunts as they toss sideways struggling but supported by the overhead the wife moves the bars back holding them apart. Mitch and Anne toss and quiver as the weights torment there nipples the wife hands me more needles and then we insert them into both girls chest, Anne getting lots of small ones around the perimeter while my favorite Mitch with her nipples tugged taught gets a long needle. I pick a long needle and insert it into her areole base through and out the opposing side rewarded by grunts I kiss her she whispers “love you more please” , I line up two more and kiss her while inserting them through she grunts as they overcome her virgin flesh then I pause for a third then kiss her deeply. Anne has been adorned by the wife with several dozen all over and has been panting heavily chanting “love this birthday”, then the wife grabs me and then while still chanting we grasp the string and insert a long needle into Anne's areole. Loud grunting follows then mumbling “more please” so we stick her with several in succession her flesh can be heard popping as it gets invaded, both girls adorned we lift them arched and add weights to hold them then increase the vibrators nearly to maximum. They grunt and quiver though seemingly endless orgasms together lifting the weights off the table but several minutes have passed and the weight has started some bl**d drips from the needles, the wife grabs the violet wand and releases the weights and the girls fall relaxed then get zapped by the wands jump and wiggle. The girls tire and slow down after nearly fifteen minutes so we decide to start taking out the needles, both twitch as they get removed bl**d dripping down there supple flesh there tormented nipples puffy from the large needles and being pulled. The wife lowers them back on the bench and release there arms they lay and twitch for several minutes Anne mutters “great present- does it get worse?” I lean down and kiss her and she reciprocates then I tell her “Could”. Mitch lays there panting and says “Can I have a kiss?” so I give her a long one then she asks me “can I have more needles next time cuz I liked how they felt”.

I told her “ It is possible both of you are not done and this could much worse”.

They sat up and looked at each other and smiled them laid back again….

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