Mitch's session- A collar, Belt and Clothes

Her breathes are short as she swallows then looking at us while we review her consent page, her gaze staring at a wood sculpture on a wall in the hallway while the wife looks at her to see her body quiver as if wondering what experience the night holds. I finish reviewing the page and walk around to pet her shoulder snapping her back to reality, I ask if she got enough of the snacks and she says Yes I did- thanks. While I ask her the wife looks from across the room telling me later her shuddering and chills of anticipation caused a pair of erasers to peek through the material of her shirt becoming more pronounced when I brushed her shoulder. The wife came up behind her brushing her lower back then rubbing her neck generating a deep breath, then grabbing Mitch's hair above her neck the wife holds it firmly and whispers that you should Just DO what your told and you don't have to answer. Mitch goes Ok- then takes several gulps as the wife informs her that we will start right now so stand and hands interlocked on your head, Mitch stands immediately and the wife pushes her feet apart and Mitch takes long slow breathes realizing it started much sooner than expected. I trace her back downward her firm thighs and legs and the wife returns and tells Mitch to put on her collar to begin her treatment, just as she finishes she puts on a wide leather belt told to make it tight and on bare skin. The wife grabs it firmly pulling Mitch forward to see her stumble recovery but our sports girl has great balance, turned sideways her arms are put horizontal and given water bottles to hold and not to drop. Several minutes pass and Mitch's strong arms tense but drop a little and from behind there is a SMACK and they lift back up level with several pants. She is told by the wife that everything she might experience she has received and it is done to please me and Mitch say's " I want to please", Smiling the wife hands me a bag and then takes the water bottles then begins to apply clothes pins to one arm. I mirror on the other and small squeaks emerge with each pinch then in her arm pit a shuddering breath then panting as Mitch deals with the sustained sensation, the wife gets in her face and tells we are being gentle right now and Mitch say's softly "ok-eek" as another clothes pin is applied to her side above her waist. The Mitch starts to take long deep breathes as we apply several lines down her back with string pinching each one for a response, the wife puts her hands on her head then leads her over to the tick-tac-toe wall sculpture and then takes her hands and ties them outspread. Panting and wondering I imagined her skin under her shirt one the clothes pins are removed but before she was secured I could see she is clearly excited, her poking pair straining on the material that will be released later for there own treatment. The wife admires her handiwork while I brush her inside thigh and she spreads her feet for better access my rubbing starts her moaning, legs together the wife commands and once loosened her pants fall to the floor and my hand explores her slippery lips. I put a cloth in her mouth and rub her hips sway and she she pants progressively harder my finger inside she stretches her arms to drive me deeper, the wife pinches and pulls clothes pins then removing Mitch responds little so the back ones get a harder pinch. Mitch squeals through the cloth and wiggles as her pussy gets wetter as the wife gathers the string and steps back several feet. I get Mich to stand tall and lean forward feet spread wide then plunge my fingers deep inside just as the wife gives the string a zippering tug the clothes pins pulling off her body. Mitch lets out a muffled cry posturing for a moment then falling forward still for several moments then regaining, panting and making low grunting the wife removes the cloth and Mitch goes " FUCK- that was wild and I am still wearing most of my clothes". The wife tells her "This was Gentle"- Mitch takes several breathes and whispers " Later I sl**p, currently I Serve".

I grab her hair pulling hard and tell her "You spent your whole life imagining this didn't you?"- Mitch turns her head and stares me and say's " Good things come to those who wait for the best quality- right".

I lean in to land a kiss on her cheek and she turns and we have a full kiss and she say's "Bring it"...

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very good