Coffee House girl- Mitch...

She sent me a text as she got off her usual bus so I could watch for her walking up the street tired from a week of work at her desk, my plans are for her to stay two nights and and explore her limits now that she has revealed she likes to be pinched. Taking direction appeared to be a strong point for her as well but while experiencing discomfort would she still be obedient, the wife prepared some items for our visitor as well as snacks in the kitchen while we get more information for her about her lifestyle. In the distance I see flowing hair so I zoom with my telescope and see her walking, the evening is crisp and foggy and she is panting foggy breathes as she gets a workout up the hill to our street. The wife checks in and I tell she is at the corner several minutes away so I take another look and see that from several houses away the heavy fog has moistened her hair and her shirt outlining her shoulders and trim body I remember from our coffee house chat. I peek out the window and she pauses for a moment at the stairs then a minute later a knock, the wife answers and brings her inside and shake her hand and she introduces herself as Mitch. The wife asks if she brought more clothes and she say's yes so the wife leads her off and then returns to tell she she is taking a shower and will put on some casual clothes, several moments later the wife goes and checks on her to decide when to put the hot snacks on the oven. I am reading on the couch waiting and a waft of moist air travels across my face as Mitch nuzzles my neck then walks around in front of me, I am ready for some snacks now that I am clean and relaxed but I pause for a moment (her early 30's body is tight and toned- Yum!) and tell her how nice she looks fresh and clean, Thanks she says with her moist short hair with shorts and a t-shirt she takes my hand to go in the kitchen. We sit on stools and take bites of snacks and the wife says You guy's met in line in the village and Mitch say's Yep but O M G you guys are the talk of the neighborhood, the wife acknowledges and comments that she looks like she is into sports and Mitch say's she has done them for years and traveled. Adding detail she tells of trips and doctors checking and prodding because to play in a game you have to be in great health, we agree and ask how she felt about the poking parts like bl**d tests and stuff. She tells of not a big deal but seemed bummed at on injury she got where she could not play for nearly a year, Mitch tells that the therapy was good and that the doctor stimulated her leg muscle with electric pads. The wife and I smiled and told her it's called Ten's and she said I know then added the wilder part, her boyfriend was sl**ping around so she convinced the nurse to add some pads inside her thighs. The nurse looked kinda Goth and had no hesitation as she quickly got another device, Mitch tells of laying there twitching and leaving pleasured not knowing what she experienced and that she was very close to an expanded version. The wife spoke up and told her we are blunt around her and Mitch said My preference anyway, so the wife told her that we are the talk because we are into Bondage hence the hooded person captured in a senerio. Mitch turned several shades of pink and red as she took shuddering breathes pinching herself, the wife blurted that she could join us as she placed a page on the counter outlining our activities her eyes gazing at the words making check marks on the page. Then at number six Mitch grabs her chest and pinches taking a deep breath as she checks the number eight box to that question, down to number eight her novice hands shake with excitement then looks at me. I could never get my first boy friend past a four but on one trip a team mate fulfilled my craving, she leaned back and gripped the counter on number ten then after a few moments initialed the bottom wanting a Full Session.

The wife and I stood on the other side of the counter reviewing the sheet as Mitch sat there fidgeting and panting.

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4 years ago
very good a long weekend
4 years ago
Sounds like a lot more is coming up on Mitch that weekend. Look forward to read more! ;-)P