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Several weeks later only exchanging smiles and glances with Stephie at the coffee house I finally get my drink and grab some napkins, I step back and brush a blond person and she goes “watch where you're movin”. I turn to her and I lean in and growl softly and she discreetly pats my ass then whispers she is stocking the restroom next then dashes off to get supplies.
Next to the restrooms is a hallway with a corner where I go a wait for several minutes because I want to talk to her about a proposal, next week I am having a party that I need help managing and I think she would be a good fit for the position. She comes around the corner and reaches for the door and I am on her heels and shut the door quickly behind, gasping with surprise I grab and kiss her silencing her protests her arms wrapping around me.
Finishing our kiss I ask her about helping at the party and that she can get some great tips for service, she smiles and says “Waitressing?” and I tell her it’s much more than that if you're adventurous so lets meet after work if you can, She agrees and remarks that expanding her experience as a bartender is always a plus and I smile and kiss her and leave so she can finish. After work we meet and I offer to drive her home and put her bike in the back, then driving to the nearby park and she remarks that I am going the wrong way to take her home as we arrive at a house bordering the park with a view.
I lead Stephie into the house and out on the deck grabbing a drink and we sit down in the sunshine, I explain that it is a hospitality server job at my party with ten guests and that there are two others with you. The amount of hospitality depends on your personal comforts but I have found you like to go the limit and it’s a plus as a bartender so you could really make some tips, she smiles and says Ok - just tell me what I have to do to make the most money so I can get my car fixed and pay my rent.
I pause and ask her if she wants to move to a better area eventually and she smiles Yes so I tell her if she Really takes care of my guests there could be a bounty, long breathes and brushing her shirt collar she goes Really? I move closer and take her hand and tell her it just depends on your personal limits as my hand tugs her shirt out of her belt brushing bare skin, humming from deep inside her body as my hand brushes her stomach her eyes lock on mine and she mutters “All of Me?”.
I tell her limitless is My Preference and as I finish saying that she moves closer holding my hand and moving it down while I tell her everyone at the party are pre-screened and safe with many repeat attendees , Stephie pauses and just blurts to me asking “Is this a party where I serve More than Food and Drinks?” I smile and tell her that I supply the clothes and you can serve food and whatever else you're ok with serving to please my guests and I even have a list of some of the dishes as well as the activities. You and the others can participate in some stage performances or pamper one guest’s requests as needed to make sure they are happy, getting them the food and drinks so they are completely fulfilled at the party.
Her hips wiggle from my finger down her pants so I grasp her chin and kiss her as she moves closer, softly she mutter that even after a long shift at work she can muster some energy for something fun. You know you're going to have to earn your spot at the party first demonstrating how good a Service girl you can be, she just looks at me and says I will do anything to please you or a guest so just tell me what you want. I place her hand on my pants and tell her I have something for her but it needs preparation and she smiles unbuttoning my pants diving in like she hasn’t eaten in days slurping and nibbling, on the floor without delay my soft pole awakening and her soft hair tickling my thighs gives a cooling effect.
Pausing for a moment Stephie grabs her bag and ties her hair keeping one hand wrapped around my hardening pole, then starting at my balls nibbling up and sucking the head inside her mouth she rakes her teeth holding the head. Feeling the bl**d rush to completely fill my pole my hands rub her neck and shoulders under her shirt, vacuuming my pole to full hardness she is moaning and slurping then in a single motion she takes all of my pole inside then nibbles as she withdraws repeating as my mind wanders.
Stephie gets up holding my pole and leads me to the end of a coffee table then gets on her back laying her head off the edge, leading my hips she takes the head inside and sucks and teases the head as my mind tells me it’s getting even harder. Then after several minutes she grabs my ass and plunges it inside taking my balls inside her cheeks, I can feel her swallowing my load then she guides me out and back in a rhythm sucking to pull me inside every time not losing a drop. My cock rises again and after several minutes of her teasing the head I start thrusting gaining speed and empty a second load while she has me deep in her mouth, not losing a beat she takes every drop gripping the table swallowing and arching her back after nearly thirty seconds.
I remove my shrinking cock while she gasps for air licking her lips then tells me if she can come to the party and serve my clients, I lean over and kiss her and say they will be real happy with your basic service but what about your Extended service capabilities. Stephie softly tells me she will do pretty much what my guests might want including with another girl grinning while saying those words, I reach and grip her shirt she instinctively leans toward me growling as I close and pinch her boob. She mutters that I guess I want to test her extended experience and I nod Yes brushing my other hand over her other boob, leaning hard I tell her hands behind your back while my palms close and gather her hardening nipples.
Stephie remarks that it might feel better if I remove my padded bra her body weight still against my hands enabling my firm grip, Really I tell her as i give a firmer squeeze getting a groan and a wiggle. Holding I lift her to her feet and lead her over to a frame instructing her to place her hands outspread grabbing the bars, I trace her sides down to her thighs and up again taking one hand placing it into a cuff repeating on the other hand. oooh Stephie purrs Your restraining me but did I do something wrong with her eyes wide and concerned, No I tell her while adding a belt across her waist securing it tight.
I tell her that she said she wanted to have her limits tested so this is how were are going to proceed but some removal is needed, unbuttoning her tightly fitting denim jeans pushing them to her ankles with her panties I lift her feet and remove the garment. Little shivers travel through her body as I tickle her legs brushing her skin then twisting her shirt bottom to tie it bare stomach, nice trim waist I complement then pinch and hold getting to a standing position to kiss her deeply. My hands hold her and give her tongue then around and two fingers get a squirm as they enter, her pussy responds to my brushing getting slippery in anticipation only for me to plunge them deeper inside.
Stephie pants and starts drooling as she rides several orgasms just from being fingered but then partially removed I pinch, knees bent she tries to impale herself on my fingers as orgasms wave through her body. Breaking my kiss inserting my moist fingers for her to lick obediently she cleans them off without hesitation, my hands travel down and encounter a pair of firm protruding puffies straining against the padding of her bra. Later I will release them but for now I grab her knees and attach ropes keeping them spread and forward, brushing my hands down her sides and legs arriving at the destination plunging my fingers inside her now dripping pussy getting quivers and wiggles.
Stephie leans her head back and pants as she rides the sensations from my plunging fingers tensing her body lifting with her tight stomach, each tense clamps on my fingers giving me the idea that my pole could get trapped inside her vice pussy and be content. My pole at half staff I grab her ankles and once over my shoulders I slide in a little getting a buck and an abdominal crunch, my hands go up her ass and back supporting her body as I walk backwards stretching her at an angle.
Her head back she clamps to hold the head of my pole inside so i decide that it is time to fill her properly, gripping her sides I thrust deep feeling my pole grow as she leans back and gasps at her sides getting pinched. Thrusting I growl to her that I am being gentle compared to the clients she will serve, she pants telling me she will endure anything needed to please a customer and make me happy so I thrust and hold while leaning back stretching her arms to their limit.
While she rides several orgams I warn her that many things can happen when suspended and helpless because my hands can reach many things, I love seeing a body like her’s held at its limit seemingly willing to endure my most kinky thoughts. Stephie pants and tells me she will go the distance as long as the activity is safe and pleases me, I tell her it can be a real pain in the flesh at times and make her head swim. Telling me she doesn’t care as long as I am happy and that I take care of her, grabbing her head I kiss her and tell her she might endure many things and find them to be rewarding and mysteriously pleasurable as well as literally getting under her skin.
Oh yeh I am ready but Oh Got just Fuck Me! So I pick up the pace and thrust and hold until she gets big eyes then I pull out then move her ankles wrapping them around me, giving her rein to grip and hold me inside I grope her body tickling and pinching finding her occupation with my cock doesn’t phase her. I lower her to the table and pull out and make adjustments securing her wrists then thrust again, she stretches her body long arching her back through orgasms while I take a crop and smack her legs and feet while she squirms all over the table. Then I release my load and kneel down to tie her ankles to the table legs while she pants, then on the side I brush her legs and waist and look at her to say your going to go that extra mile very soon.
I stood by her side and leaned over to put a blindfold on her eyes and she goes Mffff as I put my hand over her mouth, Stephie I said “You told me you would go the extra mile so were gonna do it right Now!”. Then I add a gag and she tosses her head side to side wondering what I have in store for her in the near future. Wiggling and grunting while I make noises but then after a few minutes some concerned sound begin, I look around and smile at all the candles I have lighted and the table next her ready with the next set of items. Struggling and wondering she makes wimper noises while I tickle her feet with a feather, then small squeaks occur as I apply clothespins to her toes then legs.
Muffled sounds hit a higher tone as I add several on her arms and fingers then brush my finger lightly across her thighs, then as I brush between her knees upward she struggles to move her body downward to capture my fingers. Her bright pink glistening pussy and writhing body I plunge several fingers into my palm followed by a long groan, pushing upward she scoots tightening her legs as I wiggle inside her increasing her panting as she rides several waves. Quickly I tighten the restraints on her wrists with my free hand then smack her legs and thighs, she moans loudly going over the top then wiggling all over the table through multiple orgasm then relaxing.
Stepping away to grab a table moving it to extend below her thighs I place her legs flat and stretch them securing them spread wide, from the side a nine tail whip contacts her thighs getting a wimper only to get aggressively applied several dozen times getting long moans. continuing on her legs and feet then her bare stomach and arms her skin reddened through her olive coloring, painting and arching her back and wiggling side to side realizing her limits she pants harder to come through the sensations.
Taking a short break she lays calming and breathing heaving her chest off the table moving her head to listen to noises, I glance over to convince myself to wait and leave her crumpled shirt on her body planning to uncover at the party. Then putting a towel over her face she mumbles through the material then moans in a high tone as I drip wax, candles I had lighted earlier had an adequate amount of wax to drip on her arm in a stream to her wrist. She pulls and moves while panting as I drip down her other arm and pause to watch her wreathing. Oh Honey it stings a little I said matter of factly and she moans Uh Huh just as i drip some on her stomach, arms pulling on the rope and back arching from the drips I stop to admire her wax colored arms.
Resting on the table I reach underneath where the ropes come together and taking up the slack on her legs she realizes she has less movement room, then I lube a dildo and insert it inside filling her pussy with a long moan following it with some wax. Several long squeaks as the wax hits her thighs and pussy so I grab and thrust the dildo coaxing some hip thrusting, she keeps them up even with wax being poured down them only to get even more wiggle as I find she is more masochistic them I imagined.
I take several more candles and pour while I slide a different dildo inside her slippery pussy apparently having created room to accept its larger size, Once she realizes she is fuller I pour more wax down her legs as she cries through the towel arching off the table riding the pain and pleasure. Currently she just arches and jerks not caring I am grabbing candles and pouring the wax creating another skin focused on just wiggling through the countless orgasms, numbed from the whipping and clothespins she just pants and tosses tugging on the ropes like a wild person.
Pouring the last candle I grab the nine tail whip and swing with abandon taking the dried wax off her body she tosses seemingly having lost control, two dozen strikes on each area removing the wax her reddened skin just showing tracks. I reach and remove the dildo from her quivering hips then whip her pussy cleaning it but it responds by puffing out and turning bright pink, just as I finish she pants and takes several long breaths then falls to the table spasming and jerking.
Stephie slowly calms but every few moments she jerks sometimes arching like she getting electrocuted, I remove the towel and the gag and blindfold and kiss her deeply her response is sloppy tongue so I hold her head. Still kissing she goes into a spasming period still kissing me her eyes rolling all over, then nearly half an hour later she calms enough to speak while I run my fingers through her hair.
Surprisingly she finally gathered the words to tell me she has never gone to the orgasmic place she just visited and strangely wants it longer with more sustained stimulation, I kiss her again and tell her you have to work the party for me and perhaps be part of the entertainment. She smiles and asks me that if it is like this then she’s all in for the full duration, I tell her I would likely get under her skin literally because it looked like a deep and unexplored side of you has come out to play. I would love to have the privilege to take you to the edge you just visited and perhaps turn left down another road, she smiles with big eyes as I tell her about the unexplored road of sensations your body could experience over and beyond anything you could imagine that is if your game to ride the edge.

Stephie still tied to the table smiled with big eyes and in a breathy voice said “ I would love to take that road real slow and perhaps get that great twitch again but maybe have it last longer”.

I kiss her as I untie her from the table and tell her I can totally take her there so just let me know if you want private or at the party, while she sat on the couch I gave her some paperwork to help her prepare for her trip to the edge.

Perhaps continued...

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awesome & yes more
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I certainly hope you continue this story, I find this very sensually stimulating!!
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More please!!