Linda gets Lypo &Tweaked good!

Linda gets Lipo, a good Tweak and Secures her Future!

We met when she was starting college at a bike ride when her competitive spirit was driving her up a rocky trail around noon, I kept up with her just for the view of her ass and tight waist imagining what I could do with that in a night. We finished half the ride and the group stopped for lunch under some tree’s so I went and sat next to her, She told me her name was Linda and offered me one of her muffins she bakes and I gave her a granola bar. I asked her if she rode often and she said it was her sideline passion after being a medical assistant, then she paused and I asked her to tell me what was bothering her and that blurting was ok for me.
She went back to high school and said she was a late bloomer and was teased like crazy about her puffies pointing through her shirt, she just concentrated on her studies until college when she started growing again with her changed diet. She always wore a bra but had to put on a bigger one when she got her period, she wants to maintain her body from soccer and trail riding and not get giant boobs her mom and grandma have so she pursued a medical career. Several years and through a nursing program she was able to get an internship at a plastic surgeon helping to prep patients for surgery, then after another year she began working in the operating room counting instruments.
I asked her about her comfort with the items and she said her daydreams took her to places that included them inserted in not normal places, I suggested bluntly that liposuction is for fat removal and what are breasts and she smiled never imagining the thought of that location. We talked more after our ride and wondered if I would help her set up the procedure, my mind raced at the thought of what she wants to have done to her freckled body but support it fully. Before parting I asked her if we could partake in some of this type of play as well and she smiled, then turned and said it could be more fun without sedation.
Several weeks later Linda and I went to the surgeon where she works on an appointment consultation with photo’s and both bras, the doctor walked in and said hi to us and asked her why the appointment for liposuction when she is slim and healthy. She placed the first photo in front of him of her in her normal bra then a side view topless, explaining that she likes that size and wants to maintain her breasts at that point. Then a second photo taken during her period she is nearly a size larger but then a side view topless, she looks him in the eyes and says this is the difference but my mom and grandma are nearly a D Cup and I don’t want those big boobs.
The doctor sits down and asks her that she wants liposuction on her breasts and Linda says well they Are fat tissue, he agrees and asks that she has done her homeworks and she nods and says her could go through her belly button and she can pay cash. The doctor smiles and asks how will he tell if he has taken the right amount out, she pulls out several more photos showing him that her regular bra makes her period boobs protrude so just making them sit down in the cup is likely the goal. The doctor smiles and says homework is good and she should remember that once the tissue is removed they will stay at that size, Linda smiles and tells him that is the goal but you can always stop and we can try again after several months.
The doctor tells us this is a surprise because he normally gets the knife but to do this to maintain is a new angle, then asks if she is having her period now and will she remove her top for him. Linda peels it off and the doctor looks at her breasts in the bra and she tells him we can have a bra made that is open, the perimeter will support and hold them up while you suction during the procedure and he agrees her plan sounds promising. The doctor tells Linda that he can use a needle and go right in a freckle and you won’t see the scar, then he takes us down the hall to a tank and has her lean into the water to test her breast volume and once the water stops she lifts out and stands.
The doctor tells us to come back in two weeks but it looks like taking 74 cc’s would be a good start and then says he will use several cannula to do the job smoothly, Linda asks him if she will be awake for the procedure and he says a local anesthesia will leave her awake. We leave and go get a bite to wait for the doctors response and I lean over and kiss her neck and tell her how kinky this procedure sounds and that her boobs will likely be sore, She tells me that it will require a compression garment for several days but she can't wait to see how they will look. I lean in for a kiss and tell her that around me that will not be the last time they will be sore and she smiles and says I likely want to watch the procedure, Yep I tell her and my hand will likely be in my pants as he plunges those needles into your breasts.
Later that day the doctor calls and let us know how much the procedure costs and when he can do it, turns out it will take several hours and she needs to be on her period so he can remove the correct amount. Linda is happy that she can leave the office soon after and I will arrange for some time off to take care of her in recovery, I expect she will be sore and need to be cooked and bathed as well. We adjusted her diet and got the garment that will be needed and scheduled the procedure for the following month, we went for several weekends away and walked on the beach and cuddles expanding our relationship as well not knowing how exciting it will become in the future.
Two weeks later we went back for the second tank volume test so the doctor can confirm the difference normal and swollen period boobs, he smiled and said the 74 cc’s should be a great start for her body size. Several weeks later we started lightening her diet to prepare for the procedure, the night before going in Linda and I had fun and exercised my pole good getting her to sl**p late but relaxed and ready. The doctor does the liposuction in his office so parking and hassle is minimal so we arrived punctually so Linda could go in and get ready with a full shower, then she got her chest rubbed with antiseptic and put our special compression bra. Her swollen period body made her boobs protrude real nice and firm, her nipples pointed proudly from my diligent sucking the night before as she laid on the table. The nurse began medication in her arm to prepare for the procedure giving her a slight numb sensation, Then the doctor called me away and handed me a gown so I could be there to watch. Linda relaxed and closed her eyes and then was wheeled into the room for final preparation as the nurse injected half the anesthetic in the spots where the cannulas would be inserted, then the nurse said the procedure would begin and that the patient was ready so the doctor picked up a long number sixteen cannula and inserted it at the first spot of three then passing the suction tube inside.
My mind went totally kinky as I watched that needle slide into her breast only helping me to plan her future as my submissive, then the doctor inserted the suction tube nearly four inches and began working it sideways while I watched the recovery beaker fill to the line with bl**dy liquid tissue. I observed marks on the beaker as he started the second slowly progressing to the second mark, Linda had her eyes closed and was relaxed but had been gently rubbing her fingers on mine as the doctor worked the suction filling the beaker finishing one breast. Noticeably flatter with the nearly 74 cc’s removed the doctor pressed her boobs to check his work then went to the other breast, first the cannula followed by the suction and again the beaker filled to the first then second and third line.
Groggy and relaxed after two hours Linda was lifted to a sitting posture and the bra was removed and a compression garment fitted and strapped tightly, my mind imagined her soreness she would have when the anesthetic wore off and reality sets in as we sit in the recovery room. Several hours pass and she leans ove and kisses me thanking me for being there for the procedure, the doctor came in and checked her over and said we can go home so she could sl**p and recover.
Linda got home and hugged me although she was sore and told me other area’s need probing and that I have a job to do, wasting no time she dropped her jeans and hopped on the stand by the door grabbing my pants. I looked at her and went You Really Want to? Linda said there was less anesthetic so she could feel the needles go in and the suction happen but kept relaxed and getting horney from the sensation, I was hard and my pole straining against my pants ready for entry. In the hallway I slipped into her silky lubed pussy her legs wrapping around my back and her stomach clamping firmly, her hands on my shoulders I thrust and pounded for fifteen minutes and shot a good load my juice dripping down the furniture.
I took her upstairs and gave her a sponge bath and got her comfortable on the couch and we watched several movies, she knows what to do during commercials reaching over rubbing my pants so warned her she would have to follow through with what rises. Several commercials pass and she rolls over on my lap and slips my pole inside and rides, slowly undulating her hips she closes her eyes then takes my hands and holds them on her chest my palms detecting her nipples.
A week passes and lots of riding and sl**p I am amazed how horney she is after a surgical procedure, then a doctor visit and the compression garment gets removed for inspection and the doctor tells us it does not need to be worn, Linda’s breasts look a little swollen but the doctor was pleased with the results. The swelling would last for several months and be much more sensitive than usual so Linda goes to the restroom, several minutes later peeks out and calls me inside and wants me to brush her boobs. Sensitive and made her more horney than she has ever been so we left the office and went home, entering the house she tore off her clothes and had my pants open in two minutes because she wanted something hard right now.
Her head bobbed and I panted as she slurped then came up and kissed me telling me tenderness doesn’t matter just bang and tweak her good toy’s optional, I groaped along her waist and pushed her down and tickled her thighs and kissed then nibbled to get her wiggling. My tongue went in and she lifted so I pushed her stomach, then gripping her waist getting a gasp and a deep breath I licked and nibbled. As she wiggled my palms moved upward brushing her sides and across her breasts getting another deep breath with a high back arch.
Newly released and neglected nipples pointed skyward wanting to be noticed as I tickled her sides and plunged my tongue inside her wet pussy, she gasped for a long breath my fingers brushed her still tender boobs holding as her nipples poked my palms then I closed and clamped. Linda gasped and arched more grinding her hips into my mouth as I held her nipples rolling them pinching, catching her breath she mutters OMG I Love you doing things to them as she grunts and has a long wiggle seemingly of a half dozen orgasms.
I get up off the floor and part her legs and insert my pole into a slippery cave and thrust slowly as she pants and tosses her head sideways, moving her arms above her head I tell her to leave them there and she mutters Anything you Want. All the way inside her I grab several clothespins and with each thrust and her gasp I grab her nipple and attach one holding her pebble tall and pert, then as I approach releasing my load I thrust at a higher speed and grab the clamped part and pinch as thrust Linda gasps with every tug. A nice long groan as I fill her pussy my hand pinches hard and she arches upward as I hold, clamping my pole milking every drop as I torment her pebbles to get every pussy muscle gripping my pole she eventually drops and relaxes.
I lay down next to Linda and kiss her admiring her tall nipples adorning her freckled sweaty body relaxed from a good thrusting, she turns and looks with her dreamy eyes and barely mutters that now her sore boobs have her smarting nipples as a partner. Then muttering that I look like I enjoyed teasing her skin to oblivium, I smiled and said I love the appearance of a woman getting intense pleasure even though it gets kinky.

Linda smiled and said “Kinky is fine with me - What's next” ...

Down the road you could be sore All over provided you're willing to Well - Submit to Me...

During and After the soreness I am into Anything you want to do, the surgery made everything else a picnic!

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