Jennifer in the Closet Sex on Chairs!

Jennifer the Manager loves & will Do Anything for a Dark Choc Chunk Muffin


Storeroom Sex

Chair Sex



Today I went to do some shopping at OSH for some jobs in a few days but while gathering my items I see Jennifer supervising the assembly of a display, making my way to the checkout and paying for my items I get ready to go but change my mind. An about face I go over to talk and she take moments to have a conversation about her c***dren and a recent party they had, she observes my bulging pocket and I remark that it is my snack. She gets a call on the radio and asks me to walk with her and asks me about my snack, I tell her it is a Dark Chocolate Muffin and she goes oh with a sigh. Then I tell her they are in development and the next is a Dark Chocolate Chocolate Chunk muffin not with chips but a chopped up bar, she gives me the Mmmmmm sound that rises in tone with a smile like she wants one real soon.
A week later I stopped by to return some items and glancing around I saw her come down the stairs from the office, she disappeared around the corner to take care of some store task so I walked around to do some research. Fifteen minutes later I went to pay for some items and at the end of an aisle she was surveying her employee’s and watching customers enter the store, she was turned around helping a customer so I was close when she turned back around in time for me to say good morning. She smiled and softly remarked that she still flushed from our back room experience so I said that I have another idea I developed, a smirk on her face as I explained that there was a new program offered at the store. She looked in a surprised expression as I informed her that the program was for customers to Adopt an Employee and that I selected her, my procedure was to feed my selection as I produced a chocolate muffin for her.
Jennifer said she just had lunch and respectfully declines but would like a raincheck for her benefit, I gazed in her eyes and said that she was holding out for the chocolate chunk muffins and she swallowed and said yes. I thought you were from that growl noise you made so soon I will have one and we will see what happens, she smiled and leaned close giving my hand a chance to brush her ass getting a soft giggle as she turns and smiles telling me to follow. She walks and speaks on her headset as we turn a corner by the lighting where the restrooms are located, grabbing my arm and a doorknob I am ushered into the machine room and pushed to a seat in the corner. Locking eyes she saddles up facing me leaning in telling me she is taking her break then gives me a wet sloppy kiss as my hands grip her waist getting a growl, breaking the kiss I ask how long do we have and she tells me she can take as long as she wants because she is the boss and wants a snack.
There are three chairs in a row so my hands go right up her back gripping her shoulders as Jennifer kisses deeper, gripping her I turn to the side and lay her flat on the chairs never breaking the kiss while unbuttoning her jeans. Her tongue darts deeper into my mouth as her hands push my jeans down grabbing my half hard pole stroking it like her first cock, then laying between her spread legs I feed it to a hungry wet cave sliding inside fully and holding. Legs wrapping around my back as my hands run up her chest under her bra gripping her boobs, more tongue as I squeeze then a mumble as I thrust while continuing to caress and brush her nipples.
Jennifer breaks the kiss as I hold her boobs and thrust rhythmically into her pussy as she leans her head back off the chairs, holding my arms she tells me to grab that rag and stick it into her mouth quick as her eyes began to well up with an impending orgasm. Gripping my arms my hands gripping her sides as my thrusting gains speed fortunately the chairs are solid support, a short five minutes and my horney little redhead is welling up and tensing as I pound hard our encounter masked by the machinery feet away. She takes deep breaths as I expel my load with firehose f***e into her clenched stomach milking me with her clamped pussy, several minutes pass and she picks up her head for a kiss then does a sit-up pushing me back on the other chairs.
She gets on the floor and sucks my wilting pole inside her mouth only for it to quickly harden inside her mouth as she take it all the way to my balls, then with ferocious sucking my pole fills her throat as she teases the head as another load builds ready to escape. I grab her hair and tell her to lay on the chairs and I insert my pole thrusting down her throat, wrapping her hands behind me she holds sucking and swallowing for nearly half a minute then pulls me deep inside with my balls inside her cheeks getting me even more hard. I pull out slightly for her to breathe through her nose then pulling me inside as I erupt my second load with a long grunt, vacuuming it down and hungrily swallowing and licking as I continue to empty all the while Jennifer makes a purring sound of satisfaction.
Jennifer gets up remarkable with a clean face having not missed a drop leaning in to kiss me I reach for one last grope of her boobs clamping her hard nipples still kissing, she tries to straighten her clothes her toned freckled body limited by my grasp. Grunting as she pulls her nipples while buttoning her jeans I give one last suck in the kiss and twist and tug getting a wimper, releasing she pants and says she need to put her bra on so I tell her I am not finished with them as I lean in to suck and bite. Hands on her back I release and run my hands through her hair then buckle her bra, Several deep breathes she remarks that I gave her a good snack and hopes all feeding are this satisfying.

I tell her I was happy I could provide a wholesome low fat meal replacement but there will be a more fulfilling meal later kind of like a BBQ!

Jennifer said she was looking forward to the courses and her Muffin!

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