Rachel gets Camping supplies But...

Woman going camping gets rope to secure her stuff, I have other ideas...

Tied Hands



Shopping can be a surprise as you stroll the aisles selecting your items as well as sometimes helping someone when an employee is not available, the other day was no different but definitely happened in the right aisle with the right customer. When I load my tools I use a short piece of rope to keep the lawnmower from rolling forward by tieing the bar with a rope, after nearly a decade the rope is not easy to use so I was getting other items and turned the corner to view the different types of rope.
At the end of the display there is a box of rolls that are the ends of the spools so while rummaging through the box I found a bundle, turned around and began untying it to see how long it is then I tied a knot for a use test. Out of the corner of my eye a woman arrived and stood looking at the spools towering above her then takes one and wraps her hand around it not sure, I turn and remark that there are so many to choose from but it depends on what use you have in mind.
She said her name is Rachel and is planning a camping trip with her two k**s and has to tie the stuff on the car so she thought rope would do it, I suggested she consider one of those bug cases that sits on the roof so you can put the stuff in and close it. She liked the idea but wanted to find some rope in case they cost too much, I suggested a rope that was not too big but has a small braid making a rough surface so when you tie it it holds firmly.
I looked in the extras box and found a small roll of what I thought would work and just like a woman into color she likes the orange and red in the braids, the piece was only fifteen feet long so we looped it around and tied it and it held good but she said that was not a good test. Bear in mind that Rachel is medium height and with two k**s she is in shape so my mind has at least ten things in mind for her, we untie the test knot and look at the piece and she likes the way it has worked so far but wants to make sure it will hold.
I said I have a good test in mind so when we start if you not happy we will stop and figure out something else, she said that was fine so I took the rope and d****d it across my shoulder and held the other end. I looked at Rachel and asked her for her hand and without hesitation she lifts it to me, folding over doubling the rope I wrap it around her wrist and give it a double tie and she smiles and flushes slightly. Once snug I take the end and hold and tell her pull as hard as she can like you want to get away from me, she leaned back and pulled and the rope held and even tightened more from the loop underneath.
She said WOW that worked and that was a simple knot and and as she stuttered because I was still holding the loop, you need to come closer so I can untie it from your wrist and she muttered Well I, I guess. Then she stumbles a step to me and puts her other hand over the rope looking down but I can see she is flushing red, I asked if she is ok and she said we need to test the rope one more time since it is holding good but I want to make sure.
We walk across the store to the restroom and she ushers me into the women's and locks the door then turns to me and says Ok - now you can tie my wrists behind me and see if I can get free then turns around, I run my open palms down from her shoulders to her wrists and wrap the rope around the other and tie securely saying that if she not comfortable to tell me and we will stop.
Rachel remarks that I tie it tighter or the test might not work so I wrap it tight snugging the rope better and turn her around facing me, her face is red and she is starting to pant as she struggles pausing to lock eyes with me still wiggling her wrists. Then she pulls harder then remarks that Oh dear I guess I might be your prisoner You Think? I go Oh we have progressed from rope testing and she smiles and says the only person that could tie wrists like this is a kinky person, I go Really and Rachel looks at me and tells me we are gonna have to meet later with a roll of this rope.
Still standing before me she remarks that I could do something while she can't stop me and she might enjoy it, since having k**s she had to put a pause on another hobby she loved and with me perhaps she might be able to add it to her life. I said that kinky is tame for me and I have done lots of things and she locks eyes and says I am a quiet submissive, I brush her cheek and down her arm and across her chest then both hands close pinching her shirt.
Rachel just stands firm breathing as I my hands pinch upward she remarks between breathes that the rope feels good, as I move up she leans toward me giving herself then as I detect her bra on her sides she leans hard making a purring sound. Please put your knee out for me to lean on Sir all the while my hands brush her sides, just as I come around to her front she moves forward and sits on my leg lowering herself.
I cup my hands and grip her tits she takes a breath and lowers herself and begins humping my leg, then under her breath she encourages me to make sure I squeeze firmly as her humping accelerates. Rachel wiggles and pants softly as I squeeze firmer but then she takes a breath and mutters softly for me to close my hands on those hard pebbles, Then her voice drops and she says II know you want to grip them so don’t disappoint me.
My hands close around her tits and then her nipples cause her to shudder and she leans her head back and wiggles, Grip Them Like you Mean It she commands so I close like a vice and she just groans and tosses side to side humping my leg then leans back then forward pushing into my hands. A soft whisper she tells me HARDER so I grip and she sucks in a gallon of air and tosses wildly humping then leaning back, my hands feeling her pulling then relaxing then back again as she rides several orgasms then pauses leaning back.
Rachel leans forward and pants snuggling against me then asks me to untie her wrists in a few minutes, then stands and turns around and once released she leans over and kisses me deeply. She remarks that we will totally do this again only I will be nude and you will use a vibrator and some nipple clamps, don’t worry I will take care of you too.
We leave the restroom and get a big roll of rope and go through checkout and I get her number for later.

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