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Stephie parts with BF expands coffee skills to landscaping

Breaking up




When I go and get a coffee she smiles and asks what I want to get while grabbing a cup then attentively writes my order, my thoughts are that she has more great flavor concealed inside her black shirt and pants and I wonder what it will take to get her to reveal her young enough to be my daughter bounty filling her clothes. Finishing my order she goes in back emerging without a green smock to excuse herself for a break, heading for the door outside to sit in the sunshine I grab my drink and exit behind her. I say Hi and ask if she wants to sit and relax and smiles and says Over Here good for you? We go over to a table around the side away from the crowd and she sits down facing her back to the street. Taking a long breath to relax as I approach to sit across the table from her, as I pass I place my hand on her shoulder and squeeze then sit across taking a sip of my drink while she settles in the seat.
Are you ok I ask sipping my cold drink and she remarks that she slept poorly last night and I remarked if things are ok, she loosened a shirt button as she expands that she fought with her boyfriend and he slept at a friends last night after storming out the door. I had remarked earlier that I had a big landscaping job starting soon so she perked up and asked if she could help, I remarked that we should meet later to talk and she said that would be great so we arranged to meet when she got off work. We chatted as the warm sunshine made her flip her hair off her neck for cooling, not losing out on an opportunity I suggested she loosen her shirt for more cooling before going back to work.
She had several days off coming up and wanted to help so we choose to meet at work after a short shift, I parked and waited to pick her up observing her chatting with other employees all untucked and rubbing her neck from the stress of another verbal fight with the boyfriend. Several minutes pass then she walked in my direction so I waved so she could locate me in the car then getting in she tossed her stuff in the back, I remarked she looked warm as she popped the lid off a cup and cooled ner neck with an ice cube. Then as she felt relieved the ice went south as the first button opened and the water cooled and she fanned herself breathing softly, I commented and suggested she go for a second button and more ice and she smirked and thought about it putting her fingers under it ready to release.
I don’t think its an issue because there is not much to conceal but looked supported as she released the button and opened her shirt folding it back, adorning her warm skin with a new piece if cooling ice she smirked as I remarked that great curves are subtle and are often overlooked by all but the most observant. She says that sounds good opening her shirt wider for maximum cooling, boldly I reach over and rub her shoulder glancing admiring the open buttons to see her chest rise and fall with her breaths. She leans over and kisses my cheek exhaling her warm breath on my neck as we drive down the road.
A short drive and we get to the job where I have bags of soil to spread around flower beds, Stephie gets out and sits to put on her boots and I lean in and search for some gloves for her hands.
Opening bags and dumping she works hard and quickly ties the shirt bare stomach and continues, I direct her to empty in a spot then take a rake and move the soil happy to be in a spot as she bends forward. She stops and takes a break to call a friend to let them know all is fine then puts on her gloves and we empty more bags, the day has warmed up several degrees and we start to sweat so I call a water break while retreating under a tree for shade.
Stephie sits across from and we rest and have a snack and she tells me public transportation is the option for now with her car broken, I tell her that perhaps this extra money will help her get is fixed and she tells me she has other bills to pay first. Well you can make extra if you want to help me pick up materials for jobs subject to schedule and she smiles and says that sounds good and to let her know. Then she gets a somber look and I ask her if her boyfriend was abusive to her and she said No but she has to move out and is going to live with friends, she really wants her own place but too many bills so I take her hand and say Come with me!
We go to the clients house that I have had for over a decade and actually planted stuff I am replacing in this project, we go inside and sit on a bench and I tell her I can help her get on her feet if she wants the work, Stephie smiles and says Sure then rubs her neck and moans softly so I run my hand up her arm to her neck and rub asking if it’s ok. My hand goes under hers and rubs and she breathes deeply as I pinch firmly, she tells me her boyfriend treats her like a slut and a slave and but won’t let her go out with friends. This is why she moving out and away from him with a blessing from her friends, then todays work is a godsend and her friends are happy she is moving in a good direction.
My hand still grasping her shoulder I tell her we can make some beneficial arrangements but we have to understand what our goals are, I also have to grasp how you want to be treated because right now you're not technically an employee. I ask her which area of her relationship she did not like and she spoke up and said going out with friends, so I spoke up and said I am blunt -ok and she smiled and said Nothing Better so ask away.
With my jobs it is nice to have a strong right hand person but we need to get you recovered, my other hand coaxes her to slide over closer as my hand rubs her neck better then I whisper to Stephie that she can be my slut if she wants. Turns to me and say’s Whoa but I can go out with friends? and I say Yep! Your hand feels so nice and is turning me into butter, I take her hair and rub her neck and hold and rub her other shoulder and say - So your On Duty Right?
Stephie whispers that she is My Girl Slut and my hands feel real nice so I tell her we can begin right now so slide your shirt off your shoulders so I can rub them right, she grabs her hair and ties it up remarking that she can cut it if it makes me happy as I pinch her back getting a long grunt. Then I lean her against me and kiss her neck and caress her stomach and she mutters that her body is all mine, I kiss her neck and rub her thighs and tell her I do lots of things and hope she might be game to explore and she purrs inside her body that serving is ok as long as she gets time with her friends.
Her loose shirt was sliding down her body caught on her bra my hands still rubbing my eyes glanced as she turned sideways, her shirt opened revealing a pink lace plunge bra that gave me lots of idea’s for her once she was totally disrobed. I would need to have her read and sign to consent form so I would totally know I could tie her with rope and give her a vigorous rub, then take her on a nice trip fun for a long evening of toys and sensation. Then she kissed me nice and deeply like she had not been kissed for months so after several minutes we broke, WOW I said - have you kissed lately and she said her boyfriend had not fondled her for months as they fought, I grabbed her waist and said That’s Gonna Stop right Now!
I kissed her again and held her tight leading her to stand then her feet trip and we fall on a thick pad on the floor, between kisses she mutters Randy and I just kiss her to quiet her as I grope ass and upward gripping her back pinching hard getting a grunt. My hands wrapped around her they get to her shoulders and grab her hair pulling her head, a long growel I remark she needs to cut her hair and she mutters obediently Yes Sir. I kneel over her pinning her then kiss her neck and shoulders my feet pinning her legs, her ass grinding into the pad Stephie breaths and tosses her head as I nibble then I move her arms. Elbows held I kiss her stomach and bite her sides and ribs getting her to exhale all the air out as I bite and hold, her shirt is still held by three buttons folded sideways bare stomach and off shoulder.
Nibbling a new rib I open a button with my teeth and nibble the new exposed ribs getting some wiggles then I open another, I get to the bottom of her bra and nibble more then open the last button and the shirt falls open and I am faced with two mounds, the sheer material of the bra appears to be straining as two points stand tall to be noticed. My hands move up her sides and brush then hold her arms as I nibble her sides passing over the strap to her arm, my body above her I rub her neck then down her chest my finger tracing her cleavage.
Stephie takes a long inhale as I tickle her stomach then in a single motion my hands run up pushing the straps sideways and down her front, the bra cups folded down my hands filled with her volume she lifts her body shoving them deep in my grasp her nipples poking my palms. OMG she gurgles as I close my hands around tighter as she gasps telling me to hold firmer, I look down and see the moment has given me a healthy pole to use so I plan my move.
One hand on her stomach and I spread her legs and in a single motion I plunge inside her dripping cave thrusting fully, my hand back to her tits gripping as she lifts her body so I pound shifting her body and inch. Shoving a pillow under her shoulders she still lifts her body so I thrust harder as she gasps and tenses her stomach, my jizz feels close causing my hands to grip firmly so she grabs them closing on her nipples. Stephie mutters and mumbles arching her body on the pillow my thrusting speed gaining she holds my wrists and starts to quiver, OMG harder as she closes my hand and I thrust my pole as it feels bigger as I get close. She grabs my hand and mutters Grip My Nippes Harder so my fingers take up her ample soft nipples, closing and gathering them my grip takes several fingers then I roll them getting deep growls as she lifts high off the pillow.
Stephie holds my wrists hard and grips my pole with her abs as I get ready to release and she pants and tenses and quivers telling me between breathes that I better grip good, she sucks in amazing amounts of air and her body temperature increases as I thrust and pound her solid body. Then she starts to tense and wiggle and grips my wrists arching her back high as I pound harder holding getting a grunt, between panting she gasps Come On - GRIP MY NIPPLES!!!
So as I get ready to hold and shoot I grip and twist them hard as I can and she grunts and exhales gripping my pole squeezing every drop, my fingers holding her nipples with her hands gripping my wrists as she starts tossing her body through seemingly a dozen orgams. All the while my grip contributing to her nipples getting pulled in some wonderful torment then she starts to slow, arching her back she go through several more orgasms holding my hands above her then mutters Keep them There.
Her legs behind my back and my pole deep inside getting milked by her pussy she lifts her arms and stretches her body passing through several more orgasms, then several more twitches and tenses she pants several dozen more times and lets out and big grunt and relaxes her head back with a long deep groan. I thought I had given all my jism but nipple torture usually get a little more as my grip still tormenting her nipples, her tired and panting body arched back with her nipples in my grasp and feeling like I have a considerable amount of her weight between my fingers I shoot a last squirt.
Several minutes later I lower Stephie to the pillow and continue rolling her nipples without much response except groans, panting she moans for me to continue and even twist them more because her nipples are enjoying my abuse. She just lays there taking deep breaths with each twist getting a good twitch along the way, after a while she finally calms seeming to be tired so i let go and massage her tits and down her stomach. Then I get up and lay on the mattress next to her moist and pleasured body then she turns to me with a groggy expression, Telling me she has not had that many orgasms in a long time but later she wants more tingling that she agreed to receive.

I said Stephie that will not be a problem...
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