Why do I think my daughter is so attractive? (part

So now i have opened pandora's box..the point of no return! I crossed the line that can not be uncrossed. I layed in bed that night waiting for my wife to come home. Seconds felt like hours , hours like nights. Thoughts of how willing Nia was , how she seemed to enjoy fooling around with her daddy. Was I wrong? I couldnt help it i thought. Her body slim and tender , creamy skin that would melt in my mouth. Her innocent curiousity and eagerness to please me. Her mouth so small but still able to slurp down my cock like a pro. All these thoughts now has me harder than a steel pipe again. Then that familiar squeek of the front door lock snappin open and the whishing sound of the door opening. It was Amy arriving home after her night shift. It was 7 am , and I am usually awake to kiss her hello in the morning..at least before i go back to sl**p. But this morning i was soo horny..I needed to fuck. Amy , after grabbing a drink and a small bite to bring to bed , makes her way in the bedroom. " Hey! Honey how was work my love" I said sweetly.. "Ughh what do you think , Im whooped " she answered..She noticed my erection and smiled because she knows I usually have morning wood. " I see you have something for me?" she says with a slutty look. My wife was always up for sex..even tho she was tired she still wanted it and I knew it..so I told her to get into her nighty and lay down on her back and I will do the rest! As she changed I notice our door was open I thought to shut it then a light bulb when off and I decided to purposely leave it open. Amy layed on the bed and spread her long shapely legs , her beautiful feet with perfectly painted toes 3 feet apart. I dove right into that pussy! She keeps it trimmed and pretty , a small clit and tight lips round out her beautiful snatch. I close my eyes and focus my tongue and mouth on that lil clit bag , flicking and sucking it into my mouth. Her moans led to the flooding of my mouth with hot pussy cream. Amy was a great cummer , she cums alot and easily , I fell in love with that first, hehe! Anyways..after about 3 orgasms , my mouth and face covered in her love juice I am ready to fuck her! I flip her over doggy position and start stroking my cock behind her teasing her as shes breathing heavy and begging to be penetrated!! I look out in the hallway and notice Nia's door open and her standing there only ably to see her mothers ass and me from her angle. I was surprised but this time not as shy , I put my index finger to my lips telling her to be quiet and I proceeded to start fucking my wife hard..I busted my balls in that pussy within a minute knowing Nia was totally watching , and my wife was obliveous! I looked over to see Nia in her tight T and panties rubbing herself. This kept my cock hard as I continued to pound away at my wifes cumfilled twat. I noticed Nia bite her lip and close her eyes as her legs quivered..she was coming!! I couldnt take it and dropped my secong load deep in my wife. She had her head in the pillow screaming into it as she came several times as well. I motioned to Nia to close her door as I was spent! I had cum as hard as I ever did 3 times in a 8 hour period!My balls were empty and my cock left twitchng as my wife slid off me. Her pussy drenced with 2 loads , it pours out and she trys to catch it with one hand. My cum oozing out onto her fingers she tastes my hot load with passion , sucking each finger clean staring at me with a smile! " I love you baby " she said.."I love you more "..I proudly responded. She was exhausted and wanted to shower before she went to bed so I got one started for her. As she undressed I grabbed her a towel and gave her a kiss.."enjoy baby" ..she smiled and closed the door..she likes to get it all steamy. I figured Im up so I would go downstairs and makes some Java. As I stepped into the hallway i noticed Nia's door cracked. I again couldnt resist but to peek in. My eyes were blessed with a beautiful site.. Nia was on her bed nude legs spread rubbing her lil pussy! I was not shy this time , I pushed door open and Nia was not shy either , not even flinching , " Honey what are you doing? I said softly.."Just Playin Daddy" she says so innocently. I race back to my room to check on my wife.."Everything ok hunny?" i shouted into the bathroom. "Yes babe" she answered..I know my wife shes got like 30 mins at least in there so I race back to Nia's room. Nia still on her bed with her legs spread..I tell her I will help her..she smiled and nodded with one finger in her mouth..like shed been waiting for me to ask. I knelt between her amazing legs that led up to a perfect bald lil pussy.Her tiny lil clit and tiny lips that barely coverd her tiny hole were know in my face..I touched my tongue to her and she quickly quivered. Her young tangy pussy was different than my wifes..her tight soft skin was mind numbing..my cock began to thickn and rise in my boxers..my heart began to race cause I couldnt believe how this was happening! My tongue carressed her pussy and it was like I was eating the best Steak in the world..so juicy and tender and her moans made my cock stiff as ever..she started to breathe heavy and twiching as my tongue did laps on her virgin pussy..her hymen was beggin to be broken her small lil asshole looked tighter than a straw..i ate her harder..lickin every inch as she began to moan louder..I took my left hand to cover her mouth...as she quivered hard and sprayed my mouth with her gushing orgasm..mmm just like her mother I thought..she layed there shaking and biting her lip , eyes shut. I put my mouth up to her ear and told her that shes so beautiful and that we have to keep this between us..she nodded and said " Daddy I love you"...i said "I love you too sweety" and kissed her on the forehead. I went back to my room and climbed into bed just as I heard the shower turn off. Pheew , my heart was racing but was somehow comfortable with everything. Almost a weird calm came over me..my wife soon comes into bed , I kiss her and tell her to get some rest as I spoon with her falling asl**p fast.
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Lucky guy, most guys want a young pussy to lick and stretch.
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yes a very hot chapter
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a very HOT chapter