Why do I think my daiughter is Attractive? (part 2

So my wife leaves and I am sitting on the couch trying to figure out how to approach Nia about this. Should I say anything at all I thought. " Hi dadddy" out of nowhere was that cute lil voice of my beautiful daughter Nia. She had her dark brown hair in pig tails...short blk spandex shorts on with a pink tank top that read "Cutie"..a body to die for was exposed to me. Her ass was so perfectly outlined in the shorts that it had my heart racing. A perfect lil bubble butt just like her mother had. She had no room for panties in there and I knew it. I was startled a lil bit and took a minute to be able to verbalize words.."Oh sorry honey , daddy was daydreaming.." curious as an ally cat..she replied.."Oh yea what about daddy?"..a smile molded to her face...her dark hair split in two hanging ever so nicely on each side of it..I panic'd slightly and change the subject.."Oh nothin honey..what did ya want for dinner babe?" "Howwa bout PiZZa and BeeR.." as she giggled..."Yea yea ..your mother would kill me." She then sits down tight next to me , snuggles under my arm and says.."Oh dont worry .. I wouldnt tell her daddy..."..I almost shit..that tingling sensation I had felt earlier peeking thru her door was baaaack..."oh stop that.. dinners almost here..set the table please"..as she hurried off I began to wonder..what is my lil girl thinking? Did she really see my wife Amy and I? If so , did she like it? Maybe is curious about it? Damn it... i thought.. what do i do? Dinner came and I was feeling kinda good after a beer or 2 and told nia if she wants one she could..." just dont tell your mother" ..I wanted her to exp it with me , then maybe she wouldnt be so curious later on. She eagerly grabbed one and cracked it open like a pro.."Done this before"? i said with a smile.." No..but Ive seen you and mom do it ..so I know how pretty good!" I literally lol'd and almost spit my beer up! She brought it too her lips and took a gulp and exhaled slaming the bottle down.."now thats some nice stuff" guess I got a wild one on my hands i thought! "Take it easy now , i dont want you getting all d***k." "I can handle it Im a big girl " she replied.. " Clean up and lets go watch that movie ok.." Ok daddy go ahead be right there".."Im gonna go change ..I'll be right down ok sweetie?" "Sure dad"..I went upstairs and changed into comfortable gym shorts nice and lose..i chose not to wear any underwear , but thats normally what i do. I was gone for 5 mins and when i came downstairs I see Nia in the Living room...laying on the couch giggling to herself.."Did you have another beer" I said..."Maybe" she giggled.."Oh great now Im dead.." She says "I said i wouldnt tell.." so I sat next to her resting her head in my lap.."lets just watch the movie honey" I started the movie and before long i could feel myself getting erect.."oh no" I thought what do i do? shes gonna notice any minute now..at that moment she sits up and looks at me with a smile.." Daddy whats that?" Well this is it i thought , i have no choice now..we have to talk about it. " Well your head was nice and warm and it felt nice on daddy and thats what happens down there sometimes.." " can i see it she says.." she was a lil typsy and very foward..I was hesitant but at the same time willing to maybe see how far this would go. So i pulled my thick hard cock from my shorts and she starred in amazement! "Daddy thats big...i saw mommy put her mouth on it..does that feel good?" "Yes honey it does very much" her curiousity was evident on her face. I was pretty buzzed and so turned i wasnt turning back now.."You wanna try ?" i asked .." Ok daddy..will you show me how?" I was almost gonna cum right there..my cock was a throbbing pre cum oozing mess.! So i told her to lick just the tip and she if she liked the taste. She looked at me with her cute brown eyes and stuck her lil tongue out and barely touched my cock before recoiling it back into her small mouth. "Go ahead sweetie its ok" she tryed again and this time i eased her head closer with my left hand. She touched it and began to lick a lil bit.."Hows that " she giggled and said "not bad..lil salty" and giggled again..i told her to try and suck it like a popsicle or a loly pop.My balls tightened with every touch of her tongue to my swollen cock head. She placed her mouth on the tip and i pushed her head down till her tiny mouth was filled with just my head! "uuuhhh" i moaned as the immence pleasure was making my toes start to curl..I was going to cum soon , i didnt want to surprise her with it , so i took her mouth off my cock.." Whats wrong daddy..was I doing it wrong?"..Oh no sweetie..I just wanted to tell you that it feels really good..and daddy might cum soon!" "Cum?" shes says.."Thats what happens when a girl makes a guy feel super good.. stuff comes out of his penis like a erupting volcanoe.." "Does it taste good?" she replied I told her that her mother loves it and that maybe she would too..she said she would try it and lowered her hot young mouth on my cock..I could tell she was enjoying it..so i was really turned on..my cock throbbing as her mouth could only cover my monster head..but it was so tight ..."ok sweetie daddys almost ready , just keep it all in your mouth.." She nodded with my cock in her mouth and my balls tightened..Her sexy lil body...perfect ass.."oohhh here it comes honey" My balls released vengence on her mouth..coating it with shot after shot..thick wad after thick wad..my eyes rolling back in my head..but she didnt let a drop spill...as i pulled my swollen cock out of her mouth..i told her to keep it in her mouth and dont swallow yet...she nodded..I got my phone and told her to let me see...snapping a picture..I wanted to record my babys first load..It was the best load I ever shot..I then told her to swallow it all..and Like a good girl that she was she did..so i took a pic of her empty mouth too!
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1 year ago
You have to upload those pictures, or send them to my e-mail. You have to share this man. Don't be selfish.
2 years ago
great part 2
3 years ago
so wheres the pictures? lol
3 years ago
nice story
3 years ago
3 years ago
that sir is amazing
3 years ago
WOW..great story
3 years ago
3 years ago
lol that was so fake
3 years ago
Holy fuck that was hot.
3 years ago
more please!
3 years ago
Damn that's hot
3 years ago
very goooooodddd